Top 9 Best Modifications for Toyota MK3 Supra

The Toyota Supra is, by far, one of the most popular JDM cars in the tuner scene. With a huge cult following, the Toyota Supra has cemented itself to be an icon of project cars, and it’s famous for its knack for reliability, dependability, and most of all, fun.

Driving a Supra means that at some point, you’ve had somebody fanboying the hell out of your car and saying, “Is that a Supra?” The Toyota Supra, particularly the MK3, is the third oldest brother in the 5-siblings Supra family, and as you can tell, it’s quite a relic.

But don’t mistake the vehicle’s age for its performance – it still packs quite a punch, especially when fitted with the right aftermarket modifications.

Speaking of modifications, the Toyota MK3 Supra is an excellent platform for aftermarket upgrades. You can see JDM classics like these run around the streets with lowered suspensions, aggressive tone, and even packing more power than what the stock parts can offer.

All of these are possible because of aftermarket upgrades. Compared to its younger brother, the Supra MKIV, the MK3 has minimal options. But don’t let that lower your hopes!

There are still some mods you can find out there that will turn your Supra from an oldie into a goodie.

Are you here because you’re looking for Toyota MK3 Supra mods? Perfect! We’ve made a list of the best mods to get for your MK3, from the ones that can make your car perform better to the ones that can make your car look more stylish and appealing.

The mods below are the best ones to prioritize for MK3 Supras because they compliment the characteristics of a Toyota MK3 Supra: fast, fun, and reliable. Check the list out!

Category Benefit Price Check
Tires Grip & Safety Check Latest Price
Wheels Looks & Handling Check Latest Price
Intake System Power & Fuel Economy Check Latest Price
Exhaust System Power & Sound Check Latest Price
ECU Tuning Power & Efficiency Check Latest Price
Springs/Coilovers Looks & Handling Check Latest Price
Big Brakes Stopping Power Check Latest Price
Sway Bars Reduced Body Roll Check Latest Price
Intercooler Reduced IATs Check Latest Price

#1 Tires

Tires are one of the best go-to mods to get because 1) they’re cheap, and 2) they affect your car in a lot of positive ways. Any modification you do on your vehicle eventually leads down to the tires, such as improvement in horsepower and torque output, weight reduction, gear changes, etc.T

he Toyota MK3 Supra is a pretty old car, and if ever your stock tires are still on, you definitely have to change it! There are a lot of superb aftermarket MK3 Supra tires out there that will change your driving experience for the better.

Benefits of New Tires:

  • Safety
  • Increased ground traction
  • Better fuel economy
  • Increased performance
  • Better driving experience

#2 Wheels

If you’re planning to get new tires, then why not get a new wheelset as well? Just like shoes on a human being, wheels are the ones that stand out in a car.

It gives the first impression to people whether you’re a car enthusiast or not. Aside from the attention and prestige you’ll be getting from your fellow car enthusiasts and passersby, you’ll be able to enjoy a newly improved driving experience too!

The Toyota MK3 Supra’s wheel specs are 7Jx16 ET38, so if you’re planning to get aftermarket MK3 Supra wheels, try not to deviate as much from the stock wheel specs (18×9.5″ or so.)

Benefits of a New Wheel Set:

  • Able to fit larger tires
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • May increase your car’s market value
  • Better maneuverability
  • More durable than stock

#3 Intake Systems

We all know for a fact that cars thrive more when air is sustainably supplied into the engine. For the case of the Toyota MK3 Supra that’s hiding the legendary 7M-GTE engine (7M-GE if you’ve got a natural air-breathing Supra) under its hood, it can produce 232hp.

But honestly, it can do a lot better. How? By installing an aftermarket intake system in your car! MK3 Supra air intakes are usually available in the form of aftermarket cold-air intake systems, and they are fitted with innovative air filters that will make sure that your engine will not bite the dust.

Benefits of Aftermarket Intake Systems:

  • Increase in horsepower and torque
  • Improved acceleration
  • Better fuel economy
  • Low-maintenance air filters
  • Great sound under the hood

#4 Exhaust Systems

You can consider intakes and exhausts as partners in crime, like Bonnie and Clyde: one takes the air in, the other takes the air out.

What’s the difference between them though? Exhaust systems are less subtle because of how loud they can be, especially the aftermarket ones. An aftermarket exhaust system is an excellent upgrade for your Toyota MK3 only because it makes your car roar aggressively.

Because honestly, who doesn’t want an aggressive Toyota MK3 Supra? Aside from the deep guttural sound you’ll be getting once an aggressively-loud exhaust system, expect a slight increase in horsepower output.

Benefits of Aftermarket Exhaust Systems:

  • Increase in horsepower
  • Aggressive sound output (sound varies)
  • Better fuel economy
  • Aesthetic appeal (various exhaust tips, polishes, etc.)
  • Various systems to choose from (cat-back, axle-back, header-back)

#5 ECU Tune Up

Tuning your car can open you and your vehicle up to tons and tons of benefits, especially if you have a turbocharged MK3 Supra.

The ECU is basically your car’s brain that takes information from the engine and uses that data to configure what to do to make it run efficiently. By fiddling with the ECU, you can unlock your MK3 Supra’s untapped potential.

ECU tune-ups can improve your car’s low-end torque, high-end horsepower and improve your car’s fuel economy. With an ECU tuning kit and an experienced programmer, you can upgrade your Toyota MK3 Supra in just a few hours. 

Benefits of an ECU Tune-Up:

  • Increase in engine performance
  • Better fuel economy
  • Cleaner fuel burn
  • Better engine response
  • A more responsive and powerful engine

#6 Lowering Mods

Owning a Toyota MK3 Supra is fun. Driving it is another level of amusement.

Supras are known for driving low, and some car enthusiasts like you would like to get them even lower. Dropping your car’s ride height will eventually lead you into two choices: a set of lowering springs or a coilover kit.

The former doesn’t do much aside from reducing your car’s ride height, while the other offers damper and ride height adjustability. The best coilovers for MK3 Supra are the ones that can make the vehicle both street-worthy and track-worthy.

Benefits of Lowering a Car:

  • More ground traction
  • Better aerodynamic properties
  • Better fuel economy
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Improved handling (coilovers)

#7 Big Brakes 

With great power comes excellent stopping capability.

We don’t know whose uncle said that, but it’s the truth for sports cars like the Toyota MK3 Supra. Sure, you can make tons of changes to your powertrain to make your vehicle more powerful, but you should match it with an equally powerful braking system.

Improving your brakes is a must, especially if you’re looking forward to driving at the track. Big brakes ensure your safety as a driver and instill some level of confidence in you.

If you have big brakes installed, you can limit your driving capabilities as much as you want (stay safe, though!)

Benefits of Having Big Brakes:

  • Better stopping power, especially in high-heat conditions
  • Perfect for track use
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Safety
  • Better ground grip when braking

#8 Sway Bars

Sway bars are extremely underrated mods for cars. People often forget how beneficial this mod is, especially for car enthusiasts who love to drive their Supras on the track. Sway bars help stabilize the car by transferring the cornering loads from one side to another.

These mods are relatively cheap, and a good-quality sway bar will prove to be a worthy investment because of its durability. Aside from that, these mods are pretty easy to install too! With just two end link bolts and four bushing bolts, you’re good to go!

Benefits of Having Sway Bars:

  • Reduce the car’s body-roll tendencies
  • Influences overall handling of the car
  • Keeps the car stabilized
  • Gives the vehicle the ability to lean without making the suspension stiffer

#9 Intercoolers

Aside from intakes, exhausts, and an ECU tune-up, there’s another way to improve your Toyota MK3 Supra’s power: by replacing your stock intercooler and pipings with aftermarket ones.

Intercoolers exist to, well, keep the air cool. Its main task is to reduce the inlet gas temperature, making the gas (air) cooler and more oxygen-rich. Cool air means better internal combustion, and better internal combustion inevitably leads to better fuel efficiency.

These mods are perfect for turbocharged Supras like the Toyota MK3 Supra Turbo.

Benefits of Aftermarket Intercoolers:

  • Keeps the air cooler than the stock
  • Increase in horsepower
  • Better fuel economy
  • Works well with less restrictive aftermarket intercooler piping
  • Various types of intercoolers to choose from (air-to-air, top mount, front mount)

There is no doubt that the third generation of the Toyota Supra is a modifiable car that works well with many aftermarket modifications. Yes, the MK3 Supra is old, but it can still serve as a robust and reliable project car.

Fitted with the right mods, you can display how epic your Toyota MK3 Supra is, whether it’s on track, the streets, or even on a car show.

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