Here’s What Makes Rigid Industries ADAPT so Awesome

Since the inception of LED light bars, customers have had to choose between two key differences: spot beam or flood beam. A flood beam does exactly what the name implies and lets light flood all over the trail.

This type of setup is great for simple trail riding or rock crawling, but as speed increases, it becomes a major issue.

On the flip side of the coin is spot beam. A spot beam focuses the light beam into a smaller area. This lights up less of the trail but allows the light to reach further down the trail.

As speed increases, you need to see further ahead in order to react to changes on the trail in time. For this reason, almost all race vehicles use a spot beam type of LED light bar.

What if you’re just an average Joe who likes trail riding, but also likes going fast. Either you’re stuck with a combo beam LED light bar which is “okay” at doing the job, or you have to run multiple LED light bars with different beam patterns.

Both of these options are basically a compromise. Rigid Industries developed a solution to this problem with their ADAPT series.

What Rigid Industries did is actually pretty smart. They basically use multiple projectors within a single projector housing. This allows them to have eight beams patterns ranging from 70 degrees all the way down to 15 degrees.

This design also uses no moving parts which keeps it extremely tough just like any other Rigid Industries LED light bar.

This system works by constantly measuring vehicle speed with a GPS and changes the beam pattern accordingly. You can also change the beam pattern with the dash controller.

On top of all that is an RGB accent lighting system to really bring your vehicle to life.

Unfortunately innovating something this special isn’t cheap. Rigid Industries likely spent an insane amount on research and design to get this system to work as well as it does.

If you have the money then this LED light bar is for you. For the rest of us, we will have to wait for the price to come down.

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