Top 5 Best Ford F150 Leveling Kits

When you first purchase a Ford F-150 from a dealership, you can see that cargo that the cargo bed is slightly upward compared to the front of the truck. This is not a usual problem for most people, but if you have a keen eye for detail, you’ll see this as the start of a problem.

Luckily for you, there is a solution for every problem, even this one: install a leveling kit.

Outfitting your beloved Ford F-150 can do wonders for your truck. Aside from the leveling the front of your truck to the level of your bed by a few inches. There are a lot of benefits your truck can get from having a leveling kit installed.

This list will help you out on finding the best leveling kit for your Ford F-150. Let’s stop wasting time and let’s level the playing field!

#1 YITAMOTOR 2.5” Forged Front Strut Spacers Leveling Lift Kit 

The first one on our list is the 2.5” Forged Front Strut Spacers Leveling Lift Kit from YitaMotor. This is compatible with Ford F-150 models 2004 to 2018. The lift height may not be exactly similar to the kit thickness, yet it does raise the truck by 2.5” higher.

It’s fairly easy to install since all it takes is just a bolt-on installation, which can be finished within 2 hours or so. No need to disassemble the struts!

Getting your Ford F-150 outfitted with this leveling kit means that you reap the advantage of a leveled truck, such as an aggressive new look, additional tire clearance for bigger tires, and eliminates the default rake that is already installed.

This leveling kit also increases the safety level of your truck since the kit itself is made from high-grade aluminum billets.

The kit includes two pieces of front strut spaces, six pieces of lug nuts, and an installation instructional manual.

#2 MotoFab 2” in Front Leveling Lift Kit 

MotoFab kits are durable kits made in the USA. It’s fairly easy to install, taking up just one to two hours worth of installation time, and is compatible with Ford F-150s under the years 2004 to 2019.

With something as affordable as this product, it is enough to keep your truck running smoothly for a very long time. 

This leveling kit is specially made to be durable enough to go through enough off-road punishment because these spacers are made from aluminum billets – the same material airplanes use.

This type of material outlasts most competitions that usually cracks as time goes by. And as said earlier, this is fairly easy to install, but make sure to follow the instructions down to every letter to avoid unnecessary mistakes. 

In case things go wrong, you can approach MotoFab and get your kit replaced since you get a lifetime warranty once you buy this kit. Smart, right?

#3 KSP Front 2″ Leveling Lift Kit 

Do you want to level up your F150? Make sure to install only the best leveling kit, which includes the KSP Front 2” Leveling lift kit. Even under extreme off-road activities, quality leveling kits made from high-grade materials increases your safety levels while inside a Ford F-150.

The kit itself is an aluminum billet that most aircraft uses, along with solid bolts. The powder coating keeps it kit corrosion-resistant.

Getting a KSP Front 2″ Leveling Lift Kit means that you can ride your F-150 in the most extreme condition without worrying so much about safety. The aluminum billet that composes the leveling kit is the same material that aircraft uses when they are manufactured.

It’s fairly easy to install, roughly about one to two hours, give or take. Finally, it gives your Ford F-150 an awesome aggressive look since it now has a leveled stance.

The best thing about this kit? You get a lifetime warranty! In case something goes wrong, just contact KSP and they’ll get to work right away.

#4 Rough Country 2 ” Leveling Kit

Are you looking forward to leveling your truck’s stance by at least 2 inches? This leveling kit from Rough Country can save you a lot of money by lifting the front of your truck by about two inches.

This leveling kit from Rough Country offers you performance, aesthetics, and safety to make your riding experience more satisfying.

By installing this, your ground clearance will increase significantly, allowing you and your truck to go on more on and off-road activities. This kit is compatible with Ford F-150s under the years 2009 to 2020.

When you buy this leveling kit, you get strut extensions and all the necessary hardware you need to install it in the front. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can also buy the optional rear items like the 1” lift blocks, the N3 shock absorbers, and V2 monotube shock absorbers.

By purchasing the Rough Country 2 ” Leveling Kit, you’re guaranteed to have a Ford F-150 truck that has a rugged, off-road look, OEM geometry, and impressive front ground clearance that levels with the rear.

#5 SDT 2.5″ Front Leveling Lift Kit 

And finally, for the last one on our list, we have the SDT 2.5″ Front Leveling Lift Kit, which fits Ford F-150 models 2004 to 2020. This leveling kit is designed for off-road daredevils and professional drivers who seek the stance and capabilities of a leveled truck.

The SDT stands for street, dirt, and track. Whatever off-road activities you’re involved with, the SDT leveling kit has your back.

What do you get when you purchase an SDT 2.5″ Front Leveling Lift Kit? The package includes 2 pieces of front billet spacers, the necessary hardware for installation, and the installation manual.

The SDT is designed to withstand harsh environments while giving your truck the effectiveness and style it needs.

After you purchase a leveling kit for your beloved Ford F-150, it is highly recommended that you have your bolts and nuts checked for its tightness, especially after going after its first 500 miles, and then after another 500 miles.

Constant maintenance is recommended once in a while to make sure that your truck is in tip-top shape while wearing those leveling kits.

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