Top 3 Best Can-AM X3 Cold Air Intakes

Recreational vehicles have become incredibly popular. Although they’re not as practical as passenger cars on the road, they prove their worthiness off the road and in remote locations. They’re used for hunting, and reaching hard-to-reach locations only an off-road vehicle can reach.

Over the years, enthusiasts have been looking for ways of improving their ATVs, which is why you’re here, looking for the best Can-AM X3 intake replacement available on the market.

The Can-Am X3 is a beast when it comes to handling rocks, rough terrain, dirt, and sand. Anywhere you want to go with you Maverick, this UTV will be able to handle it all.

This off-road vehicle is one of the most praised among its competitors, however, Can-AM has been able to stay at the top of the game because of its continuous innovations of its models. The same goes for the Can-Am X3 modifications. The great thing about these off-road vehicles is that they can be modified to fit all your needs.

Intake, exhaust, and ECU tuning are typically the most common modifications made to this vehicle. However, ECU tweaks are usually done in the first round which leads to enhanced boost levels which in turn require more air for the engine; so this means an intake upgrade.

What To Expect From a Can-AM X3 Intake Modification

The Can-AM X3 intake comes in many types depending on one’s liking, so choosing one can be quite a challenge. 

Basically, any modification on the Can-AM X3 intake either modifies the vehicle for a specific purpose or provides more air to the engine which results in more power. Aside from more power and better airflow, air intake modifications allow the engine to cool off more easily, which is important in vehicles such as the Can-AM X3 that need to tackle rough terrain on a regular basis.

Whether it may be an intentional change, a worn-out intake component, or in many cases a loud intake system, a proper intake for your Can-AM X3 will only ensure you the full luxury of enjoying this side-by-side vehicle on all terrains, any weather, long or shorts distances. So let’s see what are the best intakes when it comes to this powerful machine.

Agency Power Cold Air Intakes

The first intake, or intake kit, that we will talk about is the most well-known one which is the Agency Power intake kit. Agency Power intake has a high flow air filter that gives Maverick’s turbocharger extra cubic feet per minute when it’s most necessary. I choose to talk about these intakes first because the Agency Power cold air intake has been specifically designed to replace the factory Can-Am X3 Turbo intake, and where better to start than here. These intakes have been carefully designed with an eye toward performance, endurance, and durability. 

To effectively capture various debris and dust particles, Agency Power uses a Frogzskin filter. Power Tune, for example, only uses foam, and this is what sets them apart from many companies. While still permitting air to move freely, the Frogzskin mesh repels liquid, grime, dust, and other contaminants. 

The Frogzskin is made of woven polyester and is hydrophobic, which means that while it will deflect water, it isn’t waterproof, and shouldn’t be treated as such. The Agency Power Cold Air Intake Kit for the Can-Am X3 includes aluminum tubing with fittings that bind to your turbocharger’s compressor end. This intake fits with the 2017 – 2021 models of the Can-Am X3 Turbo, X3 X DS Turbo R, X3 X RS Turbo R 2 and 4 door. An amazing adjustment they made is that by taking off the Donaldson air box, you’ll get improved throttle control, a quicker turbo spool, and power that has been dyno-proven regardless of an ECU flash.

K&N Can-Am X3 Intake

The second choice we have for the best Can-AM X3 intakes are K&N intakes. Every K&N product is put through a variety of tests to ensure that they meet or surpass the strict quality requirements by the automotive industry. To ensure that the intake items are maximizing power boost while maintaining engine safety, these tests also measure airflow, torque, and power. As a result, your Can-AM X3 will benefit from the best of both worlds. 

With a K&N cold air intake system that includes an intake tube made of mandrel-bent aluminum, you will inevitably see a boost in horsepower and torque. A washable, reusable High-Flow Air Filter with pre-oiled cotton filter medium is included with each unit. 

Your car’s acceleration might be reduced by up to 10% by clogged or unclean air filters. Under typical highway driving circumstances, the larger design enables you to travel up to 100,000 miles between filter replacements. The entire system can often be mounted in less than 90 minutes.

This cutting-edge filtration medium increases power and speed by up to an amazing 50% over disposable paper filters. And by avoiding these throwaway filters, K&N high-flow replacement air filters will save customers their money over the course of time. No disposable filter will be as long-lasting as a K&N filter. This K&N Cold Air Intake Kit can be fitted to the 2018-2019 Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo, and the 2017-2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo R.

Kemimoto Intake Relocation Kit For Noise Reduction

Another amazing add-on component that can help you with the newly added cold intake is the Can-AM X3 air clutch intake relocation kit for noise reduction produced by Kemimoto. This kit deals with all the noise your intake produces, and will drastically reduce noise and improve your driving experience. Installing the kit can be done in less than half an hour. Another bonus is that the kit includes all the bolts and screws required for installation.

The tiny space between the separation grid and the intake pipe prevents larger particles from flying into the newly installed intake kit. There are no simple ways to break it as it is so firm and durable; separation grids are 4mm thick and baffles are 3mm.

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