Mazda 20B Rotary Engine: Everything You Need To Know

The Mazda Eunos Cosmo was the first (and only) production Mazda to use the highly sought-after triple-rotor 20B-REW engine when it debuted in 1990.  Mazda’s initial attempt at a rotary engine, the 1960’s L10 Cosmo, was continually improved upon, and the Cosmo went on to incorporate the highly sought-after 2-rotor 13B and 3-rotor 20B engines … Read more

Toyota 1NR: Everything You Need To Know

Toyota has replaced the 1.4-liter VVT-i engine (4ZZ-FE) in their Auris with a new, smaller, and more efficient Dual VVT – I drivetrain. This means that it produces power just as effectively yet is less fuel-thirsty than before while also weighing down its four-wheeled siblings.  Not only that, but the Toyota 1NR is also 36% … Read more

Toyota 3NR-FE/VE: Everything You Need To Know

The first engine in the new series was introduced to European markets and quickly replaced outdated 4ZZ-FE. This replacement process occurred gradually until it replaced 2NZ -FE as well, then another update happened, which is now known for being more powerful than previous generations with improved fuel efficiency. What are Toyota 3NR-FE/VE Engines?  Toyota has … Read more

VW/Audi 1.0 TSI EA211: Everything You Need To Know

Small engines are increasingly appearing beneath the hoods of compact, midsize, and van automobiles amid an era of downsizing. The VAG company, for example, employs the aforesaid technology and provides, among other things, the petrol engine 1.0 TSI, which is present in numerous vehicles. Volkswagen, koda, Audi, and Seat are just a few examples. The … Read more