Top 8 Best Cold Air Intakes for Ford Mustang S550

Intake systems are perhaps the most popular aftermarket modifications that most car enthusiasts get first for their project cars. It’s not as expensive a turbocharger setup, yet it can provide some amount of horsepower to your vehicle.

It’s also straightforward to install – even beginner garage mechanics can fit it into a car. An aftermarket intake system is an excellent addition to your vehicle, especially if you own a race track maniac like the Ford Mustang S550.

This monster works well with modifications like intake systems for several reasons.

One of those reasons is the surplus of air it can provide to your car’s engine. Intake systems are one of the go-to mods of most track-oriented enthusiasts because they supply oxygen-rich air into the Mustang’s engine, regardless of the trim.

It’s also an excellent solution for introducing a less restrictive airflow stream into the engine, which invariably translates to more power and better fuel economy. 

If you’re looking for aftermarket intakes to fit into your Ford Mustang S550, then you’ve probably realized that there are tons of various brands you can choose from. Looking through each of them can be confusing and troublesome.

Today, we’re going to help you narrow down your list by providing you with the best intake systems available for the Ford Mustang S550. The list below will leave you an idea of what intake system is the best to get for your sixth-generation Ford Mustang.

#1 Roush Performance Cold Air Intake Kit

  • Manufacturer: Roush Performance
  • Unique Feature: Injection-molded lower airbox
  • Horsepower Gain: 10.4hp
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang GT (2015-2017)

Roush Performance is one of the pioneers when it comes to Ford Mustang intakes. They’re amongst the go-to brand of most Mustang owners because their cold air intake kits are tried and tested, and are sure to deliver what it promises.

For the Ford Mustang GT, they’ve got a cold air intake kit that can be used with or without a tune. The most appealing aspect of the Roush Performance Cold Air Intake Kit is its use of a removable 85mm venturi tube that, when yanked out, allows you to exploit a 105mm for more power gains along with the assistance of a custom tune.

The Roush Performance Cold Air Intake will appeal the best for Mustang GT owners who prefer an OEM finish instead of the looks of the typical aftermarket intakes out there.

 Roush Performance Cold Air Intake Kit Features:

  • High-flow Dry Air Filter
  • OEM look
  • Removable venturi intake tube
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Backed with Roush Performance 90-Day Warranty

#2 Airaid Synthaflow MXP Air Intake System

  • Manufacturer: Airaid
  • Unique Feature: Synthaflow air filter
  • Horsepower Gain: 16.5hp
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang (2018)

Another forerunner of Mustang performance intake systems is Airaid. The Airaid Synthaflow MXP Air Intake System is one of the most sought-after cold air intake systems for the Mustang GT.

When going for this Mustang Airaid cold air intake, expect a dead-on fit and finish. Aside from its impressive construction, the Airaid Synthaflow MXP Air Intake System features an excellent airbox design that lets you inspect the inner components from the outside.

What’s more, it’s got the Synthaflow air filter, capable of preventing debris of as small as 2 microns from entering your engine. 

Airaid Synthaflow MXP Air Intake System Features:

  • Rotomolded plastic intake tube
  • Closed see-through airbox
  • Synthaflow air filter
  • Built-in velocity stack
  • Backed with Airaid Limited Lifetime Warranty

#3 Corsa Performance Closed Box Air Intake Kit

  • Manufacturer: Corsa Performance
  • Unique Feature: Closed airbox
  • Horsepower Gain: N/A
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang Ti-VCT V6 (2015-2017)

As the name suggests, this intake kit utilizes a closed air box that keeps the incoming air from getting tampered with by the engine bay’s hot air. Alongside this closed airbox are the uniquely sculpted large air ducts that optimize the airflow necessary to keep the V6 engine at peak performance.

What’s more, this intake uses marine-grade clamps that allow optimal performance within a large operating range. For its price, the Corsa Performance Closed Box Air Intake Kit is a bang for the buck purchase you can get for your Ford Mustang S550.

Corsa Performance Closed Box Air Intake Kit Features:

  • Closed airbox
  • Reusable air filters
  • Durable silicone connectors
  • Large air ducts
  • Backed with Corsa Performance Limited Warranty

#4 Injen PF Cold Air Intake System

  • Manufacturer: Injen Technology
  • Unique Feature: SuperNano-Web dry air filter
  • Horsepower Gain: 18hp
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang EcoBoost (2015)

Budget-oriented car enthusiasts often lean to the likes of Injen Technology for affordable yet highly effective intake systems. They’ve got a plethora of intake systems at their disposal, and for the Ford Mustang EcoBoost, they have the Injen PF Cold Air Intake System.

With this thing on your Mustang, you’ll enjoy several sweet benefits like an aggressive engine sound at full throttle, dyno-proven gains of up to 18hp and 17lb-ft, and solid overall construction.

Aside from those, the Injen PF Cold Air Intake System utilizes its own SuperNano-Web dry air filter, which is exceptional at keeping the incoming air crisp and clean.

Injen PF Cold Air Intake System Features:

  • SuperNano-Web dry air filter
  • T6-6061 aluminum tubing construction
  • Aggressive under-the-hood sound
  • Massive dyno-proven gains
  • Backed with Injen Technology Limited Lifetime Warranty

#5 Ford Racing Cold Air Intake Kit

  • Manufacturer: Ford Racing
  • Unique Feature: Composite plastic housing
  • Horsepower Gain: N/A
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang GT (2015)

Did you know that Ford has their own high-performance division that sells aftermarket performance parts for their cars? Ford Racing offers a lot of stuff, and an intake system for the Ford Mustang is what they have for you today.

It’s got an open-element airbox, an inlet tube, and a throttle body that’s 7mm larger than the stock. With this intake system, you can get some significant horsepower and torque gains all throughout the powerband.

Its price tag is not that bad too. So if you’re a purist and you want a Ford performance part for your Ford Mustang S550 GT, then this intake is definitely the one for you.

Ford Racing Cold Air Intake Kit Features:

  • Open element airbox
  • Comes with Ford’s proprietary throttle body adapter
  • The throttle body is larger than stock (87mm vs. 80mm)
  • Significant horsepower and torque gains all throughout the powerband
  • Backed with Ford Racing 2-Year/24,000 Mile Warranty

#6 BBK Performance Blackout Cold Air Intake Kit

  • Manufacturer: BBK Performance Parts
  • Unique Feature: BBK Airbox
  • Horsepower Gain: 8hp to 14hp
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang V6 (2015-2017)

Another cold air intake system for if you want real power gains for your vehicle is the BBK Performance Parts Blackout Cold Air Intake Kit. It’s a reasonably affordable alternative to the other intake systems out there.

It can make your engine bay look more aesthetically pleasing while improving the most important aspects you’re looking after horsepower and torque gains.

Together with a reusable and washable air filter, the BBK Performance Parts Blackout Cold Air Intake Kit claims to increase your vehicle’s horsepower and torque output by about 8hp to 14hp. Not bad, right?

BBK Performance Blackout Cold Air Intake Kit Features:

  • Works with OEM settings
  • 75% better flow rate than stock
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Washable and reusable air filters
  • Aesthetically pleasing black powder coat finish

#7 K&N Cold Air Intake Kit

  • Manufacturer: K&N Engineering
  • Unique Feature: Reliable air filters
  • Horsepower Gain: 19.25hp
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang GT (2015-2017)

If you’re a beginner car tuner and want to play it safe when buying intake systems, you should opt for the K&N Cold Air Intake Kit. The name K&N is almost synonymous with cold air intakes, and their air filters are tried and tested for top-tier air filtration.

Most car enthusiasts choose K&N Cold Air Intakes when they want something reliable, something that wouldn’t fail them at any given time. And oh, have we mentioned that it can provide extra horsepower of up to 19.25hp? 

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit Features:

  • Trusted for its reliability
  • Filter maintenance needed only after 100,000 miles
  • Easy installation
  • Will not void vehicle warranty
  • Backed with K&N Engineering 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty

#8 aFe POWER Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System

  • Manufacturer: aFe Power
  • Unique Feature: Pro DRY S filter
  • Horsepower Gain: 11hp
  • Compatibility: Ford Mustang V6 (2015-2017)

And lastly, we have another power-producing contraption that’s been picked by many car enthusiasts for its low cost and high effectiveness. The aFe Power Momentum GT can give your Ford Mustang a solid 11hp increase in horsepower and 15lb-ft of torque.

Not bad for an affordable intake system! The whole kit includes an intake tube, a competitive Pro DRY S air filter, and a rotomolded airbox with a sight window so you can inspect the status of the filter without dismantling every part of the intake system.

aFe POWER Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System Features:

  • One-piece rotomolded housing with sight window
  • Rotomolded intake tube
  • Pro DRY S air filter
  • Provide 30% more airflow than stock
  • Backed with aFe Power 2-Year Limited Warranty

Cars like the Ford Mustang S550 can make use of an aftermarket cold air intake system. A powerful vehicle like this needs all of the clean and oxygen-rich air it can get to ensure that its engine, whatever the Mustang trim is, operates at peak performance.

A quick note: before you hit the purchase button, make sure that you’ve done your homework and have researched as thoroughly as possible on the things you need to know before getting an aftermarket intake system for your sixth-generation Mustang.

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