Top 8 Best Car Towels

Washing your car is one way to effectively maintain and keep your vehicle in check. Aside from getting your car clean, you will have the opportunity to inspect your vehicle from top to bottom. You can verify whether you have a loose trim or a tire with low air. You get the point. However, washing your car should not be the end of your car care routine. You need to exert valuable time to dry it off as well. If you don’t properly dry your car off, your vehicle may end up with pooling, water spots, and, worse-case scenarios, rust on some parts. If these undesired results appear, it defeats the whole purpose of washing your vehicle and giving your car the proper car care it deserves.

You will need good car towels to achieve your desired output. You can’t just get an old shirt or towel to wipe your car dry. If you use towels that are not for cars, you are exposing your vehicle to potential scratches, swirl marks, or even imbed contaminants. You don’t have to worry about the budget because there are a wide array of affordable car towels that you can use for your car care routine.

We came up with a list of the top 8 best car towels to make purchasing easy for you. Check it out below. 

1. S&T Inc. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

We highly recommend the S&T Inc Microfiber Cleaning Cloths if you need smaller car towels. These towels work great, especially if you need a lot of detail work on your vehicle. These towels are sold in packs of 100, 50, and 25. They are composed of 88% polyester and 12% polyamide fiber. 

For every order, there is a balanced assortment of five colors, namely yellow, red, blue, orange, and green. This product can be very handy when you have to deal with intricate tasks that involve chemical cleansing agents, and you do not want them to be mixed accidentally. You can assign each color depending on the detailing task to keep your workspace clean and safe. Having a big pack of clean towels allows you to be less tempted to keep on reusing a dirty towel. 

Overall, we love this product for its bargain price, the five color options, and for its being perfect for cleaning even tight spaces. The only drawback is that the 200 gsm weave is quite thinner.  

#2 Zwipes Auto Professional Microfiber Drying Towel

Another car towel we recommend getting is the Zwipes Auto Professional Microfiber Drying Towel. This medium-sized towel features deep waffle pockets plus soft-finished edges and rounded corners. These waffle weave towels work great in absorbing moisture. You can expect an efficient job when it comes to big surfaces. 

According to some users of the Zwipes Auto Professional Microfiber DryingTowel, this one dries faster than traditional chamois cloths. They also noticed a streak-free shine on chrome and windows. However, some users also warned about early fraying and recommended air drying and hand washing to extend this product’s life. Even those who were not completely satisfied with this towel still praised its drying and absorbency features. 

Overall, we like this product for its waffle weave pockets that offer superior absorbency. Its size is also versatile enough to perform different detailing tasks. However, the manufacturer failed to provide details about product composition and gsm. This towel requires thorough washing between uses to prevent retaining contaminants.

#3 CleanTools The Absorber Synthetic Drying Chamois

The Absorber Synthetic Drying Chamois from CleanTools is designed to emulate the classic and popular deer-leather chamois drying towel. This is a smoothly textured towel that measures 17 x 27 inches. You can drag this across surfaces and let it absorb moisture. When you use the Chamois, it stretches and, if used properly, can perform a great job in removing moisture. 

The Absorber Synthetic Drying Chamois is made of PVA or Poly Vinyl Alcohol with sponge-like pores that utilize capillary action for absorbing moisture. Some users have pointed out that this product should be stored moist and utilized wet to avoid scratching surfaces.

Overall, we recommend this product because it is gentle and smooth on all surfaces. It is also chemical resistant and lint-free. The drawback of this towel is it lacks the pile for ideal absorption. 

#4 Trainshow Cleaning Chamois Towel

If you want a more classic style of car towel, you should try considering the Trainshow Cleaning Chamois Towel. This product is constructed from oil-tanned deerskin. This natural material is lint-free, soft when wet, and easy to wring out. This towel is permeable and highly absorbent. It can wash plenty of water off your vehicle with each swipe. This leather chamois towel is used quite differently compared to a fabric towel. You have to wring it, flatten it, then drag it across the car’s wet surface. Just repeat this process all throughout the car. This chamois stretches out as well. We suggest you dry it in the shade, soak it, then wring it before each use. 

Overall, we recommend this car towel because it is made of natural material and can last for years. The drawback of this towel is that it is vulnerable to sunlight and some chemicals. It also has an irregular shape. 

#5 Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Towels

Another impressive car towel that we suggest getting is Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Towel. This towel measures 16 x 16 inches and is designed specifically to work as reusable cleaning cloths that function great even with automotive windows and different glass surfaces, both exterior, and interior.

Meguiar’s is a respected brand when it comes to car care. With products almost all across the board related to car care or car detailing, the company also came up with the Perfect Clarity Glass Towel to complement its other products. This towel is composed of a special weave that provides a streak-free result. You can purchase this item in packs of three. The company suggests pairing this with the Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner to get super results. However, any premium car glass cleaner will do. 

Overall, we recommend this towel because of its soft weave and because it is machine-washable as well. The only drawback of this towel is its premium price. Some users have claimed that this towel is vulnerable when at high heat in the dryer.

#6 Mothers Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towels

Another brand that has been well-known in the car care industry is Mothers. It’s just fitting that the Mothers Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towels made this list. These towels are what the pros use. If ever you decide to detail your car, why not try using the same tools or supplies that pros use with their cars? Each towel is 16 x 16 inches and is sold in packs of 12. The towels are all identical in look and color. 

These towels are colored premium gold. They are composed of a 400 gsm material that is 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. This medium-weight towel features one side having a long nap for trapping dirt and buffing while the other side has a short nap that works in removing polishes and waxes from car paint surfaces. These towels are clear-coat-safe and lint-free. They have edgeless corners and tear-away tags. 

Overall, we like this product because of the twin nap surfaces and because it is lint-free. The only drawbacks are the single color choice and the low nap side being less absorbent. 

#7 Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth Microfiber Dryer Towel

This product has one of the coolest names for a car towel. The Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth Microfiber Dryer Towel is designed and engineered for durability and ultimate softness. With the Chemical Guys behind this product, you can expect both quality and results. The Chemical Guys has been a trusted brand when it comes to automotive cleaning. 

The Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth Microfiber Dryer Towel has a size of 25 x 36 inches and is inspired by the adorable beast. This product is lint-free, scratch-free, and swirl-free. It is machine washable and highly absorbent. This towel is made up of 70% polyester and 30% polyamide blended microfiber. Its edges are silk-banded to help in protecting the paintwork. According to the company, this towel can absorb over one gallon of water and dry the whole car itself. 

Overall, we love all of the features of this car towel. The only drawback we see is that it’s too plush for intricate cleaning work. 

#8 HERKKA Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Another premium microfiber towel on this list is the HERKKA Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. These towels are available in 16 x 16 inches or 14 x 14 inches. They are sold in packs of 15. There are five colors available in each pack: grey, black, green, blue, and yellow. Having multiple colors gives you the option to assign towels to specific tasks. This can help prevent cross-contamination of varying cleaning solutions. 

These towels are durable and machine-washable. They are composed of 380 gsm material. Each towel features lined edges that prevent fraying or scratching.

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