How the EPA Spent 35 Years Destroying Diesel Trucks

The diesel engine. Without it, goods couldn’t be transported across countries; construction/farming/mining equipment wouldn’t be as efficient, public transportation wouldn’t be as good, and so much more. While the internal combustion engine is quite literally one of mankind’s most important inventions to date, the diesel internal combustion engine takes it even further. And even though … Read more

What is a Jake Brake?

If you didn’t already, diesel engines have little to no engine braking because they don’t use an intake throttle body like a gas engine does. Instead, diesel engines use fueling as a way to control power output. Depending on the application, some diesel engines have more engine braking than others due to things in the … Read more

What is Red Diesel Fuel?

So, the reason red fuel exists is actually really simple: taxes. All fuels are taxed as part of a “fuel tax,” and that tax occurs at the point of sale. Most countries in the world enforce a fuel tax of some kind because, you know, there are not already taxes enough crushing down on citizens … Read more