Top 5 BMW E9X M3 Cold Air Intake Systems

Intake systems are amongst the most underrated modifications that make up most of the project cars today. A naturally-aspirated vehicle like the BMW E90/E92 M3 can make use of an intake system because it can supply more clean and oxygen-rich air into the car’s engine. It can boost the horsepower and torque created by the … Read more

M3 vs M4: Whats The Difference?

If you’re anything like me than you might be a couple months late to any sort of BMW news. You’ve just noticed that BMW has come out with yet another “M” car. Maybe you didn’t even know about the 4-series. Either way, you want to know the difference between the M3 and the M4. We … Read more

335i vs M3: Is The M3 Really Worth It?

So, you’re interested in picking up a 3-series BMW. Great! They’re awesome little cars especially when they’re properly taken care of. We all long for that one car that’s just out of our reach. For BMW enthusiasts, this is typically the M3. For most BMW enthusiasts, the M3 is just slightly out of reach, so … Read more