2022 Best Car / Truck Seat Covers

Maintaining the interior of your car is not as entirely complicated as people would think. With just a couple of cleaning products and equipment, you can keep your car interior, especially your car seats, tidy, and in its best state.

But natural occurrences such as accidental tears in your car seats are inevitable, let alone those nasty and stubborn stains that keep those car seats flawless. These can cause little to major inconveniences, especially when you use your car every day.

What can you do to make your seats protected?

You can install a layer of protection, like car seat covers. They help car owners in a lot of ways, especially those who own cars used for adventures and off‐road purposes. Naturally, they get exposed to hazards that will get those seats damaged at some point.

Installing some seat covers will do you great. If you’re in the market for some seat covers for your beloved car, then this article is for you. We’ve listed down the best car seats covers out there so you can have an idea of what to purchase.

This list includes all the benefits that you can get and why you should get the seat cover. Let’s get right into it!

#1 Sojoy Universal Car Seat Cover (Full Set)

Going for a universal car seat cover is your best bet if you don’t want a customized car seat. Introducing the Sojoy Universal Car Seat Cover that comes in a full set. This car seat is breathable, absorbent, and weather adaptable.

Their signature feature is the IsoTowel, which is an ultra-absorbent bacteria-resistant material that can absorb sweat like it’s water. This is perfect if you’re an active person who works out a lot.



The Sojoy Universal Car Seat Cover is made from microfiber called IsoTowel designed to protect your car seats from liquids such as sweat, water, and other undesirables that can inevitably make contact with your car seats.

The IsoTowel won’t produce any smell and durable enough to not crack and leave residue on your car seats. It also works as an insulator for tough weather and is machine washable.


It comes in different colors, such as black, burgundy, tan, dark gray, black and white, and many more.


Since the IsoTowel is designed to absorbed liquids like sweat, it is durable enough to keep the liquid absorbed without affecting the integrity of the material. The Sojoy Universal Car Seat Cover is also resistant to cracking, peeling, and won’t leave residues on your car seats.

#2 Gorla Premium Universal Fit Seat Cover

Had a long day at work? Did you work out and had to use your car to get home? Are you carrying many groceries and you had to put some of them on the backseat? Are you picking up your kids who are sweaty after playing all day?

Don’t worry about the mess: The Gorla Premium Car Seat Covers are made from neoprene, a synthetic rubber that’s made to handle harsh chemicals while remaining flexible whatever the weather is.



The Gorla Premium Universal Fit Seat Cover is made to withstand all the undesirable materials that may get your car seats dirty. This includes sweat and smelly liquids, dirt, sand, pets, etc. It’s also fairly easy to install and will not stick to your skin when you adjust your seat.

It is also designed to resist slipping, sliding, and bunching. No need to find the perfect seating position: it offers a contoured seating surface so it wouldn’t get annoying.


This car seat is a slip-on, buckle strapped car seat cover, so it covers the majority of the seat with a nice finish. It comes in black, grey, and beige.


The material is made from neoprene and can withstand harsh treatments due to the material’s nature. Integrated buckled strap for an even more secure fit. The car seat covers a large surface area of the car seat, and it’s integrated with a buckle strap.

#3 Black Panther Luxury Car Seat Cover

If you’re the type of person who values style and aesthetics as much as the protection and function, then the Black Panther Luxury Car Seat Cover is for you. It is modern, simple, and comfortable. It has unique features that promote convenience to a whole another level.

Protect your front seats with covers made from leather that comes in different colors like black, red, beige, gray, and wine. Ride in style as you keep your passengers comfortable and free from car seat related troubles.



The leather seat cover is made using a distinctive embroidery method that makes the Black Panther Luxury Car Seat Cover breathable and comfortable. Two pockets are positioned at the front where you can put your things.

Depending on what type of car you drive, most of the time the cushion fits perfectly and it has a non-slip backing to prevent it from moving around.


The leather is made to emanate luxury and comfort, and that’s what it does. It can cover the damages done on your car seat to make it look as new as ever. The back is made from rubber granules that keep the seat cover from actually damaging your car.


These car seats have an innate non-woven fabric and a rebound sponge that makes these care seats durable. Apart from that, the front car seat cover utilizes an elastic band and a quick buckle to make sure that the seat won’t be removed.

Choosing the right kind of seat cover that will fit your standards will mean a lot especially if you use your car every day for various purposes. Not only does it protect your seat covers from external factors, but it also provides an additional level of comfort and style.

Remember to choose the right kind of seat cover that will satisfy you, because one small inconvenience that lasts for a very long time can be detrimental to your driving experience.

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