Top 4 Best Heated Seat Covers

We didn’t understand the buzz about the best-heated seat covers until we had heated seats in our car. Since then, getting into a cold vehicle with non-heated seats has been a cause for dread or, as we now refer to them, “misery seats .”They are still not a typical standard feature in the majority of new vehicles, with the exception of a few high-end models—not that any new cars are now on the market. 

The use of car seat heaters is not just comfortable; it is also healthy for the environment. Since they are cushions that attach over your seats rather than around them and don’t offer complete coverage, heated seat covers differ from standard seat covers. In order to avoid airbags and side bolsters, several of them have a narrower hourglass shape. But, in addition to heating, they’ll do a decent job of protecting the seats, especially the bottom.

In order to give your car the same level of comfort that you had when sitting in a heated vehicle, check out our recommendations for the best-heated covers. 

#1 HealthMate IN9438-2 12V Velour Winter Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support


The IN9438-01 Soft Velour Heated Seat Cushion, made by Healthmate, came in at number one on our list of heated seat covers. With two heat settings and a maximum output temperature of 114°F/45.5°C, the Healthmate Soft Velour Heated Seat Cushion isn’t as warm as most other covers. It uses a maximum of 40 watts. Wagan uses top-notch wiring that is protected from heat by a silicon covering.

It is more of a huge pad than a full-coverage seat cover, but it does include built-in polyurethane foam padding. Seat heaters are typically thin because they do not perform properly when the heating elements are buried under padding. Four elastic straps and two cinch straps are used to secure it. Don’t pull too hard on them because they aren’t the strongest. Almost anywhere in your vehicle should be accessible thanks to the adaptor cord’s length of nearly four feet.

An eight-amp fuse ensures safety and may be linked to a 120-volt converter for usage both at home and in the vehicle. 

#2 Sunny Color 12V Seat Cushion for Full Back and Seat

Brand: Sunny Color

It’s a larger seat heater than other options, measuring around 18 inches broad and featuring a back about 24 inches high, sufficient to cover truck and bucket seats. To keep it in place, there are two elastic straps with hooks at the bottom, an adjustable cinch strap around the back, and a headrest loop. The cord, which is just 36 inches long and located on the passenger side like most heated coverings, may be difficult to reach if your car is wide and has a central 12V outlet.

Although it only has a shorter cable, its benefits include being attractive and quickly warming up. Also, their heated cover warms up to the range of 140°F/60°C in just two minutes. Between high and low settings, there isn’t much of a change, so for certain people, it can be too heated.

Luxurious Soft Velour Cover, Elastic, and Villus Plump are all made of high-quality materials. It is both basic and elegant, with a simple design and excellent quality. And it performs for all vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, vans, rare models, etc.

Its features include the availability of an AC adaptor. Nevertheless, are that it is not the warmest and is a bit small.

#3 Zone Tech Car Travel Seat Cover Cushion 2 Pack

Brand:  Zone Tech

Zone Tech offers a two-pack of heated seat coverings for the same cost as most other seat covers. There are some more high-end elements in addition to the basic design’s narrow central section, two lower cinch hooks, and headrest loop. With a quick-disconnect plug, the digital controller you receive allows you to set the temperature up to 120°F/49°C. Not only are these convenient, but they also act as a breakaway if the cable is pulled too hard, which helps to prevent damage.

Both the bottom and top sections are 23 inches and are made of waterproof fabric with a non-slip back; the middle section is 11.8 inches. An automatic 45-minute shutoff timer, which you may or may not find appealing, protects against overheating, especially of the plug. It’s excellent for preventing battery waste if you forget, but it may not be ideal in extremely cold weather. 

It has the benefits of being waterproof, being a two-pack, having a modular chord, a digital remote control, and an auto-shutdown; nevertheless, it has the drawbacks of having a solid fabric that can become hot and sticky and needing two outlets.

#4 Stalwart 75-BP800 Red/Black Electric Blanket

Brand:  Stalwart 

A heating pad for your vehicle may be the solution to some of the problems with a heated seat cover. They won’t fit many rear seats, and you obviously need one for each passenger. Their materials might not be as breathable as your seat fabric, especially if you have cloth seats. For less money than the majority of car seat heaters, a plush Stalwart Electric Car Blanket takes care of all of that.

The Stalwart, which is 59 by 43 inches and comes in six different colors, is composed of polyester fleece and has a very long 96-inch (12-foot) cord that plugs into a 12V outlet. You may keep it in your car all year long by storing it in the small clear vinyl pouch that is provided. Since there is no temperature control or timer, forgetting it could drain your battery or result in a fire hazard. It goes on when you plug it in and doesn’t turn off until you unplug it. It’s not something we’d advise sitting on.

The Stalwart Electric Blanket for your car takes roughly 45 watts, so although Stalwart doesn’t indicate a temperature, it should easily reach the warm 120°-140° range. Although there are no controls, it has the advantages of being versatile, affordable, large, and having a very long cord.

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