Top 6 Best Volkswagen MK6 GTI Cold Air Intakes

An MK6 GTI intake is one of the first modifications most Volkswagen MK6 GTI owners prefer to have before anything else. Many enthusiasts would prioritize them because it provides an instant boost in performance gains. Sure, the numbers aren’t sky high, but it’s enough to give a substantial performance improvement. Not only that, getting your … Read more

Top 8 Best Volkswagen MK6 GTI Coilovers

There’s a good reason why many Volkswagen MK6 GTI owners prefer coilovers as their choice of suspension. Compared to other prominent suspension modifications like lowering springs, coilovers offer whoever is brave enough to wield it an opportunity for adjustability.Often, hot hatch enthusiasts opt for coilovers because they can use them to tune their suspension to … Read more