Top 7 Best BMW F80 M3 Lowering Springs

The pursuit for better style and handling is never-ending, especially if you own a BMW F80 M3. Without a doubt, this car is a masterpiece, both in the looks department and drivability.

However, once you’ve been bitten by the mod bug, no matter how good your car looks or drives, you’ll still somehow find a way to improve it. Luckily, there are some aftermarket suspension upgrades for the BMW M3 F80, like lowering springs, that can easily do the job for you.

So what are lowering springs exactly? What these contraptions do is allow your car to sit lower to the ground. These will give you some general performance benefits like better aerodynamics and less body roll.

But where lowering springs really shines is its cost-effectiveness when trying to achieve one specific goal: to lower the car. Aftermarket lowering springs are simply the best option to choose if you solely care about getting your car’s height done.

Getting a good set of lowering springs is pretty easy, and getting one wouldn’t even cost you that much compared to other upgrades like coilovers or air suspension. If you’re in the market for some BMW M3 F80 lowering springs, then you’d get a lot of value from the list we’ve made below.

Scroll down to see the best lowering springs for the F80 M3 this 2021.

#1 KW HAS Adjustable Spring Set 

bmw f80 m3 lowering springs KW HAS

  • Manufacturer: KW Suspension
  • Part Number: 253200ANU
  • Ride Height Reduction (F/R): 0.4-1.2”, 0-1.0”
  • Vehicle Fitment: BMW M3 F80 (2015-2018)
  • Why It’s Great: Height Adjustable Springs

Most people would know that the weakness of lowering springs is its incapability to adjust your car’s ride height. Often, you’re left with a pre-set ride height, and you can’t do much about it.

Luckily, some height-adjustable lowering springs are available for the BMW M3 F80, like this one made by KW Suspension. Since it’s made by one of the most prominent suspension upgrade manufacturers, you can rest easy knowing that you’d get a lot of value for the money you’re willing to spend.

So what can the KW HAS Adjustable Spring Set bring to the table? First, let’s discuss the kit’s height adjustability. KW made these springs with an integrated KW height adjuster so you can fine-tune how low you want your car to be.

The available height reduction ranges from 0.4-1.2″ for the front and 0-1.0″ for the back. On top of the adjustability feature, this spring kit is also compatible with BMW M3 F80s with either stock shocks or EDC (Electronic Damping Control).

The KW HAS Adjustable Spring Set is indeed an ideal alternative to the conventional non-adjustable springs you’d typically see in the market today.

KW HAS Adjustable Spring Set Features:

  • Height adjustable springs
  • Equipped with KW height adjuster
  • Compatible with either stock shocks or EDC shocks
  • Front lowering range: 0.4-1.2″
  • Rear lowering range: 0-1.0″
  • Backed by KW Suspension 2-Year Warranty

#2 Eibach PRO-KIT Performance Springs

bmw f80 m3 lowering springs Eibach

  • Manufacturer: Eibach
  • Part Number: E10-20-036-01-22
  • Ride Height Reduction (F/R): 1.0″/0.5″
  • Vehicle Fitment: BMW M3 F80 (2015-2018)
  • Why It’s Great: Moderate drop

If it’s BMW F80 M3 Eibach lowering springs you want, then you can never go wrong with the PRO-KIT Performance Springs. They’re the leading provider of suspension upgrades for many cars today, and their name is almost synonymous with the term “lowering springs.”

The PRO-Kit has some impressive features that you’d want for your car. But basically, it can help your vehicle sit lower by slashing off a moderate amount of inches from your vehicle’s height.

The Eibach PRO-KIT Performance Springs can offer you a moderate drop of about 1.0″ for the front and 0.5″ for the rear of your Bimmer. This drop is ideal for enthusiasts who want their cars to look good, especially with new wheels and tires.

With this kind of drop, you can also avoid bottoming out whenever you try to casually park in your garage.

Overall, you’d feel no significant changes with the ride and handling. There’s also no weird noises, no bounce, and most of all, no absurdly slammed look from whatever angle you look at the car from.

Without a doubt, the PRO-KIT is a spring kit that has a perfect combo of performance and looks.

Eibach PRO-KIT Performance Springs Features:

  • Ideal for daily and street driving
  • Moderate drop
  • Aggressive look
  • Front lowering range: 1.0″
  • Rear lowering range: 0.5″
  • Backed by Eibach Million-Mile Warranty

#3 H&R Sport Spring Set

bmw f80 m3 lowering springs H&R Sport Springs

  • Manufacturer: H&R Springs
  • Part Number: 50474-6
  • Ride Height Reduction (F/R): 1.3″/0.8″
  • Vehicle Fitment: BMW M3 F80 (2015-2019)
  • Why It’s Great: Aggressive drop

Some enthusiasts are not satisfied with a moderate drop. For them, going low is the only way to go. People like them can enjoy much smaller wheels with an aggressive drop, which is impressive on the BMW M3 F80.

The H&R Sport Spring Set is an ideal spring kit for such people because it gives them what they want: an aggressive drop.

The Sport Spring kit is H&R’s best-selling product. It can enhance how your vehicle looks, thanks to a newfound height and reduced fender well gap. Its progressive spring rate design exists to provide tolerable ride quality and comfort.

The beauty of lowering springs like these is that they can make your car more streamlined, which inevitably leads to better aerodynamics and mpg savings.

Keep in mind, though, that aggressive drops have their price. Driving towards road bumps and even parking in your garage can be more challenging. Some previous owners would even say that the spring rate of these springs is too aggressive for their taste.

At the end of the day, decide if you can tolerate a bouncy ride in favor of a good-looking car.

H&R Sport Spring Set Features:

  • Aggressive drop
  • Progressive spring rate design
  • Front lowering range: 1.3″
  • Rear lowering range: 1.0″

#4 Swift Springs Sport Spec-R Springs

  • Manufacturer: Swift Springs
  • Part Number: 4X909R
  • Ride Height Reduction (F/R): 1.0″/0.4″
  • Vehicle Fitment: BMW M3 F80 (2015-2019)
  • Why It’s Great: High-quality springs

Reliability is a necessary element when it comes to aftermarket performance parts. The sentiment is also applicable for components like aftermarket lowering springs because you’re bound to use them for a very long time.

Such reliability is present in the Swift Springs Sport Spec-R Springs. How reliable are they, you may ask. Well, you should know that some aftermarket coilover providers will give you an option to opt for Swift Springs instead of their standard springs.

Anyways, let’s get back to the springs themselves. The Swift Springs Sport Spec-R can give you both the showroom look and the ride quality that you’d need from an enthusiast car.

The engineers from Swift Springs made these components with three things in mind: vehicle-specific ride height, increased spring rate, and optimal comfort. These properties can be found in these Sport Spec-R Springs.

These are the type of springs that you’d want to test out on the tracks. And most probably, you’ll have a great time. The rates of these springs are 268lb/in on the front and 715lb/in on the rear, making it an ideal spring kit for enthusiasts who want to bring in their BMW M3 F80 on the track every weekend.

Swift Springs Sport Spec-R Springs Features:

  • High-quality springs
  • Made for track enthusiasts
  • Track-oriented spring rates
  • Front lowering range: 1.0″
  • Rear lowering range: 0.4″
  • Backed by Swift Springs 2-Year Warranty

#5 H&R VTF Adjustable Lowering Springs

  • Manufacturer: H&R Springs
  • Part Number: 23003-1
  • Ride Height Reduction (F/R): 1.2″/0.75-1.2″
  • Vehicle Fitment: BMW M3 F80 (2015-2019)
  • Why It’s Great: EDC compatible

Aside from the Sport Springs, H&R have another special suspension upgrade for the BMW M3 F80: the VTF Adjustable Lowering Springs. This time, instead of offering a static pre-set ride height, they’re giving you the freedom to adjust the ride height to whatever your preference is.

As long as it’s in the available lowering range, of course. The H&R VTF Adjustable Lowering Springs is a breath of fresh air from the run-of-the-mill lowering springs you’d typically find in the market.

These lowering springs are intended for BMW M3 F80s equipped with electronic shocks. They will let you adjust your car’s ride height down to micro millimeters, allowing you to make your stance as unique as you possibly can.

Specific spring rates imbued within the springs can provide a superb ride quality while eliminating chances for body roll and imbalance.

By the way, the term VTF in the spring’s name stands for Verstellbar TieferlegungsFedern, which is just German for adjustable lowering springs. These adjustable springs exist to work accordingly with the OE dampers and are built for strength, durability, and, most of all, resiliency.

H&R VTF Adjustable Lowering Springs Features:

  • Adjustable lowering springs
  • EDC Compatible
  • Comes with spring perches and precision-adjustment collars
  • Front lowering range: 1.2″
  • Rear lowering range: 0.75-1.2″

#6 Megan Racing Pro-S Series

  • Manufacturer: Megan Racing Pro-S Series
  • Part Number: MR-HLK-BF82
  • Ride Height Reduction (F/R): 1.0″/0.8″
  • Vehicle Fitment: BMW M3 F80 (2015-2019)
  • Why It’s Great: Adjustable lowering springs w/ optional Swift Springs

Megan Racing is famous for its street-friendly lowering springs at various rates. Usually, they have standard lowering springs with a pre-set height, but luckily, they have an adjustable one for the BMW M3 F80.

Dubbed the Megan Racing Pro-S Series, these lowering springs will work effectively with the OE electronically adjustable shocks/struts that won’t work with traditional coilovers.

The Megan Racing Pro-Series is a high-quality set of adjustable lowering springs that won’t hurt your wallet that much. It’s got adjustable threaded bases for better ride height adjustability and improved corner balancing capabilities.

What’s more, these springs use ultra-low-friction components made from polyoxymethylene and some steel thrust bearings to make sure that spring operation is as smooth as possible.

And remember what we’ve said earlier about Swift Springs being an option for some aftermarket suspension upgrades? With the Pro-S Series, you have the opportunity to opt for Swift Springs instead, in case you want better performance and linearity.

If you’re looking for a street-friendly set of adjustable lowering springs, then the Pro-S Series might just be the right one for you.

Megan Racing Pro-S Series Features:

  • Adjustable lowering springs
  • Uses threaded bases
  • Makes use of ultra-low friction polyoxymethylene components and steel thrust bearings
  • Available w/ Swift Springs
  • Backed by Megan Racing 1-Year Warranty

#7 Emmanuele Design eMMotion Lowering Spring Set

  • Manufacturer: Emmanuele Design
  • Part Number: EMD-F82-LS
  • Ride Height Reduction (F/R): 1.3″/0.3″
  • Vehicle Fitment: BMW M3 F80 (2015-2018)
  • Why It’s Great: Compatible with adaptive suspension

You may have not heard about Emmanuele Design, but from what we’ve found out, they’ve got some pretty rad lowering springs for the BMW M3 F80. They’re not as famous as H&R, Swift Springs, or KW Suspension, but judging from the feedback of its users, we can safely say that it’s a sleeper.

Many car enthusiasts would be skeptical about the brand because they’re not as popular as the others. But once they’ve tried it on their Bimmers, they wished they discovered Emmanuelle Design a lot sooner.

So what can the eMMotion Lowering Springs offer?

First is durability and strength. Emmanuelle Design made these springs from high-tensile chrome silicon. Each is shot-peened and tested to ensure that they pass all critical dimensions and their spring rates are within tolerance.

The second is drivability. The eMMotion springs use linear springs, so we can assume that the ride would be slightly stiff. Yes, that’s the case, but many users would claim that although it may be more rigid than stock by a bit, it doesn’t really make the ride quality as harsh as one would expect.

Third, and the last would be a terrific look. Because of a slightly aggressive drop, the fender well gap present in your BMW M3 F80 would be non-existent. The car is guaranteed to sit lower and look even more stylish than it was before.

We understand that you’re a bit skeptical about the Emmanuelle Design eMMotion Lowering Springs, but once you have them on your car, you’d be more than happy.

Emmanuele Design eMMotion Lowering Spring Set Features: 

  • Uses linear spring rate design
  • Compatible with adaptive suspension
  • Works with stock shocks
  • Springs are made from shot-peened high-tensile chrome silicon
  • Front lowering range: 1.3″
  • Rear lowering range: 0.3″

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