Top 5 Best Cold Air Intakes For Chevy Silverado

For all rough and harsh purposes, the Chevy Silverado can be considered as one of the most reliable pickup truck ever made. A lot of people who own one has seen how capable and dependable stead this pickup truck is.

From the typical road driving to a journey to the frontier, you can safely ride with ease in a Chevy Silverado.

However, no matter how trustworthy this pickup truck is, there will always be room for more improvements. Take for example the intake system. The OEM intakes are good, but if you want something better, you can replace it with aftermarket intake systems. 

Installing an aftermarket intake system on your truck will let it “breathe” fresher cold-air, so the engine can use it to burn the fuel more efficiently. It also produces an awesome sound under the hood too.

So it’s just like an exhaust system but in reverse.

Are you looking for the best Chevy Silverado air intake? Well, lucky you! We’ve compiled the best of the best, so check them out and pick yours!

#1 Superfastracing Cold Air Intake System

  • MANUFACTURER: Superfastracing
  • FEATURES: Heatshield
  • POWER GAIN: 8-10% horsepower
  • COMPATIBILITY: Chevy Silverado (1999-2006)

Do you like your Chevy Silverado to go faster? Well, the Superfastracing has your back. Introducing the first one on our list, their cold-air intake system. This may be the cheapest on the list, but it does its purpose by working nicely.

What do you get from the cheapest intake system on this list? A bunch of surprisingly awesome features! It serves its purpose by allowing your engine to breathe better air, resulting in a significant increase in power output.

The filters are washable, so don’t worry about reusing them after getting them cleaned.

This cold-air intake system is alright, but if you have the budget, we recommend buying other brands. But if you’re just keen on buying an intake that works and you have a very limited budget, then this one is for you.

#2 K&N Cold Air Intake Kit

  • FEATURES: Oversized air filter
  • POWER GAIN: 10.68hp
  • COMPATIBILITY: Chevy Silverado (2014-2020)

K&N has been making cold-air intake systems for quite some time now, and they have gathered the respect and admiration of many car and pickup truck enthusiasts. There are tremendous amounts of reviews and five-star ratings on this one, so you’re sure that you’re on the right hands.

The K&N cold-air intake kit has a lot in store for your Chevy Silverado. Aside from the guaranteed horsepower and torque increase, you also get an intake with a filter that only requires cleaning after every 100,000 miles.

Talk about low-maintenance! The tube is paired with the said oversized air filter to sift dirt from the cold, ambient air.

The best thing about this cold-air intake system is that it is easy to install and has a million-mile warranty. Aside from that, it will not void the warranty of your Chevy Silverado!

This is one of the best intakes for Chevy Silverado and is by far the most recommended for your truck.

#3 Moosun Cold Air Intake

  • FEATURES: Heatshield
  • POWER GAIN:  5-10%hp
  • COMPATIBILITY: Chevy Silverado (1999-2006)

The third one is another cheap cold-air intake system, and this time, it’s from Moosun. According to them, they can dramatically decrease the restrictions present in the OEM intakes and allow smooth and optimal airflow.

This may be cheap, but compared to the first one on the list, it has many outstanding reviews.

So, what’s in the box? When you purchase the Moosun cold-air intake, you allow your truck to experience an increase of 5% to 10% in horsepower and 6% to 10% in torque.

And also, you get that attractive sound that intakes make inside the hood! It’s easy to install, so don’t worry about a stressful installation time – it won’t happen!

#4 Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit

  • FEATURES: High-performance air filters
  • COMPATIBILITY: Chevy Silverado (2014-2019)

And now for another customer favorite, we have Spectre and their performance air intake kit. If you want your truck to have a better throttle response and an increase in power/torque, then this one is for you.

This is one of the best Silverado intakes in this list for a reason. There’s much to love about this intake system: horsepower and torque increase, improved acceleration, attractive intake sound, and top-tier filter protection.

This levels with the K&N intakes in terms of performance, functionality, and durability.

The best thing about this one is good the air filters are. It utilizes advanced synthetic filters oiled to be better in terms of air filtering. On top of that, you don’t need to clean the filters up; not until 100,000 miles!

#5 Rough Country Cold Air Intake

  • MANUFACTURER: Rough Country
  • FEATURES: Reusable air filters
  • COMPATIBILITY: Chevy Silverado (2014-2018)

And for the last on the list of the best Chevy Silverado cold air intakes, we give you the Rough Country and their cold-air intake. Rough Country may be well-known for making suspension modifications for off-road vehicles, but they also have the talent in making premium cold-air intakes.

This cold-air intake features the following benefits. First, a guaranteed gain in horsepower and better throttle response. Second, better airflow to allow the engine to breathe better, thus higher power output.

And lastly, the reusable air filters are made from premium materials.

The best thing about this cold-air intake is how easy it is to install. If you have one to two hours of spare time, you can equip it in a flash!

These are the best intakes for Chevy Silverado. They may vary in prices, features, and functionality, but they all have satisfied previous customers in their specific ways.

Whether you have a restricted budget or not, the best Chevy truck cold air intakes above will help you get an idea of what types of intakes that will suit your beloved Chevy Silverado the best. 

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