Top 7 Best Engine Coolants

Your engine’s coolant is essential to keeping it operating well and extending the lifespan of the engine and its parts. A water-based liquid called coolant works to remove heat from your engine. Through a hose, the fluid is pumped into the engine through openings in the engine block called “passages.”

The coolant is taken back out through a different pipe before going through the intercooler once it gets too hot to cool the engine efficiently. As your car drives down the road, the air cools the liquid as it passes through the intercooler. The thermostat in your car controls the coolant and engine temperatures while this circulation process goes on as needed.

Antifreeze is present in engine coolants, preventing them from freezing when the external temperature falls below zero. Lubricants and corrosion inhibitors are some other components of antifreeze. These additives are frequently found in coolants in organic forms or in combination with inorganic additives.

Global coolants, also known as HOAT (hybrid organic acid technology), are those that contain organic additives, whereas IAT (inorganic additive technology) refers to those that do not (inorganic acid technology).

While some coolants are marketed as a ready-to-use solution that contains a 50:50 mixture of water and coolant, others are sold as coolant concentrates that the user will need to dilute. The directions on the coolant container usually specify how much water and coolant to use in the solution.

We’re going to make the process of shopping for engine coolant easier in this article because it can be a bit of a hassle for some people. Check out our list of the top 7 best engine coolants available today.

#1 EVANS Cooling Systems High Performance Waterless Engine Coolant

Brand: EVANS

Due to its waterlessness, EVANS Cooling Systems High Performance Waterless Engine Coolant is ranked high on our list.  By removing water from the coolant equation, you can potentially extend engine life and save money on maintenance and repairs while also reducing corrosion.

Making sure your car’s cooling system is fully clear of water is a crucial step in switching from a water-based coolant to a water-free one. Additionally, EVANS produces a water-free prep fluid that removes water-based coolant from your vehicle. The company made a YouTube video tutorial for installation.

This coolant is made for a wide range of engines, including heavy-duty diesels, modern four-cylinder engines, vintage V-8s, and more. In the long run, it will cost you less money because it needs to be replaced much less frequently than a standard coolant.

#2 Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant

Brand: Zerex

While the Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant is effective in both gasoline and diesel engines, it also contains several additives that are especially helpful for diesel engines.

A nitrite-based additive found in ZEREX G-05 is engineered to protect the cylinder liners of your diesel engine against cavitation erosion, a typical form of erosion in diesel engines. It also includes additional control additives that will shield your engine and radiator against scale buildup and hard water deposits.

Additionally, this HOAT (hybrid organic acid technology) coolant is permitted for use in Europe. In comparison to conventional coolants with inorganic additives, it is also a particularly cost-effective HOAT coolant type.

#3 Zerex Original Green Antifreeze/Coolant, Concentrated

Brand: Zerex

If your car still uses green coolant with inorganic ingredients, this well-known product from Zerex is ideal. Your vehicle might have used the green-colored coolant if it was manufactured in the 1990s or perhaps the early 2000s.

Your engine will keep cool and vital parts won’t rust thanks to a tried-and-true formula. This antifreeze coolant is suitable for use in practically all vehicle makes and models and has been tested at -34 degrees Fahrenheit. This coolant is still the favored option for people who drive older vehicles and owners of vintage and classic cars, even if it lacks the organic additive HOAT type.

#4 Valvoline MaxLife Universal Antifreeze/Coolant

Brand: Valvoline

For high-mileage vehicles, the Valvoline MaxLife Universal Antifreeze/Coolant is the ideal coolant. You may purchase this coolant with the comfort of knowing that it is supported by a renowned manufacturer and will function as a premium coolant should.

This antifreeze coolant has an ingredient called “Alugard Plus” that helps prevent corrosion. Additionally, it includes lubricants for the engine seals and gaskets. Additionally, it is suitable for all makes and models.

#5 Engine Ice Engine Coolant

Brand: Engine Ice

This high-efficiency coolant is ideal if you reside in an area that frequently experiences extreme temperatures. We believe that the coolant industry has been transformed by this non-toxic, phosphate-free antifreeze since it has a more robust profile than competing products.

This coolant has a base made of PG (propylene glycol), which is less harmful than ethylene glycol and biodegradable because it doesn’t contain phosphate. Because it is sold pre-mixed with corrosion-resistant, de-ionized water, you can use it straight from the can without any further preparation.

Because of the chemical composition, it won’t cause scale or mineral deposits to form in the radiator or the rest of the system. Up to 256 degrees Fahrenheit may be reached for boilover protection, while a minus 26 degrees can be reached for freeze protection.

The Engine Ice TYDS008-03 is ideal for ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other off-road vehicles, thanks to this configuration.

Additionally, it has ASRA and CCS approvals, which make it the perfect option for vehicles on race courses because they allow engines to operate at their greatest capability. If you are switching for the first time from another coolant or antifreeze solution to the Engine Ice High-Performance Coolant, don’t forget to flush the engine.

#6 Zerex DEX-COOL Antifreeze/Coolant, Concentrated

Brand: Zerex

This orange “Dex-Cool” coolant from Zerex is a sort of organic coolant created by General Motors in the middle of the 1990s. You might need to buy Dex-Cool coolant if you own a GM vehicle. Unlike organic or non-organic coolants, which are often green in color, this coolant is usually orange or yellow. 

Dex-Cool engine coolant from Zerex can last up to five years or 150,000 miles. It is pre-mixed with 50% water and 50% solution and is delivered ready to use.

#7 Zerex Heavy Duty Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant

Brand: Zerex

This concentrated solution is Zerex’s heavy-duty coolant. If necessary, it can be blended with up to 70% coolant and 30% water or 50% water and 50% coolant solution.

This coolant is created to last a very long time before it needs to be changed and is intended for use in heavy-duty diesel engines. In addition to trucks and cars, it also functions in diesel generators and other applications using diesel engines. This durable coolant from Zerex might be perfect for you if you drive a diesel vehicle that you don’t want to change the coolant on frequently.

Essential Information About Engine Coolants

The majority of manufacturers will tell you in the owner’s manual of your car what kind of coolant to use. If the car is newer, we’d advise following the manufacturer’s instructions. To avoid mixing two different kinds of coolant together, you should generally stay with what is currently in your cooling system.

However, service companies have tools that can clear your cooling system of the old antifreeze before you put in the new type if you want to convert your vehicle to a different type of coolant, such as the water-free coolant from Evans listed in our list above. If you have an air compressor, you may complete the project yourself using a kit at home. Please dispose of antifreeze properly because many of them are hazardous to mammals, including you and your pets. That means you should either contact your local authorities to find out where it may be recycled, avoid pouring it down a drain or dump it into a repair shop’s drum for free.

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