Honda D15B: Everything You Need To Know

The Honda D15B engine, a part of the long string debut engine from the well-recognized D-series of engines, finally made its revolutionary stride in the mid-early 1980s. Though some say that it continued to be eclipsed by its 1.6 L brothers, the Honda D15B has its way of charisma to any enthusiasts out there.  Honda … Read more

Honda S2000: The Ultimate Guide

Once and a while a car comes along and leaves an indelible mark. Like the rubber seared onto pavement by a raging burnout, its impact is tangible long after the vehicle has gone. This is the story of the Honda S2000. We were only graced with production for a decade (1999-2009) but the small sports … Read more

Honda B16 vs Honda B18: Which One is Better?

Honda is legendary car makers and even more legendary in terms of their engine reliability and longevity. Since the 90s, Honda has been making impressive engines that can provide you power even with turbochargers. And one of those many engine families is the B-series.  B-series engines are inline-four-cylinder DOHC machines. Its production started in 1988 … Read more

Honda F20C: Everything You Need To Know

The Japanese company Honda is known for mass-producing engines that go for a long time, like the D series, B series, K series, and were installed in large numbers of vehicles with huge production numbers. Honda F-series engines are cousins of the F-series engine found in the mid-1990s Honda Accord and prelude. The F20C engine … Read more

Honda L15: Everything You Need To Know

Honda L15 engines are a variant of the vast L-series of engines. It appears in many models of Honda cars and created an avenue for compact and subcompact engine cars. L15 engines are sometimes ridiculed, to some, due to L15’s old technology design. However, L15 engines took all of that right in the face and … Read more

Honda R18: Everything You Need to Know

Before succeeding in manufacturing great cars, the Japanese company Honda started as motorcycle manufacturers. And one of their most recognizable creation is the Honda Civic. Its fuel economy, reliable engine, attitude in style, and low maintenance costs generate a comprehensive picture of what is yet to come. Post-2006 Honda Civic (Non-Si) units are loaded with … Read more