Volkswagen MK6 GTI Mods: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

The Volkswagen MK6 GTI is proof that a hot hatch can be fun and practical to drive at the same time. Arguably the best-looking car amongst all GTI generations, the MK6 remains a great platform, even after its initial release in 2010. A hatchback like this gained popularity over seasoned Volkswagen fans and young enthusiasts … Read more

Top 7 Best Volkswagen MK6 GTI Exhaust Systems

Hot hatch enthusiasts searching for MK6 GTI exhausts on the internet may find the effort quite challenging. Aftermarket auto parts manufacturers have indeed created quite a selection of exhausts for the Volkswagen MK6 GTI, and each of them would claim that they can give you the sound output and performance benefits you want. But really, … Read more

Top 8 Best Volkswagen MK6 GTI Coilovers

There‚Äôs a good reason why many Volkswagen MK6 GTI owners prefer coilovers as their choice of suspension. Compared to other prominent suspension modifications like lowering springs, coilovers offer whoever is brave enough to wield it an opportunity for adjustability.Often, hot hatch enthusiasts opt for coilovers because they can use them to tune their suspension to … Read more