Detroit Electric SP.01: The Next Generation Sports Car

Detroit Elecric

Electric vehicles are the future of the automobile. Companies like Tesla have massive backing even though they continue to turn “meh” quarterly profits. The idea of a cleaner and more efficient transport system is loved by many. Electric cars are becoming more popular every day, but one thing is still missing from the EV market: a … Read more

Ford Goes all Aluminum, Will Chevy Follow?

2017 superduty

You may have heard recently that new F150’s have an all aluminum body, but retain the steal frame. Ford is pushing the American car market forwards, and making them better than ever. F-150 Pick-up trucks have been made entirely of steel since their beginnings, but with the EPA pushing stricter emissions regulations, auto manufacturers need … Read more

A New Breed of Sports Car

Toyota FT1

A new breed of sports cars is upon us, not to long ago, electric and hybrid cars were looked at as a performance joke, but recently the tables have turned. Companies like BMW, Telsa, Toyota, and Honda are at the front of developing incredibly good hybrid/electric sports cars. Instead of using the hybrid design towards … Read more

2016 Camaro Redesign: Our Thoughts

Because of the absence of the Chevrolet Camaro from 2002-2009, the 5th generation Camaro, was a great success when it hit the showroom floors in 2010. Since the 5th generation was released, it’s only received minor changes in its 5 year life-span. Chevrolet has finally debuted the all new, long awaited, 6th generation Camaro, sporting … Read more

2014 Arizona International Auto Show

Upon arrival to the AZ International Auto Show, you’re immediately greeted by a few high end cars. Rolls Royce Aston Martin, Ferrari F12, and a Maserati Bently Lamborghini Huracan Alfa Romeo 4C Then, we went inside of the Auto Show, and headed straight for the offroad section Ford Raptor’s Jeep JK Wrangler’s Ballistic Bronco Jeep … Read more

The Worlds First 3D Printed Car. “Strati” by Local Motors

3D printed car

Imagine being able to walk into a dealership, and being able to buy a 3D printed car, designed as your dream car, and then drive it home the next day. This sounds crazy, but it will soon be a reality in 2015, Local Motors debuted its 3D printed car named “Strati” at the International Manufacturing Technology … Read more