Cobra 19 DX IV Review

We recently got into CB radios, and decided to install a set-up in my Jeep. We weren’t set on any specific radio, but the Cobra 19 was the cheapest CB radio available at Fry’s Electronics, so thats what we ended up with. Heres our review of the Cobra 19 DX IV:


Cobra 19 DX IV

While quality isn’t a huge factor of CB radio’s, it is important to mention. The Cobra 19 is definitely more prone to breakage than a more expensive radio. This radio is built to a cost, and is what most people consider to be a “throw-away” radio.

What they mean when they say this is, when it breaks, just throw it away and buy a new one. The cost of repairing the radio will almost always be more than the cost of the radio itself. That said, the Cobra 19 is better in quality than the Uniden Pro510XL.

My first radio was a Uniden and it lasted me a few days before it quit receiving and transmitting.



When it comes to the features of this radio, its fairly basic. After all, it is a $40 radio. It comes with the basic features every radio needs. It has a squelch adjustment knob, RF gain adjustment knob, volume knob, and on/off.

What I do really like is that it has a Channel 9/19 button, so you can quickly get to either of those channels without fiddling with the channel knob. Its also ready for a PA, and has a CB/PA button right next to the Ch 9/19 button.

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If you ask me, this is definitely one of the main selling points of the Cobra 19, its super compact. While this does limit features as you’ve learned, it makes up for it by saving space in your vehicle.

This is especially important for Jeep’s, because they have limited space in the first place. It measures only 6.5″ x 4.5″ x 2″, it could probably fit in your center console if you really wanted.



This is a cheap radio, its designed for beginners or Jeepers who just need to reach their buddies near-by. Unfortunately with a low cost comes pretty much no features, just the standard CB adjustments.

However, for its $40 price tag I am more than pleased with its real world performance, combined with my Wilson 1000 antennae I have a range of up to 12 miles.

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Over all the Cobra 19 DX IV is a very solid little radio. Its cheap, simple, and compact. This is my first CB radio set-up so I am more than pleased with its performance. Later down the line I will be stepping up to a Cobra 29 or a Galaxy radio of some sort.

But, for the time being my little Cobra 19 works great. I would seriously recommend this radio if you’re new to the hobby, or just want something to thrown in your Jeep.

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