1000HP GTR Oklahoma Street Racing

T1 racing brought one of their GTR’s out KC2K13, and ended up racing a GSXR1000 with some nitrous. Safe to say this was one close, high speed race. Both the GTR and the bike were racing up to around 180mph and who knows how fast the GTR was going. Check it out.

900HP Toyota MR2 Killing the Streets

Here we have a 2nd gen Toyota MR2 with a Honda K20 engine. The engine is fully built by Race Lab with a Precision 6768 turbo and a “dog-box” sequential transmission. Rear weight bias combined sticky drag tires make this car hook up like crazy and take off. Check it out.

CRAZY Quad Turbo 2JZ

What kind of person 2JZ swaps an S14 Silvia, and says it doesn’t have enough power? Apparently whoever built this Silvia was not satisfied with 1 or 2 turbos, they wanted 4 turbos. Its essential a town-sequintial turbo setup, 2 smaller turbos to spool up 2 larger turbos. Check it out

Epic Burnout Fails of Australia!

Everyone loves a good burnout, especially the car guys and gals of Australia. They literally have events just to see who can do the fastest/coolest/longest burnout. But sometimes things go wrong. Tires, engines, and transmissions occasionally catch fire, luckily the guy with the fire extinguisher is always paying attention. Check it out!