Top 10 Cars That Hold Their Value

Have you been curious about which cars will be worth a lot of money when you sell them? We got a hold of 2021’s list, and it has a lot of trucks. Owning a vehicle and maintaining it may be expensive, but if you know how to value it, you can find it worth all of that effort when you finally decide to put it on sale. 

According to a study conducted by iSeeCars, wherein they verified data of over 800,000 car sales, the used market is still very strong due to the continued chip shortage and the pandemic slowdowns. It’s not surprising that some over-achievers continue to impress by holding close to their original list price. If you own any of the vehicles that are listed below, you can rest easy that depreciation didn’t hurt them as close to the market average. 

10th Place: Toyota 4Runner: 24.6% Depreciation

The Toyota 4Runner barely made the 2021 rankings and dropped from its 2020 position. On average, the depreciation of five-year-old models was at 24.6% of the original list price. The main reason may be that the Toyota 4Runner has not substantially changed much in the past ten years. 

9th Place: Dodge Challenger: 24.4% Depreciation

The famous Dodge Challenger makes it to number nine. This starts a string of American muscle. This vehicle might be old but still clings to its value well. It has an average of only 24.4% depreciation over a span of five years. In 2020, this Dodge Challenger was the best-performing pony car, but last year, its main competitors overtook it.  

8th Place: Chevrolet Camaro: 23.6% Depreciation

The Chevrolet Camaro comes in 8th place. The Camaro has stuck with its recipe since it debuted. It’s still relatively lightweight. It consistently features powerful engines, a rear-drive platform, and the option to use an automatic or manual transmission. The average depreciation of five-year-old models is 23.6%. 

7th Place: Chevrolet Corvette: 22.7% Depreciation

The Chevrolet Corvette moved up in the 2021 rankings and had a depreciation rating of 22.7%. What’s the reason behind this? Even though the current car remains V8-powered, the switch to a midship layout helped strengthen the price of the very last front-engined model. 

6th Place: Ford Mustang: 21.0% Depreciation

When it comes to pony cars, the highest ranking on the list is the Ford Mustang. This extremely popular vehicle averaged a 21.05% depreciation on 5-year-old models. It’s no surprise that the Ford Mustang consistently makes this list because it offers awesome features and, even through the years, showcases a stylish look that holds value to car enthusiasts.

5th Place: Toyota Tundra: 19.5% Depreciation

The 2021 list just had a single full-size truck that made the cut. The Toyota Tundra got the same 5th place last 2020. However, the difference is that it improved its five-year average depreciation as it went down to 19.5%. 

4th Place: Toyota Tacoma: 13.8% Depreciation

Toyota secures another truck on the list. The Toyota Tacoma got 4th place for 2021. If you notice, there is a big gap between the two Toyota trucks. The Toyota Tacoma has only shed 13.8% off its original list price in the past five years. If you put it on average, it just loses 0.23% each month.

3rd Place: Porsche 911: 12.8% Depreciation

Out of all the sports cars, the Porsche 911 has been the most depreciation-proof one out there as it remains a highly-rated car. It only has a measly 12.8% depreciation over the past five years. When you analyze it, there is only a $20,710 difference between the used price and the MSRP.

2nd Place: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: 10.5% Depreciation

The Jeep Wrangler takes the top two spots on the 2021 list. The only difference between their placement is their door models. The four-door Jeep Wrangler came in second with a 10.5% depreciation over the past five years. 

1st Place: Jeep Wrangler: 9.2% Depreciation

The best among all of the vehicles in terms of depreciation is the Jeep Wrangler two-door model. The off-roader only has a 9.2% depreciation and has become the number vehicle for sellers in the market. If you are considering getting funds for a certain situation, you can count on getting a great value for your Jeep Wrangler. 

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