2022 Best Polaris RZR LED Light Bars for Sale

The Polaris RZR is one of the most popular UTVs around: you can use it for trail driving, prerunning, racing, farming, and so much more. Many of us prefer off-roading at night because the temperature is too high during the day; especially true in hot climates.

If you’re off-roading at night, then you will want the extra lighting to help you see further on the trail. Typically, we recommend tires and suspension before adding LED light bars, but an LED light bar is still a great first modification for your RZR!

In the short guide, we will look at the best LED light bars for a Polaris RZR. We’ll look at roof-mounted LED light bars, and the best bumper mounted LED light bars. We will also cover mounting systems because the brackets that come with LED light bars are universal and won’t work well

Brand Type of LEDs Waterproofing Warranty Price Check
Rigid Industries Cree IP68 Lifetime Check Latest Price
Baja Designs Cree IP68 Lifetime Check Latest Price
KC HiLites Cree IP68 27 Years Check Latest Price
Rough Country Cree IP67 3 Years Check Latest Price
Rigid Horse Cree/Philips IP67 1-5 Years Check Latest Price
Auxbeam Cree/Philips IP67 1+ Years Check Latest Price
Nilight Cree IP67 2 Years Check Latest Price

Best Roof Mounted LED Light Bars for Polaris RZR

Mounting an LED light bar on your roof has a couple of benefits. The main benefit is decreased shadows on the trail allowing you to see more. The sole drawback of a roof-mounted LED light bar is windshield glare and wind noises.

However most UTVs don’t have windshields, so the glare problem is a non-issue. There are RZR specific brackets available for every single LED light bar listed below.

#1 Rigid Industries 30” E-Series Midnight Edition

We want to start this list out with one of our favorite products, the E-Series Midnight Edition by Rigid Industries. We love Rigid Industries products because of their light output, build quality, and warranty.

Unfortunately, this kind of quality doesn’t come cheap, so if you’re on a budget don’t worry we have cheaper LED light bars listed below. It should be noted, you get what you pay for with Rigid light bars and they’re far superior to cheap Chinese LED light bars.

This particular LED light bar from Rigid Industries outputs 13,800 lumens at 165 watts. Most LED light bars have lots of chrome inside the housing which looks kind of ugly.

For this reason, we specifically chose the Midnight Edition which blacks out pretty much everything giving it a much more sinister look. Just like all Rigid Industries products, this LED light bar is IP68 water and dust proof.

If you somehow manage to break it Rigid Industries will back it up with their lifetime warranty.

  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Power: 165 Watts
  • Output: 13,800 Lumens
  • Build Quality: Excellent

#2 KC HiLites 30” Flex Array

Second up on our list is the Flex Series from KC HiLites. KC HiLites isn’t the biggest name in the LED light bar market, but they make some of the best LED light bars out there. We chose this LED light bar because of its modular design.

This means you can make it a single stack, double stack, or triple stack. This flexibility is a feature that no other LED light bar has. If you end up purchasing UTV which needs a wider LED light bar, you can simply add more sections to increase the overall length!

For this particular series of LED light bar, KC HiLites used extra deep projectors which helps them put the light further down the trail. If you plan on racing or pre-running, then a quality projector like this one is pretty important.

This LED light bar output 14,625 lumens at 150 watts which is an extremely impressive lumen/watt ratio. Just like the Rigid Industries light bar above, this one is IP68 water and dust proof. If you can manage to break it KC HiLites will back it up with their 23-year warranty.

  • Warranty: 23 Years
  • Power: 150 Watts
  • Output: 14,625 Lumens
  • Build Quality: Excellent

#3 Rigid Horse 30” Straight 8D (Editor’s Choice)

We know that many of our readers are on a pretty tight budget. We all want a high quality LED light bar, but most of us just can’t afford one. For this reason, we chose the Rigidhorse 32” LED light bar because it combines decent quality, great reviews, and a low price.

In the past, we have often criticized quad -ow LED light bars for not projecting the light far enough down the trail. If you don’t plan on driving fast, then a quad-row light can work for you.

This particular light bar takes 564 watts to power, so an upgraded charging system may be necessary. We can’t find a lumen count for this LED light bar, but we would estimate it’s around 15,000 lumens. Unlike most cheap LED light bars this one is actually IP67 water and dust resistant.

If you plan on racing or pre-running you’ll want an LED light bar with better projectors. If you don’t plan on racing or pre-running then this LED light bar is pretty hard to beat for the money.

  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Power: 564 Watts
  • Output: Estimated 15,000 Lumens
  • Build Quality: Okay

#4 Auxbeam 30” RGB Straight 5D

Next on our list is the 30” 5D Straight from Auxbeam. Auxbeam has pretty much become the biggest name in the cheap LED light bar market. Although we generally recommend staying away from cheap Chinese LED light bars, we’ve used many Auxbeam products in the past with great success.

Unlike some other LED light bar listed above, this one doesn’t really bring any big innovation to the table. It’s just a pretty standard design with decent components, but with an RGB accent lighting system.

The projectors are surprisingly good creating a fairly clean spot beam pattern. Auxbeam claims this LED light bar outputs 18,000 lumens at 180 watts, but it’s probably around 11,000 lumens in the real world. If you’re on a very tight budget, this LED light bar is the only way to go.

  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Power: 180 Watts
  • Output: 18,000 Lumens (Questionable)
  • Build Quality: Poor

#5 4WDKING Single Row 30″ 150W

The last option on our list for the RZR comes from 4WDKING. As far as pricing goes, this is the cheapest option on the market that still offers some amount of quality.

This light is designed as a single row instead of a dual row, which means it has deeper and larger optics to help project light further down the trail. The single row design is also a much lower profile which is ideal for RZR owners who aren’t looking to draw any unwanted attention.

One of the unique features of this light is that the body is designed for reduced wind noise, compared to most LED light bars which whistle or howl at speed. The body is constructed from 6063 Aluminum and offers an IP69K water and dust resistance rating.

Best of all, this LED light bar is designed in the USA!

  • Warranty: None
  • Power: 150 Watts
  • Output: 21,000 Lumens (Questionable)

Roll Cage Mounting Brackets

When you buy any of these LED light bars you also need to buy a mounting system. The LED light bar does come with brackets but they won’t work on your RZR. Luckily mounting systems are extremely affordable and come with everything you need.

The brackets you need depends on what year RZR you own and if you buy a curved or straight LED light bar.
Check Latest Mounting System Price

Best Bumper Mounted LED Light Bars for Polaris RZR

Although mounting an LED light bar on your roof has a couple of advantages, it does have a couple of disadvantages. Windshield and hood glare is the biggest problem with roof mounting, but the RZR doesn’t have a windshield so this isn’t exactly a problem.

If you’re following someone in the dirt, a roof-mounted LED light bar can make it harder to see by lighting up the dust in front of you. Mounting an LED light bar low on the bumper solves these issues which is why so many people prefer this mounting style.

#1 Rigid Industries RZR Headlight Kit

Although this kit technically isn’t a bumper-mounted solution, it’s mounted low enough that it overcomes the issues we already mentioned. This kit is extremely well engineered and has been proven to work.

Unfortunately, this precise engineering isn’t cheap. We do have a solution listed below if you’re on a budget. It’s no secret that the OEM RZR headlights are pretty weak, so upgrading them with LED cubes is a great way to massively improve light output.

This kit uses 2x SAE Compliant D-Series lights as the primary headlights and 2x D-Series Driving lights as the high beams. The kit includes the brackets, wiring, and hardware necessary to make installation a breeze!

#2 Auxbeam 2″ LED Pods

The kit listed above is excellently engineered, but the lights used are pretty expensive. To save money, you can use the brackets in the kit, but use some cheap LED pods instead of Rigid’s D-Series pods.

We’ve used these exact LED light pods from Auxbeam in the past and loved them. The color is a nice white and the beam pattern is surprisingly tight. We used them as fog lights on our XJ Cherokee, but they were bright enough to be used as headlights.

If you don’t want to use the headlight brackets, you could mount these pods individually on the front bumper although that wouldn’t look nearly as cool.

#3 Rigid Industries 2″ LED Pods

For RZR owners who want the real deal, we recommend Rigid Industries 2″ LED pods, which are effectively the high-end version of the Auxbeam 2″ LED pods listed above.

Although the price is significantly higher, you’ll end up with a much more ideal light pattern on the trail, helping you see further down the trail and know what’s coming.

This is especially important for RZR owners who love to put the skinny pedal down.

As with any other Rigid Industries product, these pods are backed up with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll never have to worry about them failing on the trail. Rigid rates these pods at 3,168 lumens, but it’s equally important to consider the carefully developed beam pattern that these output, which means more light on the trail.

These are available in a dedicated flood beam or spot beam depending on what you want.

#4 Nilight Combo Package

The last option for bumper mounting on a RZR is a packaged system from Nilight, which includes a 20″ straight LED light bar and two 4″ LED light pods. This is perfect for RZR owners who want the sheer light output of a larger light bar with the flexibility of two smaller LED light pods.

As far as quality, Nilight is a cheaper brand so don’t expect to be getting something similar to a Rigid Industries or Baja Designs product.

Questionable quality aside, these products are covered by a two-year warranty and offer IP67 dust and water resistance. All lights are power by 3W LED chips with a pure white (6000k) color temperature.

Importance of High-Quality Projectors

One of the most components of an LED light bar is the projector. With a low-quality reflector cup, the light emitting from the diode will go to waste. With low-quality projectors, the light won’t be directed in the correct direction.

This design and quality of the projector and reflector cup separate a low quality LED light bar from a high quality LED light bar. The main reason brands like Rigid Industries and Baja Designs are so so expensive is because of their extensive research on how to develop better projectors.

If you decide to buy a cheap Chinese LED light bar, make sure you get one with a 4D or 5D projector. If you’re still not sure which LED light bar to buy, check out our full LED light bar buying guide.

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