Top 7 Best Lowering Springs for Scion FR-S

When Toyota first introduced the Scion FR-S in the 2011 New York Auto Show, they envisioned it as the car that the younger demographics would buy. Initially, that was not the case because Scion cars were bought mainly by the older guys. However, as the years progressed, it became a popular pick for youngsters who loved to drive smoothly and steadily. The Scion may have been discontinued last 2016, but its legacy lives on, especially in the aftermarket scene.

For those of you who don’t know, the Scion FR-S has two close brothers: the Toyota 86, and the Subaru BRZ. There’s not much difference between the three of them, except for the suspension. The Subaru BRZ chose to be more stable, while the Scion FR-S, just like its older brother the Toyota 86, prefers to be agile. This choice of preferring agility goes well with handling, and that’s why the Scion is perfect for mods that improve the handling of a car like a set of lowering springs.

The Scion FR-S may not be the fastest sports car, but it’s nimble, steady, and fun to drive. The car’s boxer engine, being flat and all, helps the car have a lower center of gravity compared to the other cars back in its release. Having a lower center of gravity contributes to better handling and better maneuverability in terms of owning those sharp turns with your Scion FR-S’s reliable cornering capabilities.

To further improve that ability, you can install a suspension upgrade, preferably a set of lowering springs. They lower your car’s ride height and make the Scion FR-S look stylish, more aerodynamic, and provide more superior handling. Check the list below to see the best ones fit for the Scion FR-S.

#1 Eibach Sportline Lowering Spring Kit

  • Manufacturer: Eibach
  • Spring Type: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 1.4” | 1.4”
  • Compatibility: Scion FR-S (2013-2017)

The Eibach Sportline lowering spring kit is undoubtedly one of the best lowering springs for Scion FR-S. That assumption was based on the previous customers that have bought the kit and installed it on their Scion FR-S. If you’re looking for a functional lowering spring kit that covers the wheel gap without compromising ride integrity, then this is the one for you. It makes the Scion FR-S hug the ground beautifully.

What makes the Sportline a bang for the buck purchase? This lowering spring kit is created to cater to the extreme performance needs of extreme car enthusiasts. It gives your Scion FR-S nice race car-like handling while keeping the ride quality as smooth as it possibly can. By dramatically lowering the car’s ride height, the Sportline lowering springs allow the car to halt quicker, corner faster, and achieve better fuel economy.

#2 Swift Springs Sport Lowering Springs

  • Manufacturer: Swift Springs
  • Spring Type: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 1.1” | 1”
  • Compatibility: Scion FR-S (2013-2016)

Swift Springs have a knack for making sports cars like the Scion FR-S look dashing by lowering its ride height stance. This lowering spring kits will make your Scion FR-S showroom-worthy while introducing the car to a new feeling of better handling. Made for style-minded drivers who want nothing but the best, the Sport Springs have improved the ride quality, increased the handling of the car, and lowered the car’s height.

The Sport Springs are made from H5S.TW, a proprietary steel alloy made by Swift Springs themselves to ensure that the level of comfort and handling will always be far superior to what the typical set of lowering springs can offer. And also, Swift Springs primarily focused on keeping the shocks from bottoming out, that’s why they’ve utilized bump rubbers in the Sport Springs as well.

#3 Skunk2 Lowering Spring

  • Manufacturer: Skunk2
  • Spring Type: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 1.4” | 1.6”
  • Compatibility: Scion FR-S (2013-2015)

If you’re looking for some serious drop in your car’s ride height, then consider getting your hands on some Skunk2 lowering springs. It lowers your car’s height by about 1.4” in the front and 1.6” in the rear. What’s more, this set of lowering springs can prevent the car’s tendency to squat while accelerating, and as well as stop the car from nose-diving while braking.

The Skunk2 lowering springs are a great set of lowering springs if you want to improve the looks of your car by dramatically reducing its ride height. On top of that, with a new lowered center of gravity made by the dramatic reduction in height, it helps give the car race car-like handling: a perfect balance between smooth, comfortable ride, while emphasizing performance at the same time.

#4 Godspeed Traction-S Performance Lowering Springs

  • Manufacturer: Godspeed Project
  • Spring Type: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 1.8” | 1.3”
  • Compatibility: Scion FR-S (2013-2016)

Lowering springs are made to lower the center of gravity of a car and make its wheels grip the ground even more. A set of lowering springs like these ones from Godspeed Project provides more traction for your Scion FR-S, thus giving the vehicle the ability to turn quicker, have an enhanced steering response, and corner better. The Traction-S performance lowering spring is a great way to keep the Scion FR-S hugging the ground.

Made from heat-treated SAE 9254 spring steel wire, this set of lowering springs is designed to work well with the OEM shocks. It’s also engineered in such a way that when driven, there will be no rattling, clunking, or rubbing, especially if you push the Scion FR-S to its limits. That’s the reason why the Godspeed Traction S lowering springs is hailed as one of the best lowering springs for FRS.

#5 Megan Racing Lowering Spring

  • Manufacturer: Megan Racing
  • Spring Type: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 1.75” | 1.25”
  • Compatibility: Scion FR-S (2013-2016)

Megan Racing has created a set of lowering springs with performance and safety in mind. And with that kind of mindset, they’ve created this set of lowering springs, especially for the Scion FR-S to make it “street-able” – a sick-looking lowered stance with enough clearance to avoid the possibility of bottoming out. The Megan Racing lowering springs are made to embody racing in a daily driven car.

This lowering spring set is made from spring wires with high tensile strength. It is then powder coated to keep corrosion away. And also, by carefully matching the spring rates of all the springs (146 lbs/inch on the front and 230 lbs/inch on the rear), it provides the  Scion FR-S with obvious exceptional handling, throttle response, control over tight, sharp turns, and balance to avoid too much body roll.

#6 RaceComp Engineering Performance Lowering Springs

  • Manufacturer: Racecomp Engineering
  • Spring Type: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 0.8” | 0.8”
  • Compatibility: Scion FR-S (2013-2016)

Racecomp Engineering is one of the leading providers of the best performance mods for Subaru. And since the Scion FR-S is partly created by Subaru, then you can be sure that their lowering springs are state-of-the-art when it comes to dealing with body roll issues and bottoming out. It also gives your car the right amount of balance and handling you’ve always craved for your Scion FR-S.

Unfortunately, this set of lowering springs don’t offer as much reduction in ride height as the few entries above. The Racecomp Engineering yellow springs are quality lowering springs that match the OEM shocks and are great for daily driving and motorsports events. The kit includes replacement bump stops and shock boots. They’ve also pre-installed coil isolators to help absorb the vibration made by the tires.

#7 ST Suspension Sport-Tech Lowering Spring

  • Manufacturer: ST Suspensions
  • Spring Type: Progressive
  • Height Reduction (Front/Rear): 1.0” | 1.5”
  • Compatibility: Scion FR-S (2013-2016)

And finally, for the last entry on the best Scion FR-S lowering springs, we’ve got ST Suspensions and their lowering springs. The Sport-Tech series are available for an extensive range of purposes: mostly for lowering the Scion FR-S’ ride height, and greatly improve the handling capabilities of the car. ST Suspensions also kept in mind the importance of comfort and safety with this set of lowering springs too.

With the Sport-Tech lowering springs installed on your Scion FR-S, expect limited weight transfer when accelerating, a significant reduction in body roll when cornering, and a decent decrease in the car’s ride height. The reason why this set belongs to the best FR-S lowering springs is simply because of its durability. You need that when trying to corner sharp turns as much as you could.

Is Getting A Set of Lowering Springs Worth It?

Give any ugly car a set of lowering springs and it will turn, well, less ugly. But in the case of the Scion FR-S, a stylish looking sports car that offers a really good driving feeling, yes, getting a set of lowering springs is worth it. It doesn’t just lower the car’s ride height to lower the car’s moment of inertia, but it also makes the car look stylishly assertive.

The Scion FR-S may not be the faster sports car to exist, but it certainly gives off one of the most satisfying driving experiences a car enthusiast can have. This car goes well with a set of quality lowering springs that makes its handling better, allowing it to have better handling and do more demanding turns.

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