Top 7 Best Volkswagen MK6 GTI Lowering Springs

If you own a Volkswagen MK6 GTI, installing some MK6 GTI lowering springs on your hot hatch can be one of the best decisions you can ever make. Sure, the car looks great even on stock, but the existing fender gaps prevent the sporty-looking hatchback from reaching its full potential.

Removing those fender gaps with coilovers or airbags may seem like a good idea, but their prices can be too much for a regular enthusiast who wants to pimp their ride. This dilemma is where lowering springs shine the most.

There’s a couple of good reasons why lowering springs would be a better option to use if you want to lower your car:

  1. It’s much cheaper than the other alternatives.
  2. Installation is fairly easy
  3. It’s straightforward

As the suggests, these springs will lower your car; plain and simple. More so, a good set of lowering springs will let your car hug the ground closer without compromising much of its ride quality. There’s a bunch of aftermarket lowering springs out there that are great for the MK6 GTI. The best ones will significantly affect how stylish your car would look on a much-lowered stance while affecting its ride quality and comfort to a minimum.

If you’re planning to get some good ‘ol lowering springs for your hot hatch, then we’ve got a treat for you. Scroll down below so you can see our list of the best lowering springs you can get for your beloved 6th generation Volkswagen GTI.

#1 Eibach Springs PRO-KIT Performance Springs

mk6 gti lowering springs Eibach pro-kit

  • Manufacturer: Eibach
  • Part Number: 85100.140
  • Height Reduction (F/R): 1.0-1.5” / 1.0-1.5”
  • Vehicle Fitment:
    • Volkswagen MK6 GTI Base (2010-2013)
    • Volkswagen MK6 GTI Driver’s Edition (2014)
    • Volkswagen MK6 GTI Wolfsburg Edition (2014)

The name Eibach usually pops into mind whenever car enthusiasts talk about lowering springs. And we can’t really blame them: Eibach lowering springs are notorious for their high-quality construction and reliability. For the Volkswagen MK6 GTI, Eibach has the PRO-KIT Performance Springs. Installing this on your vehicle will give you a nice aggressive stance while keeping the ride quality as comfortable as it was before.

These MK6 GTI Eibach springs will drop both your car’s front and rear by up to 1.5”. Such measurement is enough to give the vehicle a lowered and aggressive stance that looks terrific. Primarily used for street driving, these springs will provide a much sportier driving experience to whoever is behind the wheel. Expect your car to corner better and look fantastic once you’ve got these lowering springs installed.

Some enthusiasts who run these MK6 GTI lowering springs on their cars are satisfied enough with how it handles. However, there are some criticisms about it giving the vehicle a rake. The front sits a bit lower than the rear, giving it a rake, which irks some enthusiasts with an eye for detail.

Overall, aside from the rake issue, the Eibach Pro-Kit is an excellent buy if you ask us.


#2 Eibach Sportline Performance Spring Kit

mk6 gti lowering springs Eibach Sportline

  • Manufacturer: Eibach
  • Part Number: 4.10985
  • Height Reduction (F/R): 1.4” / 1.3”
  • Vehicle Fitment:
    • Volkswagen MK6 GTI Base (2010-2013)
    • Volkswagen MK6 GTI Driver’s Edition (2014)
    • Volkswagen MK6 GTI Wolfsburg Edition (2014)

Spirited street driving is fun and exciting, especially if you’ve got your hot hatch modded up to specifically be a street menace. If you want to drive like that, then you need some race-oriented lowering springs. There’s quite a bunch of race springs out there for the MK6 GTI, but one particular spring kit overshadows the others: the Eibach Sportline Performance Spring Kit.

The Eibach Sportline Performance Spring Kit is the sportier version of the PRO-KIT. It offers more height reduction, 1.4” to the front and 1.3” to the rear to be exact. This drop level will result in a lower center of gravity, much lower than what the PRO-KIT has to offer. This will induce dramatic changes to how your car handles, specifically reducing squat during acceleration, eliminating the risk of body roll in corners, and avoiding nose-dive while braking.

The only problem with race springs is that they often have issues finding a compromise between improved handling and comfort. Luckily, Eibach solved that. Many MK6 GTI owners who run on Sportline Kits claim that the ride is not that harsh, and the lowering springs definitely improved how low their cars are, resulting in an inevitable aggressive-looking stance.


#3 H&R Sport Spring (w/ DCC)

mk6 gti lowering springs H&R Sport Springs

  • Manufacturer: H&R Springs
  • Part Number: 54758
  • Height Reduction (F/R): 1.2” / 1.2”
  • Vehicle Fitment:
    • Volkswagen MK6 GTI Base (2010-2013)

Another name synonymous with lowering springs is H&R. They’re widely known for their practical and reliable lowering springs that do their job pretty well. Their best-selling lowering springs are the Sport Springs, available for Volkswagen MK6 GTIs with Dynamic Chassis Control. These MK6 GTI H&R lowering springs can simultaneously provide impressive ride quality and comfort, all thanks to their progressive spring rate.

The H&R Sport Springs can lower both your car’s front and rear by about 1.2”. This is adequate enough to make your car look much sportier; a must-have if you own an MK6 GTI as a project car. The manufacturers used progressive springs to make day-to-day driving more ideal, so whether you use your hot hatch daily or take it to the tracks occasionally, you can never go wrong with what the Sport Springs has to offer.

According to enthusiasts who currently and previously used these springs, they’ve experienced a thrilling driving experience when they have these springs on their cars. Even if they have a progressive spring rate design, the H&R Sport Springs, according to them, still didn’t fail to give a fantastic ride. Not to mention how awesome their cars looked after installing the said springs.


#4 H&R Super Sport Spring (w/ DCC)

mk6 gti lowering springs H&R Super Sport Springs

  • Manufacturer: H&R Springs
  • Part Number: 54758-77
  • Height Reduction (F/R): 1.5” / 1.4”
  • Vehicle Fitment:
    • Volkswagen MK6 GTI Base (2010-2013)

If you want your hot hatch to go super low, then H&R has another treat for you. Come take a look at their Super Sport Springs, a set of springs that will allow you to drop your car into heights that are much lower than the previous Sport Springs that we’ve talked about. These springs are for people who are not easily satisfied with a measly height drop and really want to go low.

The H&R Super Sport Springs offers additional lowering to hatchback enthusiasts who demand a little more than the usual drop. Instead of the 1.2” drop that you’d get from Sport Springs, these will slash off 1.5” from both ends of the car. This change in ride height will not only eliminate those unsightly fender gaps but will also make your car look very aggressive with its newfound height.

There are instances where other cars equipped with the Super Sport Springs would experience issues that come with an extreme drop. Such problems include rough rides and rubbing. But for the Volkswagen MK6 GTI with H&R Super Sport Springs, these problems are non-existential. Check out this forum discussion so you can see how well the Super Sport Springs work with your hatchback.


#5 Megan Racing Euro Version Lowering Springs

mk6 gti lowering springs Megan Racing

  • Manufacturer: Megan Racing
  • Part Number: MR-LS-VWG10
  • Height Reduction: 1.2” / 1.1”
  • Vehicle Fitment:
    • Volkswagen MK6 GTI Base (2010-2013)

Many people know Megan Racing for its cheap yet reliable lowering springs. Their suspension products are usually the go-to options of enthusiasts who want to enjoy what an aftermarket suspension product can bring to their cars without breaking the bank. If you belong to such a group, you should definitely check out what the Megan Racing Euro Version lowering springs can offer.

Once these MK6 GTI lowering kits are installed, expect the car to drop moderately. The drop is about 1.2” to the front and 1.0” to the rear. Such a conservative drop comes with a very streetable type of ride quality and comfort. These springs are definitely cheap, so we can’t blame you if you doubt their durability.

So are they durable? Yes. They are made from SAE 9254 cold wounded steel, a material known for its high tensile strength. In addition, they are also powder-coated to ensure their resistivity against rust and corrosion.

If you’re on a tight budget and determined enough to give your beloved hot hatch the height reduction that you’ve always wanted, then the Megan Racing Euro Version Lowering Springs might be the one for you.


#6 Godspeed Project Traction-S Lowering Spring Kit

  • Manufacturer: Godspeed Project
  • Part Number: LS-TS-VN-0001-A
  • Height Reduction (F/R): 1.0” / 1.2”
  • Vehicle Fitment:
    • Volkswagen MK6 GTI Base (2010-2013)

Another cheap MK6 GTI lowering springs alternative you can opt for is the Traction-S Lowering Spring Kit, made by Godspeed Project. These springs are pretty durable despite their price and are known for their resistance to sagging. All springs are prone to sag, but most run-of-the-mill lowering springs tend to sag much faster. Coil springs like this one won’t; that’s why it’s a tremendous budget-oriented investment.

So what’s with these springs? For starters, the Traction-S spring kit features coil springs made out of SAE 9254 spring wire, an ideal material for suspension springs (just like we’ve mentioned earlier). They’re sag-resistant and durable enough to set your car up for a long time. These springs will also lower your vehicle moderately, giving it a slightly aggressive stance that looks undoubtedly cool.

What’s more, Godspeed made these performance lowering springs work accordingly with stock shocks. With this in mind, you can expect that you won’t encounter any bottoming out or clearance issues when you have these lowering springs installed on your car.

#7 Whiteline Performance Lowering Springs

  • Manufacturer: Whiteline
  • Part Number: WSK-VWN003
  • Height Reduction (FR): 1.0”/0.8”
  • Vehicle Fitment:
    • Volkswagen MK6 GTI Base (2010-2013)

An aggressive drop in ride height is not for everyone. Some prefer their cars to sit slightly lower than stock, just enough to eliminate those pesky fender well gaps. In a sea of aftermarket suspension parts filled with springs that offer moderate to aggressive height cuts, there exists the Whiteline Performance Lowering Springs.

These MK6 GTI lowering springs are one of those kits that can offer you a mild drop, specifically 1.0” to the front and 0.8” to the rear. Whiteline made these springs from spring wires with high-tensile strength and then powder-coated them to fend off rust and corrosions. As for the ride quality, these springs have a progressive spring rate design, so expect the ride quality to fit daily and spirited driving.

You may be wondering: “Whiteline? I’ve never heard of them. Why would I trust a no-name brand?” If so, then you should know that they are not a no-name brand. Whiteline resides in Australia, and their lowering spring reaching the west, and many enthusiasts buy them is a good indicator that their springs are no joke.


What to Do After Installing MK6 GTI Lowering Springs

After you install your choice of aftermarket lowering springs, the next step you should do is to let the spring settle. Drive the car for 10-20 miles before you bring it to a shop for a realignment. Allowing your newly installed lowering springs to settle wouldn’t take more than a week, depending on how you drive.

Why would you even need realignment? Whenever you replace your car’s springs, you have to get the shocks off first from the suspension system. By doing so, you will inevitably work with various suspension components like caster and camber plates, which can undoubtedly cause misalignment.

Skipping a realignment would put your car at risk for uneven tire wear and reduced suspension system lifespan. Aside from that, it’s not safe to drive a car with bad alignment, not to mention how unenjoyable it is to drive one.

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