BMW S55 vs S58: Which One is Better?

In a world of turbocharged four-cylinders, hybrids, V6s, V8s, and electric drivetrains, BMW is the only manufacturer who has stuck with the inline-6 engine layout. Most manufacturers dropped their inline-6 engines long ago for a variety of reasons, and even BMW did drop their inline-6 engine in their flagship sports car, the M3. Of course, … Read more

BMW B58: Everything You Need To Know

BMW’s N55 engine was no doubt one of the best engines ever to hit the automotive market. This under-the-hood legend is an undeniably outstanding craft. Its impact on engine production and design heavily influenced the direction of performance engines. In their heyday, N55s were casually collecting accolades, winning consecutive awards for their exemplary engine performance. … Read more

BMW M30: Everything You Need to Know

BMW has been considered one of the automotive’s innovative cornerstones in the modern era. It is an understatement that BMW is excellent; I might say that they are revolutionary and fearless of what they bring to the table. The formidable prestige that brought them at this stage throughout the years of its service to our … Read more

BMW N52: Everything You Need to Know

They were awarded as one of Ward’s ten best engines for two consecutive years, in 2006 and 2007. With years of expertise under their belt, BMW refined different facets of engine production, and we can say that their N52 Engine is no doubt BMW’s one of its most produced and eminent Engine. BMW N52 is … Read more

BMW N63: Everything You Need To Know

BMW’s portfolio is loaded with great engines. Throughout the years, BMW pioneered the majority of engine technologies we have today. Consider the BMW’s 8-cylinder units that are a cultural icon, with their tradition revolving around powerhouse engines, and we simply cannot deny their curiosity and cleverness for the things they made for the automotive industry. … Read more

BMW S54: Everything You Need to Know

It is a fact that the last naturally-aspirated inline-six S54s was the highest output engine before the invasion of V8 motors on the market. Before the V8 era, inline-six was the thing and remained there for a long time, even competing against their bigger counterparts. It only shows that inline-six is capable of warranting the … Read more

BMW S55: Everything You Need To Know

Eager to try something different, BMW puts the V8 platform on peripherals as it left the naturally-aspirated performance motors with the launch of its S55 engine. Apart from being the performance version of N55, S55 has a lot to boast and to prove. We have to delve deeper into its reliability, components, technological advancements, moving … Read more

BMW S55 vs. B58: Which One is Better?

With their decision to put the V8 platform on the bottom pole, despite several car manufacturers gradually switching to V6 engine layouts, BMW and their iconic six-inline engines once again continue to rock the under-the-hood powerplant that served them for a long time since their emergence in 1912. No doubt that BMW creates insanely powerful … Read more

BMW S65: Everything You Need To Know

Being the winner of the international engine of the year award for five consecutive years in 2008-2012 for their 3.0 to 4.0 L category S65 engines, without a doubt has that underdog potential and once rallied against the best engines such as Audi’s 5.2 Liter free-breathing V10, Ferrari’s 4.5 Liter V8, and naturally-aspirated V10 Lexus … Read more

BMW S85: Everything You Need To Know

Winning multiple awards from different International Engine of the Year in various categories seems like a road less traveled for some engine manufacturers, but not for a well-adorned manufacturer like BMW. Debuted in the BMW E60 M5, BMW S85 is a naturally aspirated V10 petrol engine produced from 2005 up until 2010. In its rookie … Read more