2020 Best 12” LED Light Bars

There are many good reasons why you should purchase an LED light bar. Have you been wanting to take your truck off-road for so long but your headlights don’t produce enough lighting? Are you starting an off-road racing career and you need a quality beam lighting?

Do you want better lighting for your tractor so you can work on your farm more effectively? Does your boat need a better light source for those night-time fishing?

Whatever the reason is, investing in quality LED light bar is worth it. It’s better than your typical halogen bulbs: it’s more durable, and it can even last for thousands of hours.

Though they may be a little bit pricier than halogen bulbs, the pros of an LED light bar outweigh its cons.

If you have no idea what LED light bars to buy, you should check this list out. We’ve created a catalog of the best 12” LED light bars that will fit whatever purpose you use it for, and is compatible with various vehicles.

Turn on the lights and check this list out!

#1 Nilight NI06A-72W Spot Flood Combo LED Light Bar 

The first one on our list is the Nilight and their 72W Spot Flood Combo LED Light Bar. Specifically manufactured for off-road uses, the Nilight N106A is designed to produce powerful lighting.

This LED bar is a best-seller because of how cheap and high-quality it is. When you install it on your vehicle, it’ll look pleasing to the eyes – no more awkward light bar positioning! 

The lens used for this LED light bar is made to withstand scratches, shock: it’s waterproof, dustproof, and can have an extended lifespan of almost 50,000 hours!

When you purchase a Nilight NI06A-72W Spot Flood Combo LED Light Bar, you’ll get 24 pieces of high-intensity LEDs, various white light beam patterns, and an aluminum alloy housing with PC lens.

It also comes with adjustable brackets for convenient readjusting.

This is perfect for off-road lighting (jeeps, 4x4s, SUVs, trucks, etc.), household lightings (garage, backyard, garden, etc.), and miscellaneous lighting (cranes, forklifts, trains, dozers, etc.).

#2 Rigidhorse LED Light Bar Single Row Flood & Spot Beam Combo 

Horses are sturdy animals; they can do heavy workloads for long periods because of their strength and raw power. The Rigidhorse LED Light Bar Single Row Flood & Spot Beam Combo can do that too: provide powerful lighting for a very long time while being sturdy and durable at the same time.

It has an LED power of 140W, a combo beam pattern, and is operated using 10-30V DC.

What do you get for buying this LED light bar? The Rigidhorse light bar consists of a single row of neatly arranged  LED chips powerful enough to light up a large area, a combo beam pattern (spot and flood) for a wide but close illumination range, an aluminum housing, and brackets to be used for installation.

It’s water/dust/shockproof, and its heat dissipation is excellent enough to extend the lifespan of the LED light bar for up to 50,000 hours.

The unique feature of this LED light bar has is the 8D cup lenses that reflect the light to provide a soft but concentrated light beam. These reflective lenses increase an irradiation area better than the typical dual row LED light bars.

#3 LITE-WAY LED Light Bar Spot Flood Combo Beam 

The third spot goes to the LITE-WAY LED Light Bar Spot Flood Combo Beam. It’s a 12” LED light bar capable of 3000 lumens, which in layman’s term, is super bright.

Operating on 12V DC, this LED light bar is manufactured to accommodate lighting for off-road vehicles like Jeeps, SUVs, ATVs, harvesters, and even boats to fight off the fog. 

What do you get when you get a LITE-WAY LED Light Bar Spot Flood Combo Beam is the ultimate lighting performance. This LED light bar has three rows of 80 LED bulbs that are capable of delivering super bright lights at a combo beam pattern, both spot beam, and flood beam.

The LEDs are CREE chips, which projects 78% light intensity when it reaches 150° Celsius. It’s incredibly durable and is easy to install, thanks to aluminum housing and adjustable screws, respectively.

As mentioned earlier, the LITE-WAY LED Light Bar is capable of 3000 lumens.

For an LED light bar this cheap, it’s a great package to get away with. Overall, the LITE-WAY LED light bar is durable, effective, and most of all, capable of whatever illuminating any light deficient area.

#4 Zmoon LED 264W LED Light Bar 

ZMOON’s commitment to producing quality and effective LED light bars is the main reason why the ZMOON LED 264W LED Light Bar is one of the best light bars out there.

It’s cheap, it’s heavy-duty, and most of all, it’s capable of delivering super bright lights to full any purpose you have.

There are 88 pieces of customized LED chips that make this 12” LED light bar incredibly effective. The ultra-thin fins act as heat sinks that quickly dissipates the heat, allowing the light bar to survive for up to 50,000 hours!

Since LED light bars are used at extreme conditions, ZMOON saw to it that it’s extremely durable, waterproof, shockproof, and most of all, corrosion-resistive.

What’s awesome about this light bar is its universal LED bar. It can fit any 9V to 30V DC voltage source, so you can use it for varieties of vehicles that go hardcore on the offroad.

This LED light bar is comparatively shorter than its counterparts, but it does its job greatly when it comes to lighting up a trail. This short light bar has all the qualities you need for an effective LED light bar: compactness and sturdiness.

The housing that protects it does a great job as well. 

Choose the right 12” LED light bar for your off-road vehicle base on the level of effectiveness they can offer, and most of all, the satisfaction it can give to you. Make sure to buy the best one that fits your standards!

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