Big Mustang Crash at Drag Strip

“Yeti” the big block Chevy powered Foxbody Mustang was racing D3 Performance’s twin-turbo Viper. Yeti popped a huge wheelie and broke the radiator when it landed, spaying coolant on the track and tires making it lose control. Check it out. Be sure to also check out this 1,500hp Supra battle a 1,700hp Lambo on the … Read more

Crazy 750hp Lotus Elise

What happens when you take the worlds lightest super car, and quadruple the horsepower? You end up with one stupid fast little machine. Thats exactly what King’s Performance built. A 750hp Lotus Elise, with a K20A2 Honda engine, a big Precision 6266 turbo, and a sequential transmission. Check it out. Be sure to check out … Read more

Worlds Fastest Audi R8 2100HP

Underground Racing has done it yet again. They’ve dominated in their 2100hp Gallardo’s for quite some time now. But, at the Texas Innovational Fall 2015 a new king was crowned, the Underground Racing Audi R8. It set a new elimination record of 213mph and just barely beat the famous T1 Racing GTR. Check it out. … Read more

Japan’s Crazy Lamborghini Scene

Take a ride in Japan’s craziest Lamborghini’s. Covered in LED light strips, and insane chrome wraps. Apparently the crazy and flamboyant scene is fairly popular in Japan, and I wish it would be popular in the USA because its so cool looking. Check it out! Check out the video below. Its the worlds first twin … Read more

Inside Look at the 2015 Ford GT

Who isn’t excited about the new Ford GT? Its a successor to a legendary race car, the GT40. The Ford development team that worked on the 2015 GT did all their work in extreme secrecy to make sure that no one found out about it until they officially released it. I know I’m super excited … Read more

Ford GT Running From the Cops

SuperSpeeders always put on a great show, filming their adventures with super cars and the police. This time around they were speeding in a Ford GT, spotted a cop, and took off. The super cars behind them slowed the cop down as much as possible, but will they get away? Check it out. Check out … Read more

Fastest Hellcat Challenger in the World

High Horse Performance has officially built the fastest Hellcat in the world. The list of modifications includes: American Racing Headers complete exhaust system, AFE Momentum CAI, ATI 10% OD Crank Damper, Custom Diablosport CMR Tuning By HHP/HEMITUNER, Nitrous Outlet wet kit with 150 shot, and its tuned on VP Race Fuels Q16. Check it out! Also check out the Lamborghini … Read more

World’s First Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Aventador

Underground Racing is always raising the bar of the high performance automotive world. They’re known for their twin-turbo Gallardo’s that they run at airstrip events, and they DOMINATE the competition. However they’ve never ventured into the bigger Lamborghini’s, that is until October 8th, when they released a video of the worlds first twin-turbo Aventador, that … Read more

Massive Race-Car Crash: Bathurst 2015

The danger of racing is always prevalent, but sometimes a huge crash will happen and remind you just how dangerous the sport is. This happened during an Australian racing series. The white car was bumped from the rear at 120mph+, and was sent flying off of the track. Smashing into the wall, rolling down the … Read more