2022 Best Toyota Tundra LED Light Bars for Sale

The Toyota Tundra has become one of the most popular pick up trucks in America. It’s tough, giant, reliable, and with the right modifications, it can be the perfect truck for your off-roading adventures.

Whether you’ve already installed modifications or not, an LED light bar is an excellent modification. Off-roading at night can be a lot of fun, but without the proper lighting, you can easily get yourself in a bad situation. With proper lighting, however, you would be able to see these things before it’s too late.

Even if you don’t really take your n this short guide, we’re going to cover the best LED light bars for your Toyota Tundra. We’ll be covering roof-mounted LED light bars, bumper mounted LED light bars, and LED light bar brackets.

Brand Type of LEDs Waterproofing Warranty Price Check
Rigid Industries Cree IP68 Lifetime Check Latest Price
Baja Designs Cree IP68 Lifetime Check Latest Price
KC HiLites Cree IP68 27 Years Check Latest Price
Rough Country Cree IP67 3 Years Check Latest Price
Rigid Horse Cree/Philips IP67 1-5 Years Check Latest Price
Auxbeam Cree/Philips IP67 1+ Years Check Latest Price
Nilight Cree IP67 2 Years Check Latest Price

Best Roof Mounted LED Light Bars for Toyota Tundra

Mounting an LED light bar on your roof not only looks cooler, but also allows you to run a very large LED light bar. Mounting it up high on your roof also helps eliminate shadows when off-roading at night.

For this reason, many people who buy an LED light bar, buy for mounting on the roof of their Tundra. Further below we’ve listed a set of Tundra specific brackets, since the brackets included with your light bar are universal and will require you to drill your roof.

#1 Rigid Industries 54” RDS-Series PRO Midnight Edition

It’s not a secret that Rigid Industries makes some the best LED light bars on the market. They were the first company to create an LED light bar designed for off-road racing and to this day remain the go-to choice for many racers.

We chose to list the 54” RDS-Series PRO Midnight Edition because of its awesome all black looks. In case you didn’t already know, Rigid Industries products are pretty expensive. We have much cheaper LED light bars listed below.

The 54” RDS-Series PRO Midnight Edition outputs an insane 48,114 lumens at 395W. Plus, the 54” size will fit above the windshield of your Tundra perfectly. We know some of you guys like to go hard out on the trails, and Rigid Industries does too.

This LED light bar is water, dust, and shock resistant so you won’t have to worry about it breaking on the trail. Plus, if you do somehow manage to break it, Rigid Industries will cover it with their lifetime warranty.

If you want the best-of-the-best for your Tundra, then this Rigid Industries LED light bar is perfect for you.

  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Power: 395W
  • Output: 48,114 lumens
  • Build Quality: Excellent

#2 Rough Country 54” Curved Black Series Curved

Second on our list is another blacked out LED light bar but at a much lower price point — the Rough Country 54” Black Series. It might not have the quality of a Rigid Industries LED light bar, but it is better than most cheap Chinese light bars.

Unlike the Rigid Industries LED light bar listed above, this one uses the older reflector cup design, which means the light bar cannot project the light beam nearly as far and tight, but it saves cost.

The 54” Black Series Curved outputs 24,960 lumens at 312W which is roughly half what the Rigid Industries LED light bar listed above outputs. We picked this particular LED light bar because we love its blacked-out look, but Rough Country also offers this in the standard design if black isn’t your thing.

This LED light bar is water and dust resistant, but it isn’t resistant to hard impacts. If you do manage to break it, Rough Country will back it up with their 3-year warranty.

This particular LED light bar is a great balance between an expensive high end light bar and a super cheap Chinese one. If you want a great product but don’t want to break the bank, then this is the perfect LED light bar for you and your Tundra.

  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Power: 312W
  • Output: 24,960 lumens
  • Build Quality: Good

#3 Rough Country 52” X5 Series

Third on our list is another budget-friendly product from Rough Country. The X5 series is unique from most LED light bars in that it has triple row design as opposed to the typical double row design.

Unfortunately, cramming more diodes in a small area forces the projectors or reflector cups to be smaller. The result is a worse beam pattern which is a problem if you plan on going fast. For simple trail riding, however, the triple row design is great and allows for more total light output.

We would’ve liked to list a 54” X5, but Rough Country currently does not offer one that large so we had to settle for the 52” X5. Thanks to that third row of diodes, the 52” X5 outputs an impressive 27,000 lumens while only consuming 300W.

This output is still significantly less than the Rigid Industries light bar we listed first, but more than the 54” Black Series from Rough Country. Just like their other LED light bars, this one is water and dust resistant so you won’t have to worry about it breaking from a little splash.

If you do end up breaking it, Rough Country will cover it with their 3-year warranty. The triple row design limits how far the light can be projected, so this LED light bar should not be used on any sort of prerunner or race vehicle.

If you plan on just trail riding or maybe even rock crawling then this is a good budget friendly LED light bar.

  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Power: 300W
  • Output: 27,000 lumens
  • Build Quality: Good

#4 Auxbeam 54” Curved 5D

Fourth on our list is what we consider the best budget LED light bar that we think is available. We have a lot of hands-on experience with Auxbeam products and have used their products on our past projects.

Their 54” Curved 5D LED light bar uses both reflector cups and projectors which does an excellent job at putting light where you want it. Granted, it’s nothing like a high quality LED light bar like a Rigid Industries light bar, but it’s superior to anything else in its price range.

Auxbeam claims this LED light bar outputs 31,200 lumens, but that’s a simple estimation of each diode outputting 100 lumens per watt. The actual output is anyone’s guess, but we would estimate it to be around 24,000 lumens.

This LED light bar is rated for being IP67 water and dust resistant, but again, this is just an estimation by Auxbeam. In our experience, Auxbeam light bars are good at keeping water out, but sometimes it can get it.

This LED light bar is much more susceptible to breaking than a more expensive product, but Auxbeam does back it up with a short 1-year warranty.

If you are on a budget, but still want a popular product, then this is the perfect LED light bar for you. There are other cheap LED light bars out there, but their quality is extremely questionable.

Unfortunately, the very limited warranty means you won’t get a replacement when it breaks.

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Power: 312W
  • Output: 31,200 lumens (Questionable)
  • Build Quality: Okay

#5 Rigid Horse 8D 52” Curved

Last, but certainly not least, is the Rigid Horse 8D 52” Curved. Before you go any further, know we do not like this LED light bar and would not ever buy it ourselves, more on that in just a minute.

Rigid Horse took the Chinese LED light bar market by storm with their wild quad row design. All the listed specifications combined with an insanely low price made this LED light bar extremely attractive for many buyers.

Rigid Horse doesn’t make a 54” version of this LED light bar, so we listed the 52” version.

We have a couple of major critiques on this LED light bar. For starters, this listed power consumption is 924W, but the fuse with the included relay is only rated at 30 amps.

With some simple math, you’ll find that this LED light bar should be pulling over 70 amps, more than double what the fuse is rated for. This means that the listed power consumption is a complete lie.

Furthermore, the lumen output isn’t even listed. This means it’s either completely untested or outputs so little that they didn’t want to mention it for fear of lost sales. With this kind of shady nonsense going on, it’s hard even to believe the claimed IP68 water/dustproof rating.

We strongly DO NOT recommend this product unless you’re on an extremely tight budget, in which case just spend some time saving up to buy a quality LED light bar.

  • Warranty: Unknown
  • Power: 924W (Complete lie)
  • Output: Not listed (Shady)
  • Build Quality: Poor

Apoc Industries 52” Curved Brackets

You don’t want to use the brackets that come with your new LED light bar. They’re typically made of fairly weak cast aluminum and require you to drill directly in your roof.

Mounting the weight of an LED light bar on roof sheet metal will dent it over a long period, making your roof look awful. For this reason, we strongly recommend picking up a set of brackets designed specifically for your Tundra.

We like Apoc Industries for their strong brackets.

For the 2007 – 2017 Tundra they offer brackets designed for a 52” curved LED light bar. If you end up purchasing a 54” LED light bar, some mild bending will force these to work with it.

The brackets are designed and made here in the USA. They feature a strong textured black powder coat finish and an all steel design.

Best Bumper Mounted LED Light Bars for Toyota Tundra

Although mounting an LED light bar on your roof looks cool and helps eliminate shadows, it has one major flaw: windshield glare. This phenomenon happens when the light emitting from your light bar shines down on your windshield and creates a massive glare and can make it harder to see.

Mounting an LED light bar down on your bumper completely gets rid of this issue, which is why many Tundra owners choose this option instead.

#1 Rough Country Hidden Bumper Mount Kit for 16-17 Tundra

First on our list is the bumper mount kit from Rough Country. Unfortunately LED light bars are very susceptible to being stolen. It might sound odd, but mounting a black LED light bar in your bumper will significantly decrease the odds of it being stolen.

Sure, the LED light bar will still be in plain sight, but a thief is much less likely to see when it’s mounted inside your bumper.

This kit includes a 30” Black Series single row LED light bar which consumes 150 watts and outputs 21,000 lumens according to Rough Country. The kit also includes the brackets which allow you to mount the light bar inside the bumper slot of your 2016 – 2017 Tundra.

Fitment for the 2018 model isn’t specified, but it will likely fit. Mounting the LED light bar inside your bumper slot is very sleek and doesn’t change the appearance of your Tundra.

This kit is great if you want a simple and sleek way to mount an LED on your bumper without breaking the bank. Plus, it’s covered by Rough Country’s three-year warranty.

These brackets should theoretically work fine with most single row 30” LED light bars too!

  • Warranty: 3 year
  • Power: 150W
  • Output: 21,000 lumens
  • Build Quality: Good

#2 iJDMTOY Bumper Mount kit for 2007+ Tundra

Last, but certainly not least, is the bumper mount kit from iJDMTOY. This kit is very similar in design to the Rough Country kit listed above, but iJDMTOY offers kits for the 2007 – 2013 and 2014+ Tundra.

The brackets are nearly identical to the Rough Country kit which isn’t very surprising considering they’re both designed for the same sized light bar.

The only reason we are hesitant to recommend this light bar kit as the go-to option is our lack of first-hand experience with iJDMTOY products. We have experience with many different brands of light bars, but iJDMTOY isn’t one of them.

iJDMTOY rates this light bar at 150W of power, but a lumen count is not displayed. This kind of practice is very shady, and we do not approve of it.

This kit from iJDMTOY is great if you like the Rough Country kit listed above, but you’re on a super tight budget. We would be hesitant of this product, however, due to the lack of warranty and lack of lumen count.

  • Warranty: None
  • Power: 150W
  • Output: Not listed (shady)
  • Build Quality: Poor

If you’re still unsure what LED light bar you want to buy, check out our full light bar buying guide!

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