7 Reasons The Fox Body Mustang is The Best Muscle Car Ever

Over the past 5 years the Fox Body Mustang has exploded in popularity, especially with young hot rodders. The funny thing is, most youngsters don’t even know what a Fox Body Mustang is, and I don’t blame them. The Fox Body is a hidden gem in the automotive world, so you better get one before they’re all gone. Before we jump into why you need one, let’s quickly cover what a Fox Body is.

What is a Fox Body Mustang?

drawing mustang concept ford 5.0

A Fox Body Mustang is a Mustang produced anywhere from 1979 to 1993. It doesn’t matter if it’s a coupe, convertible, or a hatch. It also doesn’t matter what engine is has either, or transmission. As long as it’s between the ages of 1979 and 1993, it’s a Fox Body.

Why is it called a “Fox Body”? I know, it’s a really weird name to give to a car. But, it’s called a Fox Body because it’s on the Ford Fox platform. Ford designed the Fox platform as a unibody chassis and used it across a wide range of Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicles. Ford’s main objective with the Fox platform was to downsize the massive cars they made in the ’70s.

Why is it called the “Fox” platform? I am unable to find a sure reason why Ford identified this chassis as “Fox”. But, I assume it has something to do with how it downsized their vehicles. Ford’s vehicles went from being big like a cow to small and nimble like a Fox.

Now that you know what a Fox Body is, let’s talk about what makes them so awesome. Also, if you doubt my knowledge or credibility: The Story of my 1991 Fox Body Mustang.

7. ’80s Goodness

Ah, the ’80s, something that the Fox Body represents strongly. No other car can you drive today without previous Fox Body owners striking up conversations about how much fun they had in these cars back in the day. Hell, even my mother had a Fox Body back in the day, although she ended up totaling it. The day I came home in my Fox Body she was dying to take a ride in it. What other cars can bring people from completely different generations together? The only vehicle I can think that brings people together like a Fox Body can is a Jeep.

Fox Body Mustang

Fox Body Mustangs also represent vehicle styling from the ’80s and ’90s. The long horizontal tail lights, the factory GT body kit, the simple body lines. Look at a BMW E30 and try to tell me it doesn’t look similar to a Fox Body couple. Even the interior screams the ’80s, which is awesome because back then interiors weren’t cluttered with fancy junk. All you have is a steering wheel, pedals, gear shifter, and a basic radio.

Another great thing about ’80s cars is that you have to drive it yourself. What do I mean by this? Modern Mustangs come equipped with traction control, stability control, line lock for burnouts, and ABS. The Fox Body has none of the above, your right foot is the traction control. If you throttle mid-corner you better know how to control a drift or you’ll end up crashing. If you want to survive driving a Fox Body you’d better learn how to drive really well.

6. Camaro Killer

Back in the ’80s and ’90s there was always stoplight racing between the Camaro and Mustang. However, the Fox Body was almost always faster in a straight line. They both have similar power and torque, but the Fox Body’s low weight give it an advantage on the Camaro. The Fox Body weighs in around 3,000-3,200 lbs depending on the model and body. The 3rd gen Camaro weighs in around 3,300-3,400 lbs. A few hundred pounds might not sound like a huge amount but it’s a huge advantage especially when drag racing.

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Fox body Mustang

The Camaro had a more advanced rear suspension and braking system, which makes it stop and handle a little better. But, these are American cars, and most people never take their cars to a road course or Autocross. The Fox Body’s lack of rear pan hard bar holds it back when it comes to autocross and circuit racing. Simply adding a pan hard bar to the rear axle will greatly improve the Fox Body’s handling.

The 3rd gen Camaro LT engine is based entirely off small-block Chevy engines before it. But, the TBI and TPI fuel injection systems aren’t very popular with tuners. For this reason many 3rd gen Camaros are carb/aftermarket EFI swapped. When is comes to the aftermarket I would definitely say the small block Chevy is more popular. But, that’s not to say the small block Ford isn’t popular in the aftermarket.

Both the Fox Body Mustang and the 3rd gen Camaro are unbelievably fun to stoplight race. Even in their stock condition, they’re an absolute riot, but the Fox Body will almost always take the win. 3rd gen Camaros also have this weird stigma. If you drive a 3rd gen everyone thinks that either you’re a hillbilly, or have a mullet.

5. They’re Sexy as Hell!

Whether you love or hate the style of the Fox Body, you’ll probably agree that it’s interesting. But, it doesn’t really resemble Mustangs of the past. Lack of “tri-bar” tail lamps and the wonky front end definitely set it apart from the typically Mustang. The Fox Body definitely has it’s design flaws, for example, the GT’s rear bumper is hideous. The GT’s bumper literally a giant square with a weird lip at the bottom, and the LX’s rear bumper is to short.

Like I said earlier, the Fox Body represents vehicle styling of ’80s automobiles. Many enthusiasts considered cars like the BMW E30 to be one of the best-looking cars to ever be created, and the Fox Body shares much the BMW’s ’80s styling. I think that’s partly why the Fox Body is becoming really popular with the younger generation. Just look at the Fox Body below and try to tell me it’s not a good-looking car. If you decide you need to buy a Fox Body, be sure to read our Fox Body buying guide.

Fox Body Convertible Cobra Mustang

The Fox Body Mustang came in a Fastback, Coupe, and a Convertible. This was the last generation Mustang that was available in a fastback before the 2015 Mustang. In the eyes of the younger generation, the Fox is incredibly good-looking. Like I said above, this is probably due to its ’80s styling and small size compared to new Mustangs. Performance shops such as Saleen put their own twist on the body styling of the Fox Body. Arguably the best-looking body kit for the Fox Body is the Cobra style body kit on the convertible Fox Body seen in the picture above.

Saleen Fox Body

Fox Body Mustang

Generally, the Notchback (Coupe) is more desired, mostly because of its rarity, but also because it has cleaner body lines and looks better to most people. The coupe is also about 100 lbs lighter making it much more popular with drag racers. I’ve always personally liked the LX hatchback more, but that’s probably just 17-year-old me remembering all the awesome times I had in my Fox Body.

4. Factory Performance, 300 LB-FT of Awesomeness

By no means is a Fox Body Mustang a sports car, in stock form they’re known for their boat like handling, and tail happy rear end. However, the Fox Body Mustang was the first car Motor Trend ever tested that pulled over 1G on a skidpad, pretty impressive for a muscle car that “can’t turn”. The infamous 5.0L doesn’t make large amounts of power by today’s standards, but it made respectable power back when they were new, putting 225 horsepower and 300 ft-lbs of torque to the ground.

Although 225 horsepower is pretty lackluster in today’s world, 300 lb-ft of torque isn’t. That’s what makes these cars so much fun to drive, the fact that you don’t even have to rev them out to have a great time, they just want to spin the tires at all RPMs.

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Fox Body Mustang

Luckily, 225 horses is actually a good amount considering the Fox Body weighs in at 3,100 lbs in stock form. With a bit of weight reduction (fiberglass hood, a/c delete, etc.) can achieve a weight of under 2,900 lbs, less than a modern VW Beetle. My personal Fox Body Mustang had a pretty significant amount of weight reduction; gutted interior, A/C delete, aluminum heads, etc, and it could achieve 0-60 in about 5 seconds. That puts it on par with a 2015 Mustang. For specifics visit: Foxbody Wikipedia

My personal 1991 Mustang LX

1991 Foxbody Mustang LX Light Blue Cobra R Rims sexy arizona cars

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With such a light car, you can imagine how fun this car is to drive around. They’re not a role-model when it comes to handling, mostly thanks to their “live axle” rear end, but that’s okay because they’re cornering characteristics are fun, not fast. Like I said above, 300 lb-ft of torque makes the Fox Body want to spin tires at any RPM, and who doesn’t like burnouts?

3. Aftermarket Performance

It’s a Mustang, what do you expect? The aftermarket parts are nearly endless, from engine accessories to suspension components. Factory performance parts are extremely abundant too since the Fox Body Mustang shares many components with Mustangs as new as 2004. This is because SN95 and New Edge Mustangs are on the same Fox platform as the Fox Body Mustang. So, I’m sure you can imagine how many parts are available for the Fox Body.

Fox Body Mustang

Ford saw an opportunity to get their foot in the aftermarket, and they created Ford Racing Performance Parts. Ford Racing makes some of the most popular parts for the Fox Body Mustang such as the E303 and B303 camshafts, as well as the GT40-X aluminum cylinder heads. I will say that the Ford Racing engine components aren’t as good as aftermarket companies. The GT40 heads will never flow as well as a true aftermarket set of heads, and the Ford Racing cams are also heavily outdated. However, the Ford Racing components are dirt cheap compared to the normal aftermarket prices for similar parts.

One of the interchangeable parts between the Fox Body and newer Mustangs is the Cobra independent rear suspension, which is a near bolt-on part. The Cobra IRS makes the Fox Body Mustang platform handle like a true sports car, getting rid of all the classic Mustang “wheel hop” that can happen if you hit a bump mid-corner. Other Cobra parts like the steering rack are also easily interchangeable, just imagine all the praise the 03-04 Cobra gets, but in the 3,000 lb Fox Body chassis.

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There are countless amounts of companies that produce engine components, suspension, and ascetic parts for your Fox Body. One of the biggest and best sources for Fox Body parts is American Muscle, they only sell Mustang parts and really know what they’re doing when it comes to building Mustangs.

2. They’re like Legos

What’s your dream build? Drag car? Drift car? Street cruiser? Well, you can literally do anything you want to a Fox Body. Since Mustangs from 1979 to 2004 are almost identical under the skin. You can plop in a built 302ci or even a larger engines like a 351w and build a drag car. Installing a Cobra IRS (Independent Rear Suspension), some steering changes and you’ll have an awesome drift car. You could build a mild little 302ci and cruise around the streets racing from stoplight to stoplight having a good time. World famous drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. uses a Fox Body for his “Drift Missile”, and he says “The Fox Body is the best-kept secret of drifting”

Foxbody Drift Car

Maybe you want a canyon carver? You can build a Fox Body Mustang like Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire, with fender flares to fit stupid wide tires at all 4 corners, big brakes from a Cobra, IRS from a Cobra, steering rack from a Cobra, and a bunch of chassis/frame stiffening. All of this combined with a slightly built 302, and you’ve got a stupidly grippy Fox Body that will run down nearly anything in the Canyons.

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Want an even crazier Fox Body? Well, shove a Coyote 5.0 or an LS engine in it and you’ll be putting down 400whp+ and you’ll have one stupidly fast, and stupidly reliable Fox Body Mustang. If you’re really a diehard Ford enthusiast you could even put a supercharged 4.6L Terminator motor in it.

No matter what direction you choose to go with your Fox Body, people have already done it, documented it, and are willing to share information on what works and what doesn’t. Plus, with all the parts you can source from the Cobra, you can keep the factory reliability, but make it much faster.

1. It’s a Classic

If it’s older than me, it’s probably a classic…. right? The Fox Body is now wandering into the 25+ year-old range depending on what year you own, which means it’s starting to become a “classic”. When cars start to be considered classics, their prices go up. CNN Money even mentioned the Fox Body Mustang in their Top Ten Investment Cars under $5,000. On top of it becoming a classic, it’s also facing a similar issue to the 240sx’s “Drift Tax”. Youngsters getting into hot rods are scooping up Fox Body Mustangs left and right, causing the prices to go up even more.

Fox Body Mustang

Seriously, hop on Craigslist and try to find a nice Fox Body for less than $2,000, it’s literally impossible to find a rust free Fox Body that’s been taken care of. On top of youngsters and collectors driving the price up, enthusiast drivers are also picking these up for their next project, and I don’t blame them. 3,000 lbs, endless parts to choose from, and endless directions to go with your build, who wouldn’t want a Fox Body as a project car? Think of it almost like a stock market, if you invest in a Fox Body, it’ll be worth way more 10 years from now. The rising prices are already happening, just 5 years ago they could easily be had for a $2k – $3k, and now decent condition Fox’s are $5k+.

Is a Fox Body Mustang For You?

Ask yourself, have you ever wanted to go do donuts and street racing just for the thrill? Have you ever been jealous of that one old guy in your neighborhood who owns a classic car? Do you love the feeling of a cammed muscle car? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you need to start looking for a Foxbody for yourself.

As a matter of fact, we love the Fox Body so much that we listed it in our “Top 4 Sports Cars for Under $4,000

When I was 17 I LOVED tuner cars, but then I took a ride in my friends Fox Body, and I fell in love with it so much that I traded my Jeep for a Foxbody a few days later. So, even if you are a die-hard tuner, or maybe you just don’t like Mustangs at all, I promise you from the bottom of my heart, the first time you drive a Foxbody Mustang you’ll fall in love with it.


Overall the Fox Body chassis is extremely good in almost every way. It has that ’80s and ’90s nostalgic feeling, and that awesome ’80s look. With a plethora of ground effects to choose from, it will always look sexy. It hammered Camaros back in the day, and still will today if it has enough modifications.

If you have the money to get a Fox Body, do it today, seriously. It will be the best car you ever bought. Plus if you end up not liking it you could always hold on to it for a few years and double your money. Let me know what you think of Fox Body Mustangs in the comments below!

Author: Bryce Cleveland

Bryce is a die hard car fanatic. When he's not working on his Jeep Cherokee, he's beating it up in the desert. He started Dust Runners Automotive Journal in 2014 and continues to write content for it as much as possible.

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  1. I have a 87 mustang Gt built for drag racing and a 2002 TJ wrangler that i drive every day. I love em both!

  2. I own a 92 foxbody and love it. I’ve had others and now also own a new 2015 mustang Gt. While I love the modern ride and amazing smooth power of my new one, I still get excited to drive my fox. I really enjoy the raw feeling of it.

  3. I bought my 90 GT in 89, drive it to work every day and get compliments on it almost every time I stop somewhere. It will NEVER be for sale so long as I can drive. I got it 10 days after my son was born, my wife had her baby and I went to get mine……now my son has his own Fox.

    1. That is awesome, I bought my 90 Fox back in Feb of this year as my birthday gift. I still haven’t drove it because I sacrificed getting my license to own it.

  4. I have a 91 lx fastback big tire drag car powered by a big block Chrysler easiest way to go 10s car only weighs 2830lbs with driver and still has steal fenders, doors and factory bumpers. was always a mopar guy but I love this little fox tons of wheels up fun.

    1. Hi there William.

      I’m from South Africa and have just aquired an 81 fox coupe. I also have been offered a complete Chrysler 383 drivetrain cheap. Is there much fabrication and cutting to fit this setup in my fox??
      Thanks in advance

  5. Not a bad article. Except the 225hp/300tq – weren’t “to the ground” those are crank ratings. Far less planted to the wheels! Still love my foxes though 😀

  6. my second car was a 90 fox i loved it now i own a 89 5.0 and an 06 gt my brother has a 2014 5.0 we love our mustangs we bring them to car shows and hopefully we will be going to mustang week next year

  7. I have a 66 hardtop, 86 GT, 89 GT that l bought new, and an 08 GT500. The 89 is getting ready to go back on the road. I’ve missed it!

  8. Bought my 93 LX Convertible 5.0 5 speed as my ‘Bucket List’ car. Finally got back to something I could ‘power shift’, and at 72, many dreams come back from the 60’s.

    1. Nice, I own a red 92 LX Summer edition and a 90 LX 7UP mustang. I have owned them both for over 20 years and they are in amazing condition. 92 is almost all stock and the 7UP is customized like a mofo…will never sell them.

  9. I own a 1985 Mercury Capri with a 408 stroker and many other mods. I have a tremendous amount of fun but no one wants to race a car that can do endless 2nd gear burnouts! Lol

    1. I find those cars pretty cool. I don’t see them around at many car shows but would love to go for a ride in one one day!

  10. The reason they are called fox bodies is they were geared toward competition against the volkswagen rabbit and foxs chase rabbits. Straight out of fox body recognition guide.

  11. I’ve had my 89 lx cp since the near end of 1990 .. didn’t matter if you 2 wheels or 18 if you wanted to race I was ur guy . It now has a 331 dss racing short block with tfs alum heads and edelbrock intake . It’s not going anywhere til I’m gone at least

  12. im well over 50ish so they aren’t just for the younger guys ive had mine for 5 yrs now and love driving it in the summer 302 roller 5 spd and 410 gear

  13. I have been in love with foxbodies ever since 1988 when i had a 87 GT beat my 86 Iroc. I traded the Z in the next week and purchased a Black 88 GT and since then my passion in life has been foxbodies. I have every MMFF magazine dating back to the 1st one ever published. My 84GT has been redone to 1989 specifications and the local foxbody GURU at the local dealership can not tell its an 84. I know technology has changed and performance parts today are supposedly more advanced but, I still prefer yesterday’s performance parts of choice. My GT has the old school WILL BURT TFS Iron Heads ( Street Heats) Tubular GT40 Intake, Pro M 77mm MAF, motorsport x303 camshaft, accufab 75mm throttle body and so forth. Let me tell you, the old technology still works today here in Dallas because I have taken down a few LSX’s and coyotes with my old school parts and will never change how I feel about them… Foxbodies are in my opinion, the best ford mustangs ever made…..

  14. I just picked up an 87 convertible with a newer dark cherry paint job. She’s also been 5 lugg swapped and has some grey deep dish bullit rims that have the mustang Emblem on them (preferred over American muscle rims) with a set of Yokohama performance tires all around. Brand new. About to swap the trans because I’m not a fan of the t5. She had an aftermarket exhaust but I’m not sure what type yet. Hardly any rusted under her. Some in the ussual spots but she’s 30 years old and been garage kept most of her life. I plan on undercoating it soon.

  15. I own two foxbody Mustangs that are being featured in a new indie drag racing movie!
    Best bang for the buck of any muscle car

  16. I am the original owner of an 88 GT convertible. Purchased 3 20 89. Look that one up. I bought n my mid 20s n am now 5 pt 0 myself!!! On my third motor, a DSS racing 347 stroker w a Novi 2000 supercharger, full length headers, 2 trans – a Tremec TKO. New interior w 3A racing seats n a Fla 5.0 complete instrument cluster. Been resprayed once w same 3 color combo as original. White, gray w lt bkue stripe.

    500 hp to the wheels. We have 3 other Mustang GTs
    My son who wad bought home in the back seat of my Fox now drives his own low miles flawless modified GT.

    Its in the blood! My 88 GT was my first child n love. Could not part w her n won’t. These new Mustangs owe their very existence to the gen that saved the Mustang, Fox.

    Fox ran half the Mustangs very life! Yes, Ford was gonna axe it or make/replace it w the front drive Probe!

    The passionate Fox dides n clubs saved our beloved Pony car. You welcome dudes!!!

  17. I’ve owned my 90 LX 5.0L convertible since it was new. It was supposed to be bright yellow but ford decided not to use that color because of problems. It only has 27000 miles on it now and you can eat off of every part of it. When I bought it I drove it everywhere especially street racing (am I allowed to say that) the first 3 months I put 13,000 miles on it. And let me tell you I handed a lot of camaro and firebird boy’s their a_ _es. And I was a huge part of the GATEWAY 5.0L CLUB here in St. Louis. FOX’S 4 EVER. 🐺

  18. Shameless plug with American muscle when there are mustang only companies that have been in business for much much longer and actually design and engineer their parts not just copy or resell them.

  19. Stumbled on this article and had to leave a quick response. I’ve had my 92 LX 5.0 hatchback since 95. 21 years and still no plans of parting with it, fun and cool looking. Great memories that can’t be replicated. Thanks for the article.

  20. The fox mustangs hold a very special place in my heart. When I was around 10 yo my father bought a fox. Low miles nice car. He kept it mainly garaged for years. It was his gem…still is. Of course I never got to drive it…you know how fathers are. So years later after a total loss situation with my only vehicle at the time I turn directly to the fox nation. Foxes have brought my father and I closer than we have ever been. Once you catch the fox bug it is a good thing. Let’s keep them out of the scrap yard and on the road…these cars are the next classics. Cheers friends.

  21. What other car can bring people from completely different generations together? The only vehicle I can think that brings people together like a Fox can is a Jeep.

    I have a 1987 Mustang GT 5.0 thatI bought new and put 308,000 miles on it. I also have a 1968 Willy’s V6 CJ5 I’ve had since 1977. I guess I’m cooler than I knew!

  22. I had 5.0 89lx coupe when I was younger. I lost the car do to a part hungry friend who strip the car. Ever since then I dreamed about getting another fox. My dreams came true that same friend sold me an 5.0 88lx hatch in beautiful shape with a system alarm sunroof and everything for like 1000 dollars. U can say he made up for the horrible thing he did😌

  23. Love the article, big fox fan here, I got the mustang script found on the bumpers of 87-93 stangs tattooed on my arm. I’ve had 5 fox body cars 6 on the fox platform(an 86 cougar). First car was an 85 hatch with a Cleveland and a 9in, then 87 gt vert,88 gt hatch, 81 Capri base, and my greatest score, a 1990 green and white 7up convertible. It’s pretty rough, but it’s what I’ve always wanted. And picked up on a steal. Let’s restore these cars, and keep foxes around to become the hot rods of our kids’ kids.

  24. Just bought my 86 gt 3 weeks ago. I am 69 years and what a thrill Built 5.0 5 speed. Just wanted another mustang owned 65 260 v8 70 351 c 67 gt 289 v8.
    This will be my car until God calls me away!

  25. You want a muscle car? Buy a 1969 Dodge Charger. This hunk of junk looks no different than any other ricer you see on the streets nowadays, and is the farthest you can get from a muscle car.

  26. I had a 85 4cyl 4 speed notch and a mind built 86 t top. The 85 was neat but the 86 would down right FLY. the b and m short throw made it shift like a dream. I had it for two weeks and traded it for a 79 elcamino 38th a 396 stiffed in it and of regreted it since day 1. I WILL have another when I can afford one

  27. I liked your comments on the seven reasons to love a fox body. I have a 1989 LX 4cyl in rough condition but would like to sell it could you help me in acquiring a buyer?

  28. I I’m in love with my fox I have a 89 convertible 5.0 mild mods going to be done . Kids love wife loves it in storage for winter.

  29. I own a 92′ lx hatch and love it. It has a some mild mods with 50,000 original miles. And I walk away from stock camaros and coyotes. She’s a blast to drive.

  30. I’ve had a 87 gt built 302, 92 lx with a few bolt ons and now a 88gt that I’m not selling and plan to get a turbo 331 and as many other mods withing the next ten years. Love the foxbody, extremely fun.

  31. Bought my son a Fox for his first car. ’89 5.0 5-SPD notch.
    When we bought it, it was a “roller”, no engine or tranny.
    Rust free car, paid $500.
    He has spent the past 3 years building it and finally hit the street and track this past summer.
    We swapped a carbed 5.3 LS and a TH400 into it.
    So far it’s been to the local dragstrip 3x, and has run a best if 12.40 on drag radials and through the mufflers, just as driven off the street. This was with crazy wheel spin through 1st and well into 2nd gear.
    So far this winter he has stepped it up with race ported heads, a nitrous system, a little larger carb, and a set if lightweight wheels with drag slicks and skinnies.
    Car is an absolute riot to drive and draws tons of attention.
    Hoping for some 9 second runs this spring…can’t wait.

    1. Sounds like an awesome car. What a great way to start out . Build it from the ground up with some hard work more rewarding than handing him a brand new expensive turn key stang. Still have my 1990 (for 25 yrs) my son is 15 and likes to help work on it probably pass it to him or find another fox too have fun guys!

  32. The only thing that is missing to the fox is a new all wheel drive system… The brakes sucks,the suspension sucks,,cant turn..the mpg suck the power suck ….after you change everything in the car you finally can enjoy it…Dont try to live with the car stock because is a knife …someday it will hurt you…or someone you love..

    1. You have to know your limits with stock setup Mpg not a big deal bad mpg in an awesome fox is better than 50 mpg in a crappy Prius anyday!

  33. ….BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Probably the worst era of Mustang, except the years previous. I remember growing up I thought they were horrible, didn’t even look like a Mustang. I mean, a sleeper needs to be truly a non-sports car with the engine of one, not a sports car that is designed to look like a god-awful 2 seater hatchback.

  34. I still have my 1990 gt bought in 92 80,000 mi drive every day only 3mi to work usual bolt on mods not afraid to scratch it and mash the gas! I’m 50 yrs old not trying to return to the 80s I never left!

  35. I’ve owned a 93 convertible lx for a long, long time. Comp cam, 351 heads and exhaust. She gets up nicely and it’ll be with me till I die! Lucky to be a built JEEP wrangler owner as well. Best of both worlds!

  36. Yes it’s sentimental value with these cars for sure! That’s what I see with all these posts.Keep on Stangin people!!!!

  37. Fun article! Although I wouldn’t consider the Ford Racing cams “outdated” or the GT-40 heads subpar.

  38. Because the FOX platform was used for the 1978 Fairmont till the 2004 Mustang and 13 other carlines including station wagons.
    Of course there are tons of inner changable parts.
    And dont say a 2004 Mustang is not a Fox…
    If it wasnt, you couldnt bolt the IRS into any year Fox Platform.

  39. I like how these foxes are being more and more talked about. I always loved them and I’m a little too obsessed with those cars. I enjoyed this article. I’d point out also that these cars are really one of the last true “driver’s cars” with no ABS, no traction or launch controls… Check out my blog called FoxStang, I put my obsessive energy towards that lol. Cheers!

  40. My dad got a 1989 gt for $1500 on Craig’s list all original except for paint I wana buy it off him he wants to sell it for $5000 obo I hope I get $5000 quick

  41. I think the 5.0 5 speed fox body is so fun because of the driving experience. You can feel the seat shake with the lope of the cam at idle and hear the burble of the exhaust. The bottom end torque makes the car fun accelerating from a stoplight. It is easy to spin the tires if you want to, even without dumping the clutch. Gripping the 5 speed’s shifter lets you feel the power spinning through the transmission. Power-shifting is not too hard to master and rewards you with a satisfying bark from the rear tires. Driving the 5.0 is a thrill.

  42. Erik

    I ve owned two foxs in high school 89LX 5.0 and a 91GT cov. Absolutely loved them tons of memories made in these foxbodys lol
    I just recently purchased a 89Gt and will end up giving it to my son in two years .nothing like getting your highschool car back! Stangs 4life

  43. Original owner of a garaged ’93 GT 5.0 convertible, 147k miles. Original everything except had to replace the tires a few times, the clutch and the radiator once.. So fun to drive, best car ever….

  44. I had no idea that mustangs are similar to Legos in that you can literally do anything you want with it. I can see why it would be fun to have a custom made car with the features you want. I have been thinking about getting a new car that I can really design to fit my personality. I’ll have to go to a local dealership and see what they have in stock.

  45. I own an all original except for headers and exhaust 1989 lx 5.0 convert. White on white. Has the factory pony rims. I believe its the 25th anniversary. Anyways, its pretty fast and I’ll never sale it.. I wanna do a rebuild on the motor oneday. But she runs real strong still and good on gas so I’ll wait a few years.. I use nothing but the expensive fuel. I always seem to beat the ones with mods and stuff. So I like to keep it stalk and unmolested..

  46. 64.5-66 Mustangs were “A”
    67-68 “B”
    69-70 “C”
    71-73 “D”
    74-78 “E”
    79-93 “F”…in the phenolic alphabet F is foxtrot.
    This is how I’ve always assumed it to be.

  47. I own a 89 ssp coup, with a fully built 347 and minor weight reduc(a.c. delete, aluminum heads etc), full bolt ons, from the radiator back, she is fully built and replaced, Will die an old man as the owner of this car..

  48. I am 78 ,years old, have been drag racing since I was 14. I have a supercharged, blue print 1988 SSP and a 1989 HB (bought it new) modified. The SSP will usually blow the doors off of most street cars. These cars keep me young besides giving me a thrill every time I can find a street drag. I attend custom car shows at every opportunity remembering “Big Daddy Don Garlet,” breaking the 200 MPH 1/4 mle at Pomona CA.

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