Top 5 Best Coilovers for Acura RSX

If you’re looking to upgrade your Acura RSX, the suspension is one of the first areas you should upgrade, and more specifically, coilovers are a must-have modification for improved handling, improved adjustability, and reduced wheel gap.

Don’t get me wrong, the stock suspension of the Acura RSX is actually pretty decent thanks to Honda’s superb chassis and suspension engineering, but there’s still room for improvement. And since the Acura RSX has been on the road for about 14 to 19 years now, it’s probably a good idea to give your beloved ride a little makeover since your OEM suspension probably doesn’t handle quite like it used to.

The problem is, that finding the perfect coilover at the perfect price can be difficult. With different spring rates, different styles of dampers, different levels of adjustability, and of course different levels of pricing, finding the right coilover takes a significant amount of research.

#1 Skunk2 Pro-S II Coil-Over

  • SPRING RATE (FRONT/REAR): 560lb/in/560lb/in
  • COMPATIBILITY: Acura RSX (2005-2006)

The first one on our list goes to the Pro-S II from Skunk2. This manufacturer is notorious for making regular modifiable cars feel like a sports performance vehicle and they’re a massive name in the JDM world, especially with Honda and Acura vehicles. Their attention to performance is on point!

So if you’re eager to make your Acura RSX a beast in racing while being chill in the streets, then this coilover is for you, especially if you want to stay on a decently cheap budget.

It’s got some serious racing blood in it, so this coilover’s components are something noteworthy. The threaded and shortened shock absorber’s body is forged, making it extremely durable. With these coilovers on, you can reduce the ride height to whatever level you prefer – your choice! 

Aside from that, the Pro-S II coilovers have an aggressive appeal. Just look at that chrome finish! Expect this coilover to have the combination of surpassing durability while being smooth at the same time.

#2 Tein Street Basis Z Coil-Over

  • SPRING RATE (FRONT/REAR): 392lb/in/594lb/in
  • COMPATIBILITY: Acura RSX (2002-2006)

Tein is the common ground between race performance and casual city ride. It isn’t too punishing and it is beginner-friendly, especially for those who are new to the aftermarket coilover scene.

Outfitting your Acura RSX with the Street Basis Z will give your car that much-desired driving capability then only a few can compete with.

The package includes coilovers for both the front and the rear, spring seats, coil springs, bump rubbers, hook spanners, dust covers, and an instruction manual. The twin-tube construction is enough to make the car respond better and it dampens the road vibrations better than that of the stock suspension system

Street Basis Z is a great buy, especially if you’re tight on the budget. Sure, the other coilovers in this list features awesome benefits that your Acura RSX may enjoy (along with the high price), but the Street Basis Z will give you all that you need when it comes to handling, ride quality, and looks.

#3 KW Variant 2 Coilover

  • MANUFACTURER: KW Suspensions
  • SPRING RATE (FRONT/REAR): 314lb/in/515lb/in
  • COMPATIBILITY: Acura RSX (2002-2006)

Now, if you don’t have budget restrictions and you can make it rain, you should have a premium coilover; specifically the KW Variant 2. This suspension upgrade may come off as a bit too expensive for most, but the quality and performance characteristics of this one are worth the money.

Expect nothing less than excellence with a suspension upgrades manufacturer that eats racecars for breakfast. The KW Variant 2 can make your Acura RSX feel like a true-born race car with its newly improved handling capabilities, plus the added comfort that it brings. 

With just 16 clicks you can take control and adjust the dampers without even afflicting any of movement or difference to the bottom valve. The rebound valves can be adjusted too.

If you decided to increase the rebound force using the adjustment wheel, the body will move less than it should be. That’s peak safety for just two grand.

#4 Ksport Kontrol Plus Coilover Kit

  • MANUFACTURER: KSport USA Suspension
  • SPRING RATE (FRONT/REAR): 549lbs/in/588lbs/in
  • COMPATIBILITY: Acura RSX (2002-2006)

Do you categorize yourself as somewhat a control freak when it comes to your Acura RSX? We really can’t blame you – the Acura RSX deserve all the care it needs! For people who like things their way, the KSport Kontrol Plus offers the exact thing that they need – ultimate control. 

The KSport Kontrol Plus gives the highest degree of adjustability and control for car enthusiasts and professionals alike. The damper kits come in with a reservoir that gives you control over the rebound and compression.

You can even adjust the nitrogen pressure with this one!

The best things about this premium coilover are the freedom and perks that it gives to the Acura RSX. Benefits like 36 levels of damping adjustment, 24 levels of nitrogen pressure adjustment, 60%-150% adjustable damping stiffness, and others will give you goosebumps over the possibilities that you can do.

The KSport Kontrol Plus is the supreme Coilover when it comes to adjustability and control. With this Coilover installed in your Acura RSX, expect nothing less but top-tier performance and handling.

#5 BC Racing BR Series Coilovers 

  • COMPATIBILITY: Acura RSX (2001-2006)

If you’re the type of person who wants to drive their Acura RSX for the casual drive around the city on the weekdays and the casual race track duty on the weekends, then you should try out the BC Series coilovers from BC Racing.

As the name suggests, they build up cars to its peak by offering high-quality aftermarket parts.

What’s in the bag? A monotube shock absorber design to keep the pressure when driving in check, 30 levels of damping adjustment, adjustable rear camber plates, and a separate ride height adjusting.

That’s the beauty of coilovers, specifically for the BR Series: almost everything is adjustable!

The best thing about this Coilover is the separation between the ride height adjustment and the damping adjustment. This gives you the freedom to tweak these two different parameters separately without affecting anyone of them.

Just imagine adjusting the ride height and then the damping gets adjusted too. Yikes!

By far this is the best pick on this list. Sure, you can settle for the KW Variant 2 (if you got the bank), but for those who want a high quality suspension upgrade at an affordable price, choose this one.

Why Coilovers Are Better Than Lowering Springs?

When it comes to suspension system upgrades, you have two options. You can either choose coilovers or you can settle for lowering springs. Both of them can lower your Acura RSX’s ride height, but there are significant differences between the two.

1. Adjustable Settings  

With coilovers, you have the freedom to adjust the height, the damping, and the rebound settings of your car. This allows you to change the said parameters whenever you like it. It is a great set of benefits, especially if you’re trying to fine-tune your Acura RSX to perfection.

Lowering Springs on the other hand simply lowers your car’s ride height. That’s it. Nothing special.

2. Firmer Spring Rates 

Aftermarket products manufacturers usually offer progressive springs on top of their coilovers. This innovative design allows that much-needed adaptability, especially in situations where you need more control than the usual.

Lowering springs are uncomplicated components. They can’t do that!

3. Spring Fitment Versatility

In case you’re not satisfied with the springs that come with your coilovers, you can swap them for a much desirable set of springs. However, they cost a lot and would probably rip your pockets out.

As for the lowering springs, you can change them too! You’d have to purchase new ones, of course.

4. Matching Damper and Spring Combinations 

The dampers and springs are specifically designed to work as one cohesive unit. There’s a good reason why both of them are tweaked to parallel each one’s characteristics.

Lowering springs functions as its unit. They keep your tires in contact with the ground, yes, but it doesn’t offer to damp unlike the shocks present in coilovers.

The Acura RSX has been one of the most favorite modifiable JDM cars. Even up to this day, people who have an Acura RSX will proudly show off their car full of mods. One of these mods is coilovers, which gives the car a relaxed lowered stance; something that the Acura RSX seems to be perfect for.

Why Ultra-Cheap Coilovers Will Make Your Car Handle Worse

Don’t get me wrong, we all love saving money. At the end of the day, cheap automotive products drive the industry forward and force innovation on parts manufacturers. That being said, the suspension is an area on your car that you don’t want to go extra cheaply on, because you ultimately get what you pay for.

An ultracheap Chinese branded coilovers off of Amazon or eBay will likely have generic spring rates not meant for that chassis, the balance of the chassis, or matched to the dampers. The cheap dampers are also not well valved and will ultimately leave you with poor ride quality on top of worse-than-stock handling.

On top of poor ride quality and worse-than-stock handling, there’s also the possibility of the coilover literally breaking and leaving you with no functioning suspension. It sounds crazy, but there are thousands of YouTube videos out there showing cheap coilovers snapping in half and literally causing massive accidents.

Just remember, there’s give and take. The brands we’ve listed here have all been around for significant amounts of time and many of them have a lot of racing experience, so it’s not just some cheap piece of junk that will lower your RSX but make it ride and handle like trash.

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