Top 5 Best Coilovers for Honda Civic EK

There’s no doubt that the Honda Civic EK is one of the sportiest cars that ever came out of the 90s. They’re partly responsible for the rise of the tuner scene decades ago, and up to this day, they still remain as an icon amongst car enthusiasts.

One of the few reasons why they’re a favorite by many JDM connoisseurs is the fact that it’s an excellent platform for many various types of modifications. But if there’s one upgrade that stands out the most, that would be suspension modifications. 

Many EK Civic owners have opted for coilovers as the mod of their choice to achieve a lowered suspension.

Sure, lowering springs are great, but a lot of people who’ve managed to get their hands on a sixth-generation Honda Civic prefer a sportier ride that makes them feel as if they’re one of the casts of The Fast and The Furious.

Lowering springs can’t offer what coilovers have, which is an avenue for adjustment. Coilovers give car enthusiasts a chance to dial in their car’s suspension, so they can use their vehicles according to their driving preferences.

Coilovers are a solid choice for people who want freedom over their car’s ride height, compression, and rebound settings. These mods allow them the feeling of driving a personalized and customized project car, a vehicle that’s close and dear to their hearts.C

ome check the list of the best coilovers you can get to make your Honda Civic EK achieve that sporty feeling you’ve always been looking forward to having.

#1 KW Coilover Kit V3

  • Manufacturer: KW Suspension
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): N/A
  • Compatibility: Honda Civic EK (1996-2000

Let’s start the list with a premium coilover; the KW Coilover Kit V3. KW Suspensions is a prominent name in the suspension tuning scene, and they’ve always been one of the reigning kings of coilover manufacturers. 

They’ve allotted tons of research and development to their coilovers, and the results of their efforts are the product quality that’s evident in the KW Coilover Kit V3. However, they’re priced at a premium.

So if you have the cash to spend and you want the best for your Honda Civic EK, then this coilover is for you.

So what can the KW Coilover Kit V3 bring to the table? A lot. Literally. State-of-the-art dampening technology that allows the individual adjustment of both the compression and rebound of your suspension.

Another is the inox-line stainless steel technology, which makes the coilover extraordinarily durable that can function under high load. 

And also, this coilover kit has 14 levels of compression damping adjustment, and get this: an infinitely variable rebound damping adjustment. There’s no doubt that the KW Coilover Kit V3 is one of the best coilovers for Honda Civic EK.

KW Coilover Kit V3 Features:

  • 14 levels of compression damping adjustment
  • Infinitely variable rebound damping adjustment
  • Inox-line stainless steel technology for durability and competitive application
  • Individually adjustable compression/rebound
  • Backed with KW Suspensions Limited Lifetime Warranty

#2 Skunk2 Pro-ST Coilovers

  • Manufacturer: Skunk2 Racing
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): 560 | 560
  • Compatibility: Honda Civic EK (1996-2000)

Skunk2 has always been at the forefront of aftermarket modifications, even up to this day. 

Their products have been installed in many sports compact cars, and the Honda Civic EK isn’t an exception. For the sixth-generation Honda Civic, they have the Skunk2 Pro-ST Coilovers. 

This single adjustable suspension system for your car allows it to adjust both the ride height and damper settings of suspensions independently. It’s got a lot of sweet benefits to offer, and the price tag that comes with it is wholly justified.

So what are the Skunk2 Pro-ST Coilovers? This coilover kit is a suspension upgrade made for serious club races and clear-sighted high-performance drivers who want what they want for their vehicles. The Pro-ST coilovers have 12 levels of damping adjustment to fit in the specific suspension configurations you want for your EK Civic.

Aside from that, it has threaded shock bodies that allow you to independently adjust both the spring preload and the ride height of your car.

And also, this coilover kit includes billet top mounts that are integrated with polyurethane bushings that give you all the regulation you need without compromising the car’s ride quality while being driven on the street.

Skunk2 Pro-ST Coilovers Features:

  • 12 levels of damper setting adjustment
  • Independently adjustable spring preload and ride height
  • Reduced shaft stroke to permit full suspension travel
  • Utilizes aluminum spring perches for extra durability
  • Backed with Skunk2 1-Year Warranty

#3 Tein Street Advance Z Coilover Kit

  • Manufacturer: Tein
  • Type of Construction: Twin-tube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): 504 | 224
  • Compatibility: Honda Civic EK (1996-2000)

If you’re a seasoned car tuner, then you’ve probably heard of Tein. They’re a suspension upgrade manufacturer that offers many types of coilovers, such as Street Basis Z, Super Street, and the Street Advanced Z, which we have for the Honda Civic EK.

It’s a somehow budget-oriented coilover kit that brings you a sporty quality of ride without boring a large thousand-dollar hole in your wallet. As the name suggests, this coilover kit can make your car more streetable.

And it comes with a green finish! How cool is that?

The Street Advance Z Coilover Kit gives your Honda Civic EK the sporty drive quality it deserves, along with an aggressive stance that can be achieved by reducing the ride height of your car.

It’s got 16 levels of damper setting adjustment, meaning you can either stiffen or soften your suspension by 16 ways. 

What really makes the Street Advance Z a worthwhile investment is its Advance Needle Technology, which gives you a much more noticeable feel whenever the damping settings are changed.

This coilover kit is indeed a bang-for-the-buck investment you can make for your Honda Civic EK.

Tein Street Advance Z Coilover Kit Features:

  • Twin-tube construction
  • 16 levels of damper setting adjustment
  • Ride height can be adjusted via spring seat
  • EDFC compatible
  • Backed with Tein 1-Year Warranty

#4 BC Racing BR Series Coilover

  • Manufacturer: BC Racing
  • Type of Construction: Monotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): N/A
  • Compatibility: Honda Civic EK (1996-2000)

Believe it or not, even BC Racing coilovers perform impressively, even if they are considered by many car enthusiasts as an entry-level upgrade. BC Racing is one of those brands that can be heard amongst the car enthusiast community. 

Their knack for building coilovers that aren’t too stiff makes them an ideal choice for project car owners who want something that can set them up for all-around driving, whether for the daily or occasional track duty. For the Honda Civics of the late ’90s, BC Racing has their BR Series coilovers to offer.

So what’s with BR Series coilovers? It’s an excellent solution for drivers who want to have some coilovers they can use daily while doing some spirited driving from time to time.

This coilover kit has 30 levels of the damper setting adjustment, just if you want to stiffen it for specific applications. 

And also, it’s got easily accessible adjustment knobs that allow you to fine-tune your suspension without having a challenging time. As for the ride quality, the BR Series coilovers soak up road bumps pretty well and are far better than the stock suspension.

BC Racing BR Series Coilover Features:

  • 30 levels of damper setting adjustment
  • Comes with adjustable camber plates and pillowball mounts
  • Rebuildable components
  • Easily accessible adjustment knobs for easier damper setting correction
  • Backed with BC Racing 1-Year Warranty

#5 Spoon Sports Full Spec Damper Set

  • Manufacturer: Spoon Sports 
  • Type of Construction: Mobotube
  • Spring Rate (F/R, lb/in): 1012 | 899
  • Compatibility: Honda Civic EK Type-R (1999-2000)

We know you love the Honda Civic EK Type-R; that’s why we’ve prepared the best for last. 

If you’re a Honda geek, then there’s a high probability that you’ve heard of Spoon Sports before. They’re known in the car community as the best provider of performance parts for Honda. 

They’re regarded so highly because they’re Honda specialists, and they make pretty damn good parts, especially the Type-Rs. For the Honda Civic EK Type-R, we give you the Spoon Sports Full Spec Damper Set.

The Spoon Sports Full Spec Damper Set may be priced at a premium, but we all know full well what these coilovers can do to a Honda Civic. This coilover kit can transform an already sporty car into something more sinister, a vehicle that’s more track-ready.

It’s got height and damper setting adjustments, highly durable components made of chromoly steel, and a 45mm piston that’s perfect for high-end driving and circuit racing. 

Overall, the Spoon Sports Full Spec Damper Set is a coilover kit recommended for drivers who want the natural sporty ride feeling used in competitive racing.

Spoon Sports Full Spec Damper Set Features:

  • 4 levels of damper setting adjustment
  • Independent height and preload adjustment
  • Aggressive spring rates that are great for circuit racing
  • Components made out of chromoly steel for superior durability
  • Specifically made for competitive racing

Coilovers are indeed a great way to improve the already impressive suspension of the Honda Civic EK. The coilovers mentioned above are the best ones to get if you want to make your ride quality sporty without sacrificing too much comfort.

Whether it’s for the track or for the streets, coilovers are the mods for you if you want both sporty ride quality and an aggressive stance.

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