Mitsubishi 4G18: Everything You Need To Know

Since the rise of the inline-fours, Mitsubishi continues to develop its arsenal by releasing multiple machines that can compete with the worldwide demand of such a vast automotive arena. This necessity led them to produce the Astron, Sirius, Saturn, and Orion Family series, also known as 4G1 engines. And with that, we will take a … Read more

Mitsubishi 4G69: Everything You Need To Know

4G69 engine is a 2.4 L, inline-4 engine built in Shiga, Japan, and Shenyang, China. This engine emphasizes the incorporation of Mitsubishi’s MIVEC Variable Valve Timing technology that features a separate cam profile for different driving situations. 4G69 is a member of the Sirius Family of automobile engines that includes 4G61, 4G62, 4G63, 4G63T, 4G64, … Read more

Mitsubishi 4G13: Everything You Need To Know

Mitsubishi’s 4G13 is an inline-4 engine and has four modifications or variants, which are discussed below. This engine belongs to the Orion family that was introduced by Mitsubishi around the late 1970s, having OHVs, SOHCs, and DOHCs. Orion engines debuted in Mitsubishi Colt and Colt-derived car models. Alongside Astron, Sirius, and Saturn, Orion joins the … Read more

Mitsubishi 4G15: Everything You Need To Know

4G15 is one of the living legends and the oldest Japanese engines we have presently. Mitsubishi developed other engines through the 4G15 and is the flagship of the then-formed Orion engine family. Engines inside the Orion family include 4G13, 4G11, 4G12, 4G15, 4G16, 4G18, and 4G19. 4G15s were first installed in the Mitsubishi Mirage in … Read more