2018 Yamaha MT09 5k Mile Review

In a world where a large majority of young riders choose to ride super-sport motorcycles for their looks and outright performance, Yamaha managed to break the mold. Seemingly countless motorcycle journalists have praised the MT09. Some even choose to call it the “Hooligan machine,” thanks to its nature. The point I’m trying to make is … Read more

Jeep Cuts Off Motorcycle Parade

During the Project 22/ Ride for Vets parade, a Jeep ended up getting blocked by the bikers. Eventually the Jeep driver got frustrated and decided to romp the curb. He nearly hit a few riders in the process. The police that were escorting the parade ended up pulling the Jeep over. Check it out.

How to Run From the Police 101

So you’re out cruising on your street bike, probably racing around and doing wheelies. A cop pulls in front of you and tries to stop you. Here’s what you need to so to run away from them. Check it out. Also be sure to check out how not to run from the cops below!

Crazy Hydrostatic Turbo Diesel Motorcycle

Have you seen this crazy contraption of a motorcycle before? Its a V-twin turbo diesel, with a hydraulically powered all-wheel-drive system. Much like some heavy equipment machine, the engine drives a hydraulic pump, which in turn drives the front and rear wheels. Plus its on air bags and off-road tires, it couldn’t get any crazier! … Read more

Engine Spinning at 14,000 RPM’s!

Here with have a BMW S1000RR engine. Its a 1.0L (1000cc) 4-cylinder with a 14,200 redline. This is a cutaway view of the cams and valve train, its spinning so fast you can actually see the oil becoming vapor. The cams are spinning at 118 revolutions per second! Check it out.