Top 10 Best Volkswagen MK7 GTI Cold Air Intakes

If the thought of modifying your Volkswagen MK7 GTI ever crossed your mind, then we’re pretty sure that you’ve considered getting your hands on some MK7 GTI intakes. You may also want your VW to get involved in some crazy street racing or some serious track duty. Whatever the case may be, the addition of … Read more

Top 5 Best 2nd Gen Chrysler 300C Cold Air Intake Systems

There’s no denying that the second generation Chrysler 300C has, in fact, changed the way people look at luxury sedans. Dubbed as the “Poor Man’s Bentley,” the 300C has its own charisma that gravitates enthusiasts who are looking for a car that looks sophisticated yet powerful enough to give them a good time. Even if … Read more