Top 5 Best Transmission Fluid Additives

The majority of drivers are aware that routine oil changes are crucial to maintaining their cars’ top performance, but many disregard their transmissions. A proper transmission flush is significantly more expensive than your typical oil change because transmission fluid isn’t changed on a regular basis like engine oil.

A pricey machine is needed for a transmission fluid cleanse, which keeps most owners from performing the task themselves. As a result, many motorists neglect to do routine transmission fluid maintenance, and some others decide against doing so because of the expense.

Similar to not replacing your engine oil, the method of ignoring the requirement for new transmission fluid has a drawback. The transmission fluid degrades with time and loses its ability to lubricate. This causes the transmission’s internal components to wear out more quickly. The fluid becomes dirtier as it degrades, which accelerates wear on the parts by accelerating fluid degradation.

Thankfully, there are a variety of solutions available that can aid in extending the lifespan of your transmission as well as transmission fluid. Such transmission fluid additives enhance lubrication, eliminate unwelcome dirt deposits, and renew seals, but which one should you pick, considering the wide range of options? Check out our list below of the top 5 best transmission fluid additives.

#1 Lucas Transmission Fix

Brand: Lucas

It should not be surprising that Lucas, a long-time industry leader in engine oil additives, also offers a premium transmission fluid additive. One product that does everything is Lucas Transmission Fix, which you may use by adding thick fluid to your transmission fluid.

You can just add the Lucas product to the existing transmission fluid and allow it to work its magic without draining any of the transmission fluid of your car.

Lucas Transmission Fix’s main objective is to prevent hesitation, slipping, and rough shifts. It accomplishes this by giving each component a thick, protective coating.

The thick fluid enhances shift quality by lubricating the transmission valve body’s internal workings. Additionally, the Lucas product refreshes the shift bands, assisting in preventing slippage when under power.

In addition to preventing fluid leaks, following this product helps safeguard your transmission’s moving parts. Compared to motor oil, transmission fluid is considerably thinner, and as it degrades, it becomes even more so. As a result, it quickly depletes when the engine is off, which causes metal-to-metal contact when the engine starts.

The Lucas Transmission Fix shields the metal surfaces during startup by preventing the lubricant from leaking down. Additionally, this transmission additive revitalizes worn gaskets and seals to help stop leaks.

#2 Marvel Mystery Oil

Brand: Marvel Oil Company

The “original oil enhancer and fuel additive,” Marvel Mystery Oil, can indeed benefit your automatic transmission. When you add the product to your transmission, it starts by removing sludge and all the other debris from the lubricating system. Parts of the valve body in your transmission are malfunctioning due to the filth there.

You are more likely to notice jerky or sluggish shifts when the valve body is malfunctioning. Naturally, the flow of transmission fluid may be altered depending on where the undesired deposits are, which could speed up wear and cause expensive damage.

Your valve body pieces can move as intended, and the transmission fluid would flow smoothly, minimizing friction and heat once the Marvel Mystery Oil has removed the deposits of dirt and other debris. After that, it adheres to the interior surfaces, adding a layer of defense against future undesired buildup.

Additionally, by lowering heat and friction, this extends the duration that your transmission will continue to function as intended. Marvel Mystery Oil’s main benefit is that you may use it in your power steering system, fuel system, and engine oil. The benefits are the same for both power steering fluid and engine oil, and it is a great fuel system cleanser.

#3 Bar’s Leaks Transmission Repair

Brand: Bar’s Leaks

From one of the biggest manufacturers of automotive additives comes Bar’s Leaks Transmission Repair. Bar’s Leaks has been in business for a very long time and has a solution to aid with almost every fluid in your car. This transmission additive is bundled in a two-in-one style, similar to many of its products. A product that promises to improve performance is contained on one side of the bottle. It says it will add protection on the other side of the split bottle.

The Bar’s Leak transmission additive helps clean the valve body and the regions around the gears to restore performance. By allowing for appropriate fluid flow, it avoids sliding and abrupt movements. Along with the numerous gaskets and seals, it also enhances the state of the shift bands. It makes logical for a brand recognized for stopping leaks to state on the bottle that this product will stop leaks. They provide a wide range of items since they are effective.

The fluid that coats all of the moving parts and stabilizes the current transmission fluid is found in the other half of the bottle. This shielding layer contributes to the reduction of heat and friction, enhancing performance and extending the lifespan of your transmission. Nothing can completely substitute routine transmission maintenance, but it will aid in slowing down the transmission fluid’s deterioration.

#4 Sea Foam Trans Tune

Brand: Sea Foam

The brand, Sea Foam, is well-known for its ability to cure rough-running engines, but it can also assist with transmission issues. Sea Foam Trans Tune can be the best option if you’re worried that your transmission isn’t shifting smoothly and your fluid is starting to look unclean. This device starts by dislodging any accumulation of debris in the gear and valve body area.

Smoother shifts and less gear hang-ups are produced by a valve body that has been cleaned. Additionally, the Sea Foam removes moisture from the system while cleaning and conditioning the transmission fluid and breaking up any deposited debris.

There are two techniques to apply Sea Foam Trans Tune. You can add this solution to the fluid one hundred miles before having your transmission serviced if you’re getting ready to have it done. This is the path you wish to take if cleaning out the system is your main focus.

All of the debris in your transmission will become loose thanks to the Sea Foam, making the flushing process go more smoothly. The new fluid can then be combined with a bottle of Sea Foam to prevent junk buildup and safeguard your gearbox going forward.

#5 Prolong Super Lubricants Transmission Treatment

Brand: Prolong

Prolong Super Lubricants Transmission Treatment may be your best option if you have a new car and want to protect the internals while extending the life of your transmission.

The Prolong brand focuses on covering metal surfaces with a unique chemical substance that offers molecular protection from both heat and friction. To put it another way, it coats every component of your transmission with a remarkably thin layer that shields it from metal-to-metal contact while preserving a smooth surface for operation.

Although the Prolong Transmission Treatment isn’t a system cleaner, it is the right product to use immediately following a transmission flush with an appropriate cleaning agent if your car is older. No matter what vehicle you drive, new or used, automatic or manual, the Prolong transmission additive can safeguard the working parts of your gearbox from normal wear and strain.

While protection is the primary priority, performance is also enhanced by the Prolong Super Lubricants Transmission Treatment. Your automatic transmission will offer crisper, better consistent shifts, and your manual transmission will shift more smoothly.

Essential Information About Transmission Additives

Two main ways driving your car diminish the transmission fluid. The natural friction between internal parts wears down every moving part, even with sufficient lubrication. The majority of fluid discoloration is brought on by microscopic debris that is incorporated into the transmission fluid as those components degrade.

Additionally, fluid loses its capacity to effectively lubricate and transfer heat as it ages and degrades. The fluid degrades more quickly as it heats up, protecting the metal surfaces less effectively and causing additional wear.

The debris produced by the heat and friction of the internal transmission components causes the fluid to become unclean in addition to causing deposits at critical locations. The valves can’t open and close normally when this debris builds up in the valve body, which causes sluggish shifts or the transmission to hang in between gears.

When parts run out of oil, the buildup of this material in other locations may result in an erratic flow of transmission fluid, which may cause catastrophic failures.

In a number of ways, transmission fluid additives can aid in preventing the buildup of this material. Certain compounds coat the surfaces to improve lubrication and lessen wear brought on by metal-to-metal contact.

Other items aid in dislodging deposits of debris, both those that are embedded in the transmission’s components and those that are carried along by the fluid. Although some solutions can be used as both cleaners and long-term protectors, transmission additives do more than only boost efficiency and safeguard the moving parts.

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