More Footage of the C7 ZR1 Corvette With a Huge Rear Wing

We’ve all seen the spy photos of some sort of GM mid-engined car being tested. Everyone presumed it was the Corvette ZR1, however new footage has proved that the ZR1 will stay front engine.

This new footage shows what could be a ZR1 Corvette with a massive rear wing. It’s in a pack of other Corvettes, as well as what appears to be a Hellcat.

Not much is known about this possible ZR1. My guess is it’ll make 700-750 horsepower, and have lots of aero. This new Corvette model probably has the Viper ACR in its sights.

Except an improved version of the LT4 that’s currently in the Z06 model. Chevrolet will definitely need to work on cooling, as the current Z06 can’t even stay cool with only 650 horsepower.

This new Corvette should be revealed in 2017. After seeing this footage the question is now up in the air, what is the mid engine car that GM has been testing?

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