Cobra 19 DX IV Review

We recently got into CB radios, and decided to install a set-up in my Jeep. We weren’t set on any specific radio, but the Cobra 19 was the cheapest CB radio available at Fry’s Electronics, so thats what we ended up with. Heres our review of the Cobra 19 DX IV: Quality While quality isn’t … Read more

Why are Jeeps so Ridiculously Expensive?

jk wrangler

If you’ve recently looked into purchasing a Jeep, specifically a Wrangler, you might have noticed the ridiculously high price tags they carry. So why are Jeeps so expensive? What other off-road vehicles can you get that is better for the same price or less than a Jeep? Before we look into why current Jeeps are … Read more

Wilson 1000 CB Antennae Review

Are you thinking about getting a new CB radio antennae? Sick of having poor radio performance? Well, we were too, so we picked up a Wilson 1000 for our Jeep. The Wilson 1000 is generally regarded as the best magnetic mount antennae on the market. Here’s what we think about it: Build Quality First things … Read more

A Look Into the Discovery II: The Last Solid Built Land Rover

The Land Rover brand is know around the world for their accomplishments in the off road adventure vehicle market. In recent years the company has almost entirely abandon their Focus on off-road capabilities to move towards a luxury land boat kind of play. The Land Rover Discovery was the last of the great adventure capable vehicles with … Read more

How to Install a CB Radio

So, you want to mount a CB Radio into your car/truck. Great! CB’s are a fun hobby, and can be very useful when traveling on the highway or off-roading. So, lets get started on the install. Why do you need a CB radio? CB radios are used mostly by truckers, they let each other know … Read more