Germany to Ban All Combustion Engines by 2030

Germany has long been a leader in the automotive industry. From the epic success of the Volkswagen Beetle, to the luxury giants BMW, and Mercedes. They now plan to further their important to the automotive world.

But, this time around combustion engines won’t be in sight. That’s right, Germany has taken a pretty aggressive stance on fighting the combustion engine powered automobile. They have just voted to ban all gasoline and diesel powered cars by 2030, just 14 short years from now.

With companies like Tesla massively disrupting the automotive world, other manufacturers have been forced to develop cheap and usable electric cars. Chevrolet is leading the race amongst large manufacturers with their $30,000 Chevy Bolt.

With how fast electric car technology has progressed, on top of huge companies joining in, 2030 is a realistic goal for Germany. This ban will not effect current combustion engine vehicles that are currently on the road. The ban is going to be for new vehicles only, so you won’t be forced to get rid of your combustion car.

But, if we really want to change the world of transport, how do we get older combustion cars off of the road without majorly disrupting the lower class transportation system? That is a question that will hopefully be answered by world leading governments in the coming years.

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