Top 9 Best Lowering Springs for Honda Civic EG

Even up to this day, the Honda Civic EG remains one of the best project cars that ever existed. Released in 1992, this car experienced the height of the tuner scene. Because of that, any model of the fifth-gen Civic has probably, at some point, experienced a significant modification.

One of which is ride height reduction, which really adds flavor to an already awesome-looking vehicle. 

To lower your vehicle, you’ll need one of three: lowering springs, coilovers, or air suspension.

Coilovers and air suspension are great, but they are too pricey, especially for budget-oriented enthusiasts. If you want something simple, straightforward, and cheap, then you’d opt for lowering springs.

On top of that, they’re not that difficult to obtain, so that’s a plus.

Assuming you own a Honda Civic EG, do you want to get it lowered? Do you want to see how impressive your car would look when it’s slammed to the ground? If so, then we’ve got something for you.

We’ve created a list of the best lowering springs that you can get for your Honda Civic EG. They all vary in price, stiffness, and quality, so be sure to check the list out to see what suits your preferences!

#1 Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Spring Kit

  • Manufacturer: Eibach
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Ride Height Reduction (Front & Rear): 1.4” | 1.2”
  • Compatibility: Honda Civic EG (1992-1995)

If you know your lowering springs, then you probably have heard of Eibach. They’re one of the best lowering spring manufacturers out there. And for the Honda Civic EG, they’ve got the Pro-Kit Performance Spring Kit.

These springs are one of the most sought-after in the market today because it’s solidly built, and it can give your car that much-envied lowered look. 

The Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Spring Kit can slam your car to the ground pretty mildly, about 1.4” to the front and 1.2” to the back. This lowered stance comes with other benefits like a lowered center of gravity, which ultimately translates into better performance handling.

Many people in the Honda community love the Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Spring Kit because they got more than what they’ve paid for.

#2 H&R Sport Spring

  • Manufacturer: H&R Springs
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Ride Height Reduction (Front & Rear): 1.75” | 1.6”
  • Compatibility: Honda Civic EG (1992-1995)

Another prominent name in the scenes of the lowering spring is H&R. They create some high-quality springs that are often bought and installed on cars that want a mild to aggressive drop in ride height. And for the Honda Civic EG, they have the H&R Sport Spring.

Many EG Civic owners love these springs because they don’t actually ruin the ride quality of their car.

Plus, it does its job of lowering the EG Civic pretty darn good. With a slightly aggressive drop of 1.75” to the front and 1.6” to the back, you’re bound to have a more impressive-looking Honda Civic EG without all of those fender gaps that are horrifying to look at.

#3 Skunk2 Lowering Springs

  • Manufacturer: Skunk2 Racing
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Ride Height Reduction (Front & Rear): 2.5” | 2.25”
  • Compatibility: Honda Civic EG (1992-1995)

Now, if you want an aggressive drop in ride height, then you should check out the Skunk2 Lowering Springs. It’s cheap, and it won’t take away the comfortable ride quality you’ve been accustomed to.

These springs are made from high-strength SAE9254V steel that’s durable enough to resist sagging. 

And also, these springs are powder-coated with a red finish; no need to worry about corroding rusty springs! There’s a lot of good reviews revolving around Skunk2 lowering springs, so if you’re into some serious ride height reduction, then this can be your pick.

#4 Tein High.Tech Spring Kit

  • Manufacturer: Tein
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Ride Height Reduction (Front & Rear): 1.2” | 1.1”
  • Compatibility: Honda Civic EG Hatchback (1992-1995)

Tein has a lot of suspension upgrades at the ready for various cars like the fifth-generation Honda Civic. One of those upgrades is the High.Tech Spring Kit. Made from chrome vanadium, these lowering springs are durable, lightweight, and can retain more strokes than the typical springs available out there. 

Additionally, it can mildly lower your EG Civic’s ride height by up to 1.2” to the front and 1.2” to the back. The Tein High.Tech Spring Kit exists to work with OEM or similar shocks to achieve a ride comfort and a slight increase in handling car enthusiasts have always been looking forward to having.

#5 Tein S.Tech Spring Kit

  • Manufacturer: Tein 
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Ride Height Reduction (Front & Rear): 1.8” | 1.6”
  • Compatibility: Honda Civic EG (1992-1995)

Still in the market for Tein springs? Great! Here is another one of their lowering springs, made to give a slightly more aggressive drop to your car: the Tein S.Tech Spring Kit.

It offers a ride height reduction of 1.8” to the front and 1.6” to the rear, enough to finally eliminate those annoying-looking fender gaps.

And just like the High.Tech springs, the S.Tech springs, were also intended to work with OEM dampers to achieve peak results. The Tein S.Tech Spring Kit is an ideal option for Honda Civic EG owners who want a set of lowering springs that looks great, can lower their car effectively, and won’t sag anytime soon.

#6 TruHart Performance Lowering Springs

  • Manufacturer: TruHart
  • Spring Design: Linear
  • Ride Height Reduction (Front & Rear): 2.5” | 2.25”
  • Compatibility: Honda Civic EG (1992-1995)

Since we’ve already featured many progressive rate springs, here’s a spring kit to stir things up a bit. The TruHart Performance Lowering Springs is a low-cost solution to make your car look good and feel sporty.

As you can see, it’s got linear springs, which provide better vehicle response and more road feel whenever you drive. It can offer an aggressive drop to your car, about 2.5” to the front and 2.25” to the rear. 

However, since these springs are of linear rate construction, expect that the ride quality you’ll experience won’t be as comfortable when compared to what progressive springs can provide.

If you want optimum driving performance, you can partner with the TruHart Performance Lowering Springs with the TruHart Performance Shocks or even other performance shocks out there.

#7 Vogtland Sport Lowering Spring Kit 

  • Manufacturer: Vogtland
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Ride Height Reduction (Front & Rear): 1.4” | 1.4”
  • Compatibility: Honda Civic EG (1992-1995)

Here’s another cheap yet effective lowering spring you can get for your fifth-generation Honda Civic: the Vogtland Sport Lowering Spring Kit. Vogtland has more than a century of experience with suspension modifications, so rest assured that these springs will give you what you’ve paid for.

These springs can drop your car mildly by about 1.4” for both the front and rear end. 

This spring kit will not only improve the aesthetics of your car due to the inevitable drop in ride height, but it will also improve its handling to some degree, thanks to a newfound lowered center of gravity.

Overall, the Vogtland Sport Lowering Spring Kit is an affordable upgrade you can use to achieve a lowered aggressive stance that many car enthusiasts love. 

#8 Megan Racing Lowering Springs

  • Manufacturer: Megan Racing
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Ride Height Reduction (Front & Rear): 1.75” | 1.75”
  • Compatibility: Honda Civic EG (1992-1995)

Megan Racing products have always been the go-to suspension upgrades by many car enthusiasts, not only because they’re affordable but also because they have a solid build quality.

Fifth-generation Honda Civics make use of Megan Racing Lowering Springs a lot because it’s got every essential thing you’d need from a set of lowering springs.

The Megan Racing Lowering Springs are made from SAE 9254 cold-wound steel, making these springs highly durable and resistant to premature sagging. What’s more, it can lower your Honda Civic EG by about 1.75” for both the front and the rear.

Without spending more than two hundred bucks, you can get a decent lowering spring kit that will slam your Honda Civic EG to the ground.

#9 Tanabe DF210 Dress-Up Form Springs 

  • Manufacturer: Tanabe
  • Spring Design: Progressive
  • Ride Height Reduction (Front & Rear): 1.8” | 1.8”
  • Compatibility: Honda Civic EG (1992-1995)

Lastly, we have the Tanabe DF210 Dress-Up Form Springs. As the name suggests, it can definitely “dress-up” your Honda Civic EG by providing it with a clean drop of 1.8” for both the front and the rear end of your car.

Tanabe made these springs using the Sustec 210 Technology, a manufacturing process used to ensure that their springs are more robust and thinner, and lighter than other lowering springs out there in the market today. 

However, these springs have a shortened suspension travel, so to compensate for that, Tanabe decided to raise the spring rate of these springs by 10-15%. This stiffness will not affect the ride quality and lifespan of your shocks, so don’t worry.

When searching for lowering springs for the 1992-1995 Honda Civic, please note that most Honda Civic EG lowering springs will also fit into some cars like the Honda Del Sol and even the Acura Integra.

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