Every BMW M3 Engine Ever

In the world of sports cars, there’s one car that has reigned supreme over nearly everything for decades, and that’s the BMW M3. Really, it’s long been the benchmark for what a good car is and what isn’t. It combines the best of handling, power, looks, braking, and price. Part of making an amazing car … Read more

What is a Jake Brake?

If you didn’t already, diesel engines have little to no engine braking because they don’t use an intake throttle body like a gas engine does. Instead, diesel engines use fueling as a way to control power output. Depending on the application, some diesel engines have more engine braking than others due to things in the … Read more

Why Does Scania Still Use a V8 Engine?

About a week ago, we put out an article going over commercial trucks, semi-trucks, whatever you want to call them, and why they all use inline-six engines. The basics of that revolve around torque, ease of rebuilding, and lack of size limitations. The size limitations part makes sense because commercial trucks in the US are … Read more

What is Going on With Nascar?

Nascar. It’s the sport we all love to hate. On the surface, it’s arguably the most boring form of popularized motorsports, which you can see by its rapidly declining viewership. Of course, Nascar, just like any sport, is a business and a form of entertainment. With that in mind, it’s obviously Nascar’s job to make … Read more