What Makes the GM L8T So Special?

I think at this point, it’s no secret that the GM LS and LT are very popular engines, and for good reason. They’ve packaged very small thanks to their cam-in-block design OEM heads that have incredible flow, a simple cam swap can pick up massive power, there are tons of different levels of displacement to … Read more

GM Duramax History Lesson

In the US, the majority of full-size truck sales go to three brands: GM, Ford, and RAM, and really it’s not even close. More specifically, when you look at heavy-duty trucks, the trucks that aren’t meant for grocery-getting or your average commute, the trucks that are specifically designed for towing and hauling big loads, those … Read more

GM 2.0L LTG: Everything You Need To Know

GM’s new 2.0 LTG Ecotec engine is a notable upgrade to the highly criticized LTG unit it replaces. Making it a better option for better fuel efficiency and scores of more horsepower than its predecessor.  This model will be found in all-new models like Chevy Malibu alongside aging nameplates such as Cadillac ATS or SSR, … Read more

GM 4.3L LV3 Ecotec: Everything You Need To Know

Silverado has had an incredible history of success with its EcoTec3 V-6 engine. The new all-aluminum design was first introduced in 2014. Still, it builds on nearly 60 years worth of experience, which Chevy small block engines have undergone under some harsh conditions, including job sites and race tracks around the world. This fifth generation … Read more