2018 Yamaha MT09 5k Mile Review

In a world where a large majority of young riders choose to ride super-sport motorcycles for their looks and outright performance, Yamaha managed to break the mold. Seemingly countless motorcycle journalists have praised the MT09. Some even choose to call it the “Hooligan machine,” thanks to its nature. The point I’m trying to make is … Read more

2022 Top 5 Best Exhaust Systems for Yamaha FZ09/MT09

The FZ09/MT09 is a fun and sporty bike. Journalists and enthusiasts all over the globe have raved about the fun and torquey nature of the 847cc inline-three engine. Aside from having loads of low-end torque, three-cylinder engines are arguably the best sounding engine configuration you’ll find on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, Yamaha equipped the FZ09/MT09 with … Read more