Throughout the years, we’ve looked at a lot of great engines on this website, but today we’re doing the exact opposite and going through some of the worst engines in automotive history. There’s a little bit of everything in here, and the last engine on the list will definitely surprise you, so let’s get into … Read more

The Return of the Rotary: How Mazda is Bringing Back the Wankel Engine

When it comes to iconic engines used in iconic cars, it’s pretty hard to beat the rotary engine. Sure, in totally stock form, something like a Mazda 13B is not particularly interesting, exciting, or special. But, with some magic, these little engines can not only sound incredible, but they can pack a serious punch. Unfortunately, … Read more

Mercedes OM606: The Diesel 2JZ

The Mercedes OM606 diesel engine. For a lot of diesel guys and gals here in the states, this name might not ring a bell. After all, we’re used to talking about Cummins, Powerstroke, and Duramax engines. Diesel engines in cars aren’t nearly as popular here as they are nearly anywhere else in the developed world. … Read more


Throughout history, we’ve seen super weird engines in just about every kind of vehicle imaginable. But, one of the weirdest of them was created in a hurry during a time of war, when Chrysler assembled a ridiculous 30-cylinder engine to use in tanks during WWII. And it sounds crazy, partially because it is and partially … Read more

Cummins Hydrogen Engine Will KILL DIESELS FOREVER

When you hear the name Cummins, I can almost guarantee you think of diesel engines. After all, that’s what their entire business is built on. But, what if I told you they’re venturing into the world of hydrogen engines and could eventually replace their massively successful and long line of diesel engines? It sounds crazy. … Read more

We Ranked the Best Chevy V8 Engines EVER

V8 engines are nearly synonymous with American-made cars, and Chevrolet is one of the remaining American automobile powerhouses remaining. Chevy has been using V8 engines in their cars are trucks since as early as 1917, although we didn’t see the now famed small block engine until the 1950s. From then till now, Chevrolet has produced … Read more

Top 7 Best Jeep Wrangler Accessories

Jeep Wrangler is one of the most popular off-road vehicle options on the market. There are thousands of different accessories for this car to improve or modify its looks or performance capabilities. The Jeep Wrangler was introduced to the market in 1986 and is available in 4 generations. The first Jeep Wrangler generation model was … Read more

Top 7 Best Infiniti G37 Mods

The Infiniti G37 is one of the most underrated cars out there. Not only does it look amazing, but it has the performance capabilities to put a smile on anyone’s face. Although it has enough power as a stock car and looks great just the way the manufacturer intended, there are certain mods you can … Read more