Epic Burnout Fails of Australia!

Everyone loves a good burnout, especially the car guys and gals of Australia. They literally have events just to see who can do the fastest/coolest/longest burnout. But sometimes things go wrong. Tires, engines, and transmissions occasionally catch fire, luckily the guy with the fire extinguisher is always paying attention. Check it out!

Engine Spinning at 14,000 RPM’s!

Here with have a BMW S1000RR engine. Its a 1.0L (1000cc) 4-cylinder with a 14,200 redline. This is a cutaway view of the cams and valve train, its spinning so fast you can actually see the oil becoming vapor. The cams are spinning at 118 revolutions per second! Check it out.

CRAZY 736HP MK1 VW Golf Street Racing

Here we have the perfect example of a sleeper. An MK1 Volkswagen Golf with a 2.0L out of a late model Volkswagen, strapped with a GTX3582R turbo and running E85 fuel. It puts down an insane 736hp at 50psi of boost, and considering it doesn’t weigh anything it accelerates like a bat out of hell! … Read more

2015 Mustang Crashes Hard at Drag Strip

Sweet, you just bought a 2015 Mustang and strapped a supercharger to it! Then headed off the the Outlaw Armageddon no prep racing event to see how good a ’15 Mustang will do. Unfortunately the driver lost control and sent the car flying into the the drag wall head first. Check it out!

Worlds Fastest R35 GTR

AMS is famous for their built GTR’s. They started offering 1,000hp kits quite some time ago. But, they’re “R&D” vehicle is equipped with their most powerful package. Named the Alpha Omega, this GTR puts down 2,000+hp and runs a 7 second pass in the quarter mile. Check it out!