Top 5 Best German V8 Engines Ever

When you think of a V8 engine, any V8 engine, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll immediately think of an American V8 engine. You can find V8 engines in American cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers, supercars, and more. Plain and simple, they’re everywhere. That being said, you could make a strong argument that America doesn’t produce the … Read more

Every BMW M5 Engine Ever

As many of you know, the BMW M5 has become one of the most popular sports cars in the world, and although it never offered the same track performance as BMW’s other performance masterpiece, which is the M3, the M5 has always offered something that other cars in its class couldn’t: the perfect balance of … Read more

Every BMW M3 Engine Ever

In the world of sports cars, there’s one car that has reigned supreme over nearly everything for decades, and that’s the BMW M3. Really, it’s long been the benchmark for what a good car is and what isn’t. It combines the best of handling, power, looks, braking, and price. Part of making an amazing car … Read more

BMW S52B28: Everything You Need To Know

BMW S52B28 engine gives the M52 engine a sporty profile. Its high-performance abilities have outdone most of the upgrades made by BMW for the M52. It is excellent for high-power demand applications, smooth driving while engaging in a responsive blow for its performance.  What are BMW S52B28 Engines? In parallel to the BMW M52 engine, … Read more

BMW M52B28: Everything You Need To Know

The world-renowned BMW M52B28 engine launched in early 1994 in the E36 3-series continued production until late 2020. The following was the M50 engine and succeeded by the M54 in the same year.  There are three M53 versions manufactured since its release: a 2.0L (M52B20), 2.5: M52B25, and 2.8L M52B28. However, in 1998, the three … Read more

BMW S55 vs S58: Which One is Better?

In a world of turbocharged four-cylinders, hybrids, V6s, V8s, and electric drivetrains, BMW is the only manufacturer who has stuck with the inline-6 engine layout. Most manufacturers dropped their inline-6 engines long ago for a variety of reasons, and even BMW did drop their inline-6 engine in their flagship sports car, the M3. Of course, … Read more

BMW B58: Everything You Need To Know

BMW’s N55 engine was no doubt one of the best engines ever to hit the automotive market. This under-the-hood legend is an undeniably outstanding craft. Its impact on engine production and design heavily influenced the direction of performance engines. In their heyday, N55s were casually collecting accolades, winning consecutive awards for their exemplary engine performance. … Read more

BMW M30: Everything You Need to Know

BMW has been considered one of the automotive’s innovative cornerstones in the modern era. It is an understatement that BMW is excellent; I might say that they are revolutionary and fearless of what they bring to the table. The formidable prestige that brought them at this stage throughout the years of its service to our … Read more

BMW N52: Everything You Need to Know

The BMW N52. It’s quite a curious engine, but it’s also very much like a classic BMW engine. It was awared as one of Ward’s ten best engines for two consecutive years, in 2006 and 2007. With years of expertise under their belt, BMW refined different facets of engine production, and we can say that … Read more

BMW N63: Everything You Need To Know

BMW’s portfolio is loaded with great engines. Throughout the years, BMW pioneered the majority of engine technologies we have today. Consider the BMW’s 8-cylinder units that are a cultural icon, with their tradition revolving around powerhouse engines, and we simply cannot deny their curiosity and cleverness for the things they made for the automotive industry. … Read more