Top 7 Best Mods for Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is the epitome of Honda’s reliability and practicality. First released back in 1976 to supplement the missing features of the Honda Civic, the Honda Accord never failed to give its owners a dependable vehicle that serves its primary function very well: to drive people from one point to another. This car never seems to die, and with its ongoing production from 1976 up to this day, the Honda Accord has proven itself time and time again as a solid platform, especially for modification.

In today’s day and age, the Honda Accord still is one of the most owned cars, even in the enthusiastic car community. It serves as a decent platform for modification, although owners receive some flak from other serious car enthusiasts. Some people in the car community believe that the Honda Accord is not a legit project car, unlike the WRXs or the Civics. Contrary to popular belief, it does have its fair share of attributes that make it a viable vehicle for modification. 

There’s some joy in modifying a daily car like the Honda Accord. Sure, it’s not as sporty as the Honda S2000, but it still has bits and pieces that make it fun to drive. With its streamlined, slick, and sexy body, you can certainly transform it into a better car with the help of the right modification. Whether you get performance mods or aesthetic mods, the Honda Accord is the perfect platform for reasonable car enthusiasts who want to work on a setup that wouldn’t cost them a fortune. 

So can you mod a 7th to 10th generation Honda Accord? Absolutely! Scroll down to see the best mods for Honda Accord. 

#1 Suspension Upgrades

A suspension upgrade is one of the best things you can do to instantly improve the aesthetics and handling of your Honda Accord. Any car with a lowered stance is a great-looking vehicle, and the Honda Accord is no exception. By reducing the ride height of your car, you’re giving it a lowered center of gravity, making the handling of this car better. Some of the most popular mods you can get are adjustable coilovers and not-so-stiff lowering springs.

There’s a big difference between what lowering springs and coilovers can do to your car. Comparing them is like comparing apples to oranges, except these fruits can do something to reduce your car’s ride height. Lowering springs are simple and straightforward; these will lower your car’s ride height, but it doesn’t offer any avenue for adjustment. Coilovers, on the other hand, provides the best of both worlds: ride height and compression/rebound adjustments.

Assuming that you drive your Honda Accord daily, you’d want to get a good set of lowering springs if you just want your car’s ride height reduced, along with some improvements to the car’s handling. Otherwise, if you want some freedom when it comes to suspension adjustment because you’re planning to tune it to be a daily-driven car that can be used on the tracks, then go for coilovers.


#2 Wheels 

Now that you’ve slammed your vehicle to the ground with either coilovers or lowering springs, why not slap some new wheels to your Honda Accord as well? Since the car is usually used as a daily-driven sedan, the wheels are more prone to damage. Introducing a new batch of aftermarket wheels into your Honda Accord is one of the best ways to change the look and handling of a car rapidly.

If you’re planning to get Honda Accord aftermarket wheels, you might as well get some at the ranges of 17×6.5 to 20×9.5. Whether you want something broader or something narrow, it’s all up to you. Honda Accord forums suggest that you opt for wheels that are around 19”. Larger wheels tend to be heavier and obviously visually larger, which can make your vehicle look as if it’s a clown with huge shoes.


#3 Tires

A reliable car like the Honda Accord needs a reliable set of wheels for it to function well. If you’re still using OEM wheels, then chances are it’s already bald, and it doesn’t do its purpose very well. Daily driven cars like the Honda Accord wear out their wheels faster when compared to the wheels of an enthusiast’s car because it’s used much more often, and most of the time, it’s more prone to damage.

The best mod to go along with a new wheelset is, of course, a new tire set. For the Honda Accord, you’d want to slap in some all-season tires or even summer tires to go about your day. These types of tires can give you more ground traction, more stopping power, and better handling, as opposed to old and bald tires that may even put you and your passengers at risk. It’d be in your best interest to install a new wheelset with the sizes that play around the stock tire size.


#4 Intake Systems

The Honda Accord was never meant to be a speed demon. The latest one only has a turbocharged V-TEC engine capable of amassing only 192hp and 192lb-ft of torque. It may not be enough for a typical car enthusiast’s taste, but what you can do is install some aftermarket modifications that can improve the power output of your car to some degree. One of those upgrades is intake systems.

Aftermarket intake systems replace the dusty old stock intake system of yours with a free-flowing one, and are frequently mated with a high-quality air filter that makes sure that the oxygen-rich air is crisp and clean before it even enters the engine. The best intakes for Honda Accord would feature less restrictive components, like oversized intake tubes, air filters innovated to filter the air far better than the stock, and many other characteristics that would ultimately translate into better horsepower torque output.


#5 Exhaust Systems

Another way of improving your Honda Accord’s power output is the introduction of new exhaust systems. Most JDM tuner cars that you see on the streets have aftermarket intake systems that are less restrictive than the stock and are commonly far louder than the OEM. We’re also stressing out that if you want to inaugurate your Honda Accord into a newfound sporty, loud, and aggressive sound output, then you’d benefit a lot from exhaust systems.

The best exhausts for Honda Accord would make the car sound a lot better. Usually, aftermarket exhausts available in the market today have innovations that can make whatever car they touch produce a sporty and aggressive grunt. Still, if you don’t fancy loud neighbor-disturbing exhausts, you can opt for mild-sounding ones instead. And also, most aftermarket exhaust systems eliminate too much backpressure, allowing your Honda Accord to enjoy a well-deserved increase in horsepower.


#6 Turbochargers

If you want to level up your car tuning game with an unorthodox project car like the Honda Accord, then there’s something you can do to make it powerful enough to at least compete with the likes of Honda Civics and Lancer Evos you see on the streets. Turbochargers are the best solution to your power cravings since they can give you a massive chunk of horsepower you’ve always been looking for. Most of the newer Honda Accords have a turbocharged engine, but you can always do a turbocharger upgrade if you want to, a perfect partner for a VTEC engine.

#7 Aesthetic Mods

And lastly, and arguably, the most significant upgrade for a Honda Accord: aesthetic mods. Buying a Honda Accord will make you realize how important it is to modify how it looks because let’s face it: it’s not as fast as most project tuner cars out there. To compensate for the lack of power, you can make it look more presentable or even sportier and aggressive. The key in modifying a car like the Honda Accord is to do everything tastefully and not excessively. However, if you want to make it look like a car full of unnecessary aesthetic modification, you have the freedom to do so.

For Honda Accords, you’d like to get some front black-out kits to make the grilles look elegant and classy, some headlight tints to make your car more sinister, a chrome delete to confirm the car’s irregular surfaces, some decals, and many more. For the interior, you can get new seats, pocket inserts, armrest covers, floor liners, etc. 


The Honda Accord is a pretty forgiving platform. If you’re planning to make it your project car, you’ll be rewarded with a daily-driven vehicle that looks and performs excellently. It may not be as fast and as powerful as some tuner cars on the streets today, but the Honda Accord was never meant to be quick and powerful. Honda created this car to be reliable, practical, and most of all dependable.

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