Top 9 Best Diesel Fuel Additives

If your diesel car, truck, or farm equipment isn’t operating well anymore, or if it’s been parked for an extended period or in extreme conditions, diesel fuel additives may be just what you need to keep it running smoothly.

The best diesel fuel additives provide options for just about any condition you can encounter with compression ignition engines, including fuel additives for summer, winter, filter cleaning, de-icing, and preventing fungus from forming in your tank. To maintain everything operating properly, they will assist in cleaning your fuel, the critical fueling components in your engine, and even the tank itself.

#1 STA-BIL Diesel Fuel Stabilizer

Brand:  STA-BIL

STA-BIL diesel formula fuel stabilizer keeps the gasoline in the tank fresh for up to a year. This means you won’t have to worry as much about starting your car’s engine after it has been parked for a while.

Also, you can apply the fuel treatment with every tank to help lubricate and cleanse your fuel system. Both biodiesel and diesel fuels are safe.

#2 Howes Diesel Treat

Brand:  Howes 

Howes Diesel Treat is safe for use with all diesel fuel systems, and it can even be used to treat ultra-low-sulfur diesel problems and prevent gelling in your home heating oil tank. It helps in safely separating the water from the fuel in your fuel system, which improves the performance of your engine.

The new formula also improves the lubricity of fuel injectors, pumps, and upper cylinder liners. The new formula also improves the lubricity of fuel injectors, pumps, and upper cylinder liners. This should be encouraging for people who are worried about the durability and performance of engines that are now fueled by ULSD fuels.

#3 LIQUI MOLY Super Diesel Additive


LIQUI MOLY is intended for use with both conventional and biodiesel fuels, and it is compatible with turbochargers, diesel particulate filters, and catalytic converters.

This substance cleans the combustion chamber and diesel injection system of deposits while also preventing the formation of new deposits. It enhances ignition performance, which results in fewer emissions, less wear, and better fuel efficiency. The majority of light-duty diesel trucks and cars can fit into one can, and a bottle can cure 20 gallons of diesel.

Also, the additive can be used to decommission and preserve engines, with additional instructions for diesel vehicles that you intend to store rather than immediately drive. It is perfect for contemporary high-pressure diesel engines, especially stationary engines like generators and construction equipment.

#4 Ford Motorcraft Cetane Booster

Brand:  Ford

It is made for your Ford and works with diesel engines to counteract the negative impacts of poor-quality diesel. Also, it raises the cetane rating to improve starting performance and enhances engine performance. Engine wear is decreased by the additional lubricity given to the gasoline. 

Alkyl nitrates, which over time might cause your fuel to deteriorate, are not used in the fuel additive made by Ford’s parts division, Motorcraft. Instead, it promotes fuel stability and inhibits the growth of algae. That can improve the performance of your truck and prolong the time that your diesel tank is corrosion-free. 

#5 Stanadyne Diesel Performance Formula

Brand:  Stanadyne

The additive in Stanadyne Diesel Performance Formula is intended to improve the performance of your engine. That is due to the detergent in the container, which helps to clean the injection system and improve performance. The alcohol-free solution prevents corrosion, water absorption, and increased wear while cleaning and protecting components like your injection pump and nozzles. 

This product can increase the gel point of diesel by up to 40 degrees and the ice-up temperature of your fuel filter by 25 degrees if your fuel is at risk of gelling. Lastly, it can aid lessen smoke and pollutants by cleaning your engine.

#6 Power Service Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost

Brand: Power Service

The Power Service Diesel Kleen Max HP formula is a different warm/cold weather diesel fuel additive that is made to lubricate and clean injectors in older models using contemporary fuel.

Additionally, this option features a cetane booster, which is similar to the diesel version of octane. More cetane reduces the period between the time the fuel is injected and when it ignites. When the engine compresses the air-fuel combination, fuel ignites more simply and rapidly, which may aid in promoting more thorough combustion.

#7 Power Service Diesel 911

Brand:  Power Service 

Power Service Diesel 911 is intended for diesel owners and drivers who should have applied a fuel additive but did not do so. It’s intended to assist you in escaping a jam caused by already-gelled gasoline lines.

At low temperatures, paraffin wax, a typical component of diesel fuel, starts to crystallize, first making your tank hazy and then turning it into jelly. It is prepared for winter situations. It will help you get back on the road by de-icing frozen fuel filters in addition to unveiling the diesel fuel that is already clogging your fuel lines and injectors.

#8 Star Brite Star Tron Gas Tank & Fuel System Cleaner

Brand: Star Brite

The fuel tank cleaner Star Tron from Star Brite is made with specialized enzymes that dissolve and break down the hydrocarbon deposits, varnish, rust, and sludge that accumulate within your diesel tank over time. The supplement is compatible with ULSD, but it also has the ability to restore the degraded gasoline that is already in the tank. 

Therefore, you need to let the product sit for a day or longer so that it can work instead of draining it. Organic compounds are degraded, while your fuel filter traps larger sludge particles.

#9 Opti-Lube Ag Formula Diesel Fuel Additive

Brand: Opti-Lube

With these requirements in mind, Opti-lube AG was created. To begin with, it adds lubricity, which ULSD lacks but is essential for older off-highway diesel engines. That makes the engine’s internal machinery run more efficiently. 

Additionally, it keeps water and diesel separate in the tank and prevents the formation of germs and algae, making the fuel safe for longer storage. The cetane rating is also increased by five to seven points for better cold starts and fuel efficiency. 

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