Ferrari Rolls Off Hillside in Canyons

What do most Ferrari owners do in their free time? Well, they go up and drive on some nice twisty canyon roads. However this Ferrari owner wasn’t so lucky. While coming around a turn, he lost control and ended up rolling down a hillside. The driver was okay, the Ferrari was totaled. Check it out.

HUGE Evo Crash at Pikes Peak

Its not a secret that racing a dangerous sport. But, Pikes Peak takes it up to a whole new level of dangerous. Almost the whole way up the mountain there are cliffs that could end your life. Evolution Dynamics was racing their Mitsubishi Evolution up Pikes Peak, when their front tires lost grip, and they … Read more

HUGE Porsche GT3 Cup Crash

Now, i’m sure you know how dangerous racing is as a sport. The crashes of something bad happening is always there. During a Porsche GT3 Cup race two cars entered a turn side by side, and the car on the inside had its front wheels lock up. This caused the inside car to hit the … Read more

EPIC Fail Lamborghini Aventador Crash

Somewhere in the UK, an Aventador was speeding around. I can’t really blame the driver for their need for speed, after all its a Lamborghini. The Aventador was speeding down a street when a Mazda pulled out in front of him, causing the Lamborghini to get air born and hit a second car that was … Read more

1800hp Lambo Vs. Alpha 16 GTR on Texas Streets

It seems as though huge rivalry between GTR’s and Lamborghini’s has started. AMS is building the fastest GTR’s in the world, and Underground Racing is building the fastest Lambo’s in the world. One night on the Texas streets they came together for a race. 1800hp Underground Racing Gallardo battles an AMS Alpha 16 GTR. Check … Read more